May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Welcome November

It is November and today I am trying hard to be thankful. I always think of November as my being, "Thankful Month." I try to write down each day in my journal one thing that I am thankful for and by the end of the month once I start noticing them, every day is filled with wonderful little gifts.

Well except now for this whole week, 7 days. All of us. Today my youngest son woke up sick. It will be 12 hours of very sick. Okay, what am I thankful for today. Well, that it is my last sick person in the house. I cleaned all day Tuesday and Wednesday, washed every thing that could be washed, I have even cleaned the fridge. So I am thankful that we are finally at the tail end of this thing. We got it over with before the real flu season starts.

I am thankful today that it is November. November to me is brown, lots of shades of brown. While in my mind October is red and yellow and orange with very blue skies. November comes in and with it foggy days and getting to burn fires in the wood stove. The time changes on Sunday so that is hard because the days do seem to stay dark. So I burn candles to keep away the gloom. Did you know that is a Charles Dickens word? There was no word gloom or gloomy until he thought it up. He thought up lots of words that are in our language. Like Scrooge. Just had to add that there.
I might as well say, I am thankful for Charles Dickens. I love reading him in November. I think it would be a good time to start Bleak House. My favorite.

 The day is calling me, the sun is rising over the mountains. As life changes and moves and really never is quite like I planned. I am thankful anyway that it is full of surprises and thankful that there are so many gifts to gather in my notebook today.
I hope you have a lovely start to November,


  1. Poor you but I sincerely hope that is all behind you and everyone is better.
    I think of November as more gray and then it is always more of a lift to the spirits when the sun shines through.
    I love Dickens too but I'll stick with Great Expectations.
    God bless

  2. Right now, I don't feel very thankful for anything. Well, maybe that it's not the flu, it's just a cold. But it's one heck of a cold. :(

  3. Hi Kim! Maybe I'll read Bleak House, too! I'll be home tomorrow night.

  4. Dear Kim, I'm sorry about your whole week having to deal with sickness but it will pass. I like how your cloud always has a silver lining.

    You always find the positive in the negative and each fresh new day brings you something to be thankful forI hope that next week you will all be full of energy and joy.


  5. Oh, poor guy...sounds like it really is the end of this bug for your house, and thank goodness for that! That's one bug that gives me great anxiety...who's getting it next! I like the way you're able to look for the positive in whatever comes your way!

  6. I am always thankful when I am able to get out of bed each morning! :-)

  7. I am thankful for you, my friend. You are an inspiration to me.

  8. We really enjoyed the movie of Bleak House a couple of years ago, but I haven't read the book. I loved hearing that Dickens coined the word *gloom*! I hadn't heard of him being a major word-inventor.

    So glad that you got your house all cleaned up so that when everyone is well you can sit down and rest by the wood fire! Sounds perfectly Novembery and not bleak at all.

  9. I hope your November is better and the flu disappears.

  10. Oh, dear. More illness! I hope this is definitely the end of it!
    November begins my favorite season! I am thankful for each day I awaken to greet another day! xo Nellie

  11. Oh how I hate it when the flu comes to visit! Hope this is the last of it for you all! I have never read that book...and gloom IS a good word..describes soo much. To me November is browns, both golden and dark, and deep reds and golds. Hope you had a good day!

  12. Hoping that visiting flu bug goes quickly. I always try to find things daily to be thankful for, but love to remember to note them during Nov. Hugs,Noreen

  13. oh, poor thing! 7 cases of the flu! ugh.
    i think of november as brown, too.
    thank you for reminding me of bleak
    house. i haven't read it and am a huge
    dickens fan.

  14. I was just thinking of watching Bleak House again soon. :)

  15. Kim, I do hope everyone is on the mend, having an entire family ill is no easy task. Flu season seems to be a bit early this year or it could be that our weather has been warmer than previous years. Sending well wishes, Julie.

  16. GREAT BLOG. Glad I found you, BShell

  17. Oh,...I love that header of yours....

    xo BShell

  18. So sorry that you all have been sick ... praying that you all will be back to feeling 100% SOON.

    I didn't know that gloom wasn't a word until Charles Dickens used it ... I guess I thought it's always been a word. ;-) I learned something today - from you! ;-)

  19. Oh... it's too bad that you've all been sick!
    Sounds like you are on your way to being well... for that, I am glad.

    I love your attitude of gratitude, and taking time to find the good in everyday living.

    Hope that this is a wonderful month for you and your family.

    Happy weekend...


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