May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Summer Day

Today is a summer day. In light of not complaining. Here are some things I like about summer.

1. The swimming pool is divine and feels like I have escaped to a resort.

2. Having breakfast on the patio is warm and the air is toasty.

3. I am so thankful for air conditioning. Coming in from outside is wonderful.

4. Water. What a incredible gift.

5. My campers will be home today.

6. Home made ice cream.

7. Listening to chicks take dust baths in my flower beds.

8. Books to read on hot summer days.

9. Ditto for sewing.

10. Having Neflix to watch Psych on when I want to rug hook.

I hope the rain from Andrea hasn't been too bad for you that are getting it today. My thoughts will be with you.
Stay safe. In the morning, I just couldn't stand it I am putting in a teeny-tiny garden, with sunflowers, pumpkins and some cucumbers. I planted some beets in some garden boxes and they are thriving. I just
need a bit of a garden to play in. Have a wonderful weekend,


  1. What a wonderful summer day you have described, Kim, a lot of these blessings are on my list too. I am so glad you are enjoying them.

    Andrea did leave us much rain, so much so that the ground is saturated, and our pond is almost overflowingI However Dh and I worked tirelessly weeding, and transplanting flowers in the flower beds. I think we changed our clothes three times
    Always a joy to visit you.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  2. It sounds like you are on vacations at last. Better hang a sign that says THE KITCHEN IS CLOSED, THE COOK IS ON VACATION.

    I think that it's about time that you can relax and do fun things now for yourself. You have been working so hard for as long as I know you from blogger. A little garden is great.

    Have a great weekend. We are having som heavy rain and a bit of wind but the sun is supposed to come out tomorrow.


  3. The pool sounds great! Yes, we can appreciate being warm. Sometimes I think it's a mindset.
    I planted zinnias and sunflowers today. Morning glories and nasturtiums, too!
    I am feeling better but still need a good nap! :)
    Happy weekend, sweet Kim! I'm glad the campers are arriving soon!

  4. I'd think I was in heaven if I had a pool in my yard! Well, until i had to take care of it and keep all my "new friends" accounted for! :)

    I think of you when I walk past my garden...your sunflowers are growing quickly. Can't wait to see what colors they are! Thank you Kim!

  5. Gosh, with it being so hot, your garden will grow like gangbusters! My tomato plants are dying slowly. I think the heat got them before they were established.

  6. Great about your beets thriving! We LOVE beets here and sometimes are a little successful with growing some.

    We have no rain here from Andrea. The storm passed to the east of the mountains.

    Happy Homecoming to your campers!

    xo Nellie

  7. Such different perspectives! We had sunshine today and it made me so excited. I got all my work done quickly in the morning and sat out as much as I could in the afternoon. Mind you, I had to sit in the shade of the wind... our temperature was only around 14C (57F).

    And that's our summer ;)

  8. Remembering to be thankful...that's one thing I love about you. And, I am happy that you'll have some gardening to do this summer. Enjoy life!

  9. So much to be thankful for....ditto on all those, Francine.

  10. I love Psych- those two are so ridiculous! I'm glad you are having a good start to summer!

  11. Oh good I'm so glad you are planting something. It will give you something to do. I was going to say in Wednesday to just plant some sunflowers. I love the idea of your chickies taking dust baths.

  12. Sitting poolside on a hot summer day sounds nice. And so does hooking a new rug :). Andrea is still giving us rain but luckily no wind. Not too bad, just soggy.

  13. A great list! It's always a good idea to remind ourselves that we have much to be grateful for!! Thanks for your was a wonderful surprise!

  14. Oh!! Plant a lot of beets!! Those sound so yummy!! :)

    I love you so much!!

  15. Hi Kim, I like summer for sitting on my deck knitting some socks. Playing in the dirt and counting crows, Have a nice Sunday, Cheri

  16. OMG, Meredith and I just watched all the Psych's on demand this weekend. I love Gus, he is my favorite I think. Did you know Shawn and Jules are a couple in real life? We had such a good time catching up with this season's shows.

  17. I just took some pictures of some flowers in the garden that I have from the seeds you sent me last year. I think they are black eyed Susans. I'll email them to you as soon as I get around to taking them off the camera. Which may be today or weeks from now...LOL Andrea brought winds and a little rain, not too much of either. Thankfully!


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