Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Could It Be Fall

I was walking around looking at the trees that seem
to be shedding. I have a favorite Sugar Maple that
I would be so sad if if died because it is just glorious
in the fall. When under it on the ground was this leaf.
I couldn't believe all of the red on it. I didn't even have
my camera I had to go back in the house and find it.

The birds have eaten the sunflower seed into this pattern.
I thought if you looked at it sort of squinty, you can see
a spider shape, sort of like a orb spider hanging in the middle
of its web.

A pumpkin that is almost all orange, I can't wait
to see it on my front porch, or in a pie or as a
funny jack-o-lantern.
The crab-apple tree is loaded with tiny apples.

I would be hard pressed to say what my favorite
season is, I love spring that comes softly and I love the
smell of the dirt warming up and the nights as they
grow shorter.
I love summer with all of the gifts it brings, like the taste
of a fresh picked tomato standing out in the garden still
warm from the sun, or waking up really early and watching
the sun peak over the the mountains.

I love winter and the clouds as they change shape as the
wind chases them out of the valley, or the smell of wood
smoke from the fire places and sitting in front of the wood
stove watching the fire dance and be far away in a imaginary
But fall, I wait for it, I look for it as young wife watches for
her beloved to come in from a ship that has been in far away
places. Fall brings with it the promise of hot chocolate, and pumpkin
pie and thinking of the leaves as they change into all of their finery,
and then watch as they dance and play across the ground.
Of sitting with a sewing project on my lap, or a good book that
begs to be read and sitting and listening to my husband play his
guitar and the wind blowing outside. I think maybe, just maybe
I like fall a tiny bit more than I do the other seasons.
Have a lovely Tuesday!

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


I Love Pretty Little Things said...

What a beautiful post! I am such a Summer Girl, and I mourn every year when summer is ending, but this post makes every season sound so appealing, especially fall.
And, I do enjoy fall, I just know that is the one step away from lots of cold and snow.
Well, this year, I am going to try to have a good attitude about fall and winter.
Thanks for sharing,

Meg said...

Oh, I hope fall comes early this year! And I hope it's a wet one. I'd really like some rain right now. I think fall might be my favorite season... It's a toss up between it and spring.

Farm Girl said...

I am glad we don't get snow, but the weather guy has said we will have a dry winter, La Nina conditions again. I wanted to cry. So Meg, pray the guy is wrong, or we will just had dust storms. :)

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging comment and for your prayers. That means a lot to me!
Both my mom and sister have/had cancer. My Mom is in Hospice because there is no more treatment for her, and my Sister is fighting like a little wild cat- Love her spirit.(She is cancer free, but in chemo) Also, my dad has dementia. So, there is a lot to pray about. But, I KNOW that they are all in their Father's Hands.
I don't know of you know my sister's blog-
A Ruffled Nest www.arufflednest.com

Have a wonderful day, and again, thank you!

Cindy said...

This past Sunday thoughts of fall went through my mind. Don't know what caused that (except perhaps the sound of football on the television!) I love, love fall! It is a season of hope....hope of the winter coming...a bit of snow, rain, lots of lovely clouds! I am joining you in praying for more rain!
I LOVE reading your blog!

Farm Girl said...

Dear Mimi,
You are still the sweetest person in the whole world. Thank you for you kind words. You make my day!

Jennifer said...

I love your description of fall, it makes me feel so fallish!

Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you Kim for your open hearted feelings about the old treasured finds...You know if you shy off of the old due to an emotional detached feelings to buying the old. Well my answer to that is take your new and strip it down paint it sand and peel it to an aged old look :) you can make your own history all worthy of Bohemian chic, French flea market style.
You go for it dear, piece at a time!