May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, June 10, 2013

My Little Garden

Happy Monday!!! On a day like today, I am thankful to be alive. The heat broke last night and today there is the ocean breeze that couldn't come through because of the high pressure system. It is one of those days when I think of things I need to be doing outside. Even though it was 103 yesterday we did get the little garden put in.

I think it is just perfect for me. Since it is so late. I planted sunflowers ( no surprise) pumpkins,
and cucumbers. I maybe planted too many cucumbers. Last year I experimented making pickles.
Ron has this pepper plant called a Black Dragon. He was able to keep it over the winter. It has the
hottest peppers I have ever tasted. I took a tiny piece one day that was just a bit no bigger that the end of a pin and my tongue
burned for 30 minutes. They go from green to black to red. Last year, I picked them and put one or two
in with my pickles to see how they would taste. The first jar I opened we stood around and ate the whole jar.
They were hot but on a sandwich or hamburger they were fantastic.
So that is why I planted two packets of cucumber seeds. I keep wishing I had more pickles in my pantry.
I was chopping weeds while Ron was getting the drip line ready in the garden. He was stringing hoses and
cutting old ends off and as I was watching him, one of the things I like about being married this long is that
being out in the garden, dirty and sweaty, watching him work to me is more romantic than roses, or a fancy date or any present I can ever think of, getting to be just us doing what we love to me is the best gift of all.

My campers got back. My poor Emilie, got back and spent all day in the emergency room because she got sick up there. She isn't back to her old self yet. They had to give her three bags of saline with antibiotics. I think the hardest thing for me with her newly married is to let her and Nik handle it on their own. The Mom part of me spent the weekend in a panic. I wanted to go to her but Ron kept saying, " You have to let them work out this trial on their own. You have to let them pull together, you will be taking Nik's headship as a husband away if you interfere.Nik, has to care for his wife." He had to tell me over and over, they will be fine.

The boys started a new mud ball. They are calling this the evolution of the mud ball. They are going to make different sizes of mud balls.

Here is the giant one now. Look at the disgusted look on Sasha's face because I made her sit there.

 Here is a better shot without Sasha.

It made it through the winter just fine. They had to do a few repairs but it is looking good again. I thought it was funny that when they knew all the cars were going to be back there for the wedding, they moved it and hid it behind the fence. They didn't want anyone to see it. I was looking at some old pictures the other day and there is a place down in Mexico that has huge round rocks that look just like mud balls. I showed them, I could see that it is just a young man thing.

Sasha wanting to keep my chicks and hens in a group. I loved that I caught a sun flare in this shot.
It is a very pretty day.

Such a nice Monday morning, I hope you have a great Monday.



  1. sasha is so cute - first disgusted, then hard at work. :) glad you got a bit of a garden in. you love your dirt and plants. :)

    and, yes, i agree with ron. she's married now. her husband will take care of her.

  2. I felt so wonderful when I went out to the trash can this morning. It was the first time I had opened a door and I just stood there, smelling and making happy noises. I'm so glad it's cool today.

    I've been having a hard time making myself leave Ems alone. I know I shouldn't bug them. Poor thing. It will be good for them though.

    I'm so so glad you have a little garden now. Now the world will get back to being normal. :)

  3. Ron is so cute (and he was right on this one) but I can almost see you pacing around trying to resist. That is why you are the perfect couple :)
    PS. I hope she is feeling better soon.

  4. I'm so glad that awful heat wave broke! There's no end in sight for us, but at least it's cool in the mornings. Your garden looks so nice! It's just the right size, and maybe weeding won't be so bad.

  5. I totally understand about wanting to step in and handle problems for (or at least with haha) your kids. I went through it with everyone of my kids as they married and moved out. But your hubby is soo right. It was hardest with Melody. But it didn't take long to figure out, they really CAN do it all themselves...Hope your daughter is feeling herself soon. Enjoy your week!

  6. So funny to see the poultry being herded!

  7. The soil in your garden looks like's so fine! Not a rock in sight...not in my sight anyway. I'm glad you're at least getting a small garden in. Enjoy!

  8. oh kim, define little?? that's not little, lol!!

    i sure do hope em is feeling better, you will always be a momma spirit!!

  9. Hi Kim, you are stronger than me because I would want to fix it and make her feel better too and I would probably give my two cent worth, he,he.

    They are still just kids as far as a mother is concerned.

    Your soil is weedless and it looks so fine. You sure couls use some of our surpluss rain. I don't know why we get it all.

    Wowsy, that mud ball is huge. Sasha is a good dog, modelling beside the mud ball and watching the chickens, Too cute.

  10. Hope your garden does well. Glad your family is home. Sorry Emilie got sick...bless her heart. Hope she is better soon. BTW, when are we going to see wedding pictures? :)

  11. Oh, dear! Not good news about Emilie! Hopefully she will soon recover!
    I'm glad you had a chance to plant the garden and that you are feeling the ocean breezes now.
    We have a chance of storms this evening.
    xo Nellie

  12. oh poor emilie!

    what a mud ball, though!!!

  13. OH! Kim, I loved reading of your Monday, your garden is going to be great. Dh has already decided that next year our garden will rest, and we will only use our raised beds. Do you think I might go into withdrawals?
    I am sorry Emilie isn't feeling well, your Ron sounds like my dh talking to me. OH! a mothers love there is none like it!! But we know they are always right, but lets not tell them.~smiling~
    And like you seeing my dear husband in the garden or field, and how about riding that tractor, just sends me goose bumps!
    And that Sasha is pretty cool!
    Your sons remind me so much of our boys when they were home, always coming up with neat and cool stuff.
    Thanks for sharing .

  14. I hear you on the desire to mother your child, no matter how old she is or her marital status. ;-) I still want to mother DD (she'll be 38 this fall!) ... when we were all together on Sunday, I told T#1 that no matter how old he got, he would always be his mama's "baby".

    The soil in your garden looks so loose and fine ... nothing like the rock-hard clay in these parts. Good luck with your garden.

  15. I love canning pickles too. My kids have enjoyed the refrigerator pickles more though. I think I will make a few more jars for the fridge this year. Sasha is such a pretty girl. How good of her to keep an eye on the girls.


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