Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Ramblings

This morning I picked some tomatoes and what
I thought were bell peppers. See those red things,
with the green stem. I was going to make roasted
potatoes with bell peppers, onions and yellow squash.
I chopped up the potatoes, and then I seeded the peppers,
I started coughing and I was thinking, these can't be hot
peppers can they? I kept on chopping. I chopped up
the onion and then I was
still coughing so I said forget the squash. I put olive
oil and kosher salt and parsley and put them in a
500 degree oven.

After they had cooked and were nicely brown and perfect,
I told my family about how hot I thought they might be,
everyone took a sample. So hot, my husband got a gallon
of milk out and we both drank like camels at the well.
I don't even like milk.

Now I don't remember buying any hot peppers like that
I have Jalapenos at the end of the row. This is in the section
that has bell peppers. My daughter said we should name them
" Great balls o' fire." If you could stand the heat, it did have
nice flavor.

Nice safe cantaloupe. I am really enjoying these.
It is so nice to be able to cut up as many as I want
instead of feeling like a hoarder when I have to buy them.

My little hens had found a secret place behind the
chicken house to sneak off and hide and lay their eggs.
I found their stash this morning. I had noticed one of
the Cuckoo Marans with a far away look in her eyes
one morning as she was walking along with this little
attitude. If she could talk she would have said, " Oh
hi Mom, watcha doin?" " Who me? Oh nothing, just looking
for some bugs and maybe some dirt to take a bath in, just
go on back to what ever you were doing I'm fine."

I stood there and watched her for a bit and then went on to
whatever I had been doing, but I knew there had to be more eggs
than I was getting. This morning, I was looking around and there
they all were, the whole bunch had been sneaking off to lay their eggs.
Today, they didn't get to go wander around, I made sure they went in
the hen house and got in the nesting boxes like good girls.
They didn't like it either, they just complained.
I am so glad it is Friday, we are supposed to have cooler weather
this weekend, I can't wait. Have a great Friday!

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


Dog Trot Farm said...

How wonderful all your produce looks, ohhhh to be able to walk out the door and pick a delicious mouth watering melon. I am jealous. How I enjoy veggies roasted in the oven, but not "fire in the belly" producing veggies. Your girl's eggs are a work of perfection! The weather here is to become cool too, "fall like" the weatherman says, keep your finger's crossed!

mariel said...

always love to see the fruit of your labors!! glad you found the eggs, too...I imagine that could turn into a smelly area if left to itself.

Meg said...

That is hilarious, your girls sneaking off to lay their eggs in secret. You have the funniest chickens.

We got some of those red peppers in that bag you gave us, and I didn't notice them being hot at all. Were they the same ones?

Also, you have the BEST cantaloupe. The boys inhale it and ask for more. We've been eating them with dinner every night. And I got 14 cups of chopped tomatoes from that box you gave me last week!

Farm Girl said...

Oh yay!!! No, I haven't given you any of those hot, hot ones yet, I thought they were going to be red bell peppers so I kept waiting for them to get bigger. I still can't touch my face and my hands and fingernails are still burning. I will have more cantaloupe for the boys to eat. They are all starting to get ripe now. I know what you mean, the kids all stand around and eat them for snacks. I am glad you got 14 cups of tomatoes.

Kessie said...

Oh no! I didn't know bell peppers could get so hot! Whatever are those curly chili peppers you keep giving us, they're dangerously hot. I have to use them very sparingly.

The cantaloupes (musk melons)? have been excellent. I cut one in half to go with dinner on Wednesday, and cut up the other half to feed the kids at breakfast. We just gorge on them. Such excellent flavor!

Also, sneaky chickens. :-)

Farm Girl said...

Well there won't be peaches for awhile, just cantaloupe and tomatoes and peppers.

Jacque. said... hearing about how your garden grows...and the bounty you are receiving from it. Too funny about the hens hiding the eggs. My neighbor has chickens, so I often get fresh eggs...amazing how much better they are, hey? {grin} Thank you for being you...I love visiting.

Farm Girl said...

I know now if you lived close I could feed you!! I have an idea, I would feed you then you could teach me to quilt. Sounds like a good trade. :)

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

I think those small Red peppers look like Scotch bonnets. that is kin to the habanero. Lucky you survived, girl! ;)

I'm glad you came to visit, I'll be returning here for sure!