May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our and About in The Garden

I could say, something about it being Tuesday but since this is a nice Tuesday so far, I thought I would share about my little garden. For one thing, I felt like a complete failure by planting a small one but I have to say now I am pretty happy with it. It is just right.

The sunflowers are going crazy. I almost can see them growing they are growing so fast. The pumpkins are doing the same thing.

I have just been amazed at how from day to day they are just putting on new leaves and I am so happy because if I can keep them safe from those stink bugs I will have pumpkins in the fall after all.

Can you tell what this is? Ron is trying to get his benches cleaned off of all of the big trees he planted. He just wants to grow varieties used in growing Bonsai. So he has so many other big trees that he grew just to see if he could. He decided that he would make a row out in the garden area so we could have some more shade out there. The environment is so harsh and the ground temps in the summer are so hot. He planted this new row. He has planted so many trees now, that he is so fast. He did this row in about a hour. I was busy in the house and when I came out to help him he was finished. I couldn't believe it when I walked out and they were in the ground.
 Maybe that is a little better. A lady who was here for the wedding, told me that when they drive by, her husband always wants to buy this so he could turn the back of the pasture into a shop area and a building.
I admit it gave me sort of a stab in the heart. I know that is what will happen, someone will come in and cut down the trees and pave it over and use it for commerce. It is a good location for a business. I hope I don't have to do that for awhile.

The beets are coming along nicely. I must be low on iron as I was taking this picture, I wanted to just stand there and eat beet tops. I may just do that for lunch. :)

This is one of my favorite hens. She is a Cuckoo Maran. She went  broody. So did the black hen who I let set and hatched the one egg, she was the best mother, for awhile and then one day she left it with the other chicks and mothers and returned to the flock. I had two of them and broody hens make me crazy. I hated to do it but I found out how to break them. I put them in the coop with the crazy Mlle Fluers. They are the meanest, bunch of little hens I have ever seen. But after three 24 hour days the broody ones had turned to nice and normal hens.

The new dream coop is in the planning stages. I am so excited. Ron is planning and talking about it and coming up with ideas of how to build it. Since I have 19 bantams now I need a bigger coop for them. I don't know how many roosters yet. There is a restaurant in L.A.  that  serves only silkie chicken. Silkie meat is black. It sounds really gross to me but I have been thinking of tracking them down to see If I could send them some roosters. I have to do something. That kind of makes me sick too. Getting rid of my chicks. I am I think a hoarder at heart.

I hope you have a great day. Summer is here. I am ready for it now I think.



  1. oh, getting rid of the roosters would be hard.

    hope you can keep your field of dreams as it is for a few more years. :)

  2. I think your garden is perfect, you will enjoy it more as it is less work!! Cuckoo Maran, is so cute, the roosters are like family!!

  3. We had three broody hens mid Spring last week 19 chicks hatched. ! Lol

  4. All you really need is a small garden, you will enjoy it more. Ron's trees are looking lovely and so are you little beets, pumpkins and sunflowers.

    I love the Cuckoo Maran chickens. The are so pretty that I even included one in my Childhood Memories rug.

    Thanks for the the nice garden tour.
    It was a nice diversion from the sweltering heat outside. It's so humid that my heart was beating slow and the sweat was pouring from my face so I came in to get out of the heat and check your blog. I had been cutting some dying branches from my old Colorado Blue Spruce and working over my head in that heat, and it was just too tiring for an old girl like me.

    I hope that your field of dream will remain for a while too. If you sold a portion, you would probably have to pay a lot of income tax which doesn't seem fair.

    Enjoy your summer.


  5. I'm glad someone's ready for summer cause it's already KILLING me. :) No worries, I'm just staying inside. LOL I am going out in the garden in the early morning and coming inside for home projects the rest of the day. I don't know why people always have to turn nature into a business or a subdivision. Money is stronger than everything else, I guess.

  6. Ugh, all anybody wants to do with the pasture is pave it and put up a parking lot! Don't ever sell it, just bequeath it to family members.

    I'm glad the garden is growing so fast! I pulled my stunted, scorched tomatoes out of the sun and I'm trying to nurse them back to health. One is putting out new leaves, so it might pull through. It's just so hot and dry out here! I'm having to rethink gardening.

  7. I am glad your garden is doing so nicely, Kim. Maybe those stink bugs will be kept at bay. We shudder here, too, whenever trees are cut down just to have room to cover the surface with asphalt.:-( In Barbara Kingsolver's book, she relates how the unneeded roosters found their way into the stew pot or the rotisserie. I suppose she hadn't become attached to them.

    Enjoy your Tuesday afternoon.

    xo Nellie

  8. Nellie, your garden looks great so far. I love fresh summer juicy tomatoes and can't wait until the local ones are ready.

    I have a friend who is tending their small chicken flock after her husband had a stroke. So I'll send her the link to your post about the broody hens. I don't have chickens but am sure she will learn something. Thanks.


  9. Is that a morning glory at the top? It is very cute!

  10. Why on earth would you want to fill all that wonderful dirt with buildings?! I could see a shop for projects yeah, maybe the size of a garage, but not just fill up the whole pasture. That would be horrible. I am glad dad is planting more trees. That is a nice looking row of trees too, and it will be so nice to have more shade back there.

    I'll take your roosters for my freezer.... :O (And now you'll never talk to me again :P)

  11. It's hard to think of what will become of our land someday, I agree. I want to hang on to it forever, but I know I can't. You will enjoy your "little" garden so much, I'm sure. The sunflower seeds you sent me have grown into plants that are several feet tall already! I can't wait to see what all colors they are! :)

  12. Trees are a valuable thing where I live. Your hubby is a gem to plant them so perfectly. I can see why you want a few trees to line your place. The shade makes so much difference on those hot, hot days. Love that single morning glory! Happy Summer.

  13. Your pictures are great !
    What a gorgeous hen.
    The first picture has a flowering vine - looks like a morning glory - it that what it is ? The flower looks almost ruffly...beautiful.

  14. What is that pretty flower in the first picture? So pretty!

    Your garden plants are sure looking good. Hopefully the trees will provide them with relief from the hot sun.


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