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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

It is time again to visit with Patrice. I have been there in a while. It is always nice to visit with Patrice. She seems like she has been very busy too. Now on to this week's questions:

Everyday Ruralty

 1.   Are you planning on doing most of your Christmas shopping in stores, or online?

Both, I like to do most of my shopping online, but there are just things I have to go buy and it is nice to do a bit of shopping.

2.    Have you ever been to a bonfire?

Yes, I  really enjoy bonfires.

3.    What would "simplifying life" mean to you?
" Simplifying Life" means to me that my family is healthy, my kids are good and my husband and I have time to take time with each other without having to always be rushing. To me there is nothing simpler just sharing a cup of coffee and watching the sun set with the sound of voices quietly talking, the sound of my son on the piano and knowing that no matter what happens, God is in control, and my future in never out of His hands, and He controls the future.

 4.   Tell me about one blog you really enjoy reading.

That is like saying which kid do you like best. :) I have a blog family that I read and I get excited when they have updated. I love reading about day to day life. I love knowing about the ups and downs, the hard times and the good times. I love knowing laughter and being able to share tears, I love praying for each one and I consider blogging a part of my extended family. I feel that each blog I visit is important to that person, and each one is my daily gift of life.

5.    Have you ever had someone who isn't in your family, but felt just like family?

Well of course. I grew up in a family that when you got home from school, there might be someone staying with us for as long as they needed to or needed a roof over their head. My Dad always had a open door policy in our home. I have lots of people that while they may not be family they blessed my life as we shared meals around the table. I think as I get older that is one thing I notice, is life is richer because of the people who stopped and you got to share in their lives. Now, I feel like since I have kids here all of the time that I have lots of kids and even though they aren't mine, I love them like they are.

Thank you so much to Patrice, I have been in a blogging block. I have just sat and stared at the blinking cursor and couldn't think of a thing to say.
So thank you once again great questions this week.
Stop by and join in this week

Just a plug here. I am going to do a blog interview tomorrow on a blog named Country Girl at Home.
I have never done an interview before. She has a feature called Sun porch Chats. Tammy was so kind to invite me.

Thanks for stopping by today,


Kessie said...

Oooh, you're doing an interview?? I'll totally be there!

Just got back from walking down to the polling place. A bit of a hike with the kids, but it was such a nice morning. Very nice people running the polling place. A nice old lady came and gave me and the kids stickers. :-)

Beth said...

The mention of bonfires brought back memories of my high school days and the pep rallies held in front of a bonfire.

Alica said...

I always enjoy reading these, Kim. As I read, it makes me think of what my answers would be.
I love bonfires too...with S'mores, of course! :)

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Kim, I have had a bit of a blogging-block too, and have (kind of) decided to call it a day.

I look forward to the interview though. I always like that kind of thing....

God bless your nation today. Praying.

Breathing In Grace said...

Love your answer to #3 and also all your pretty leaves!!! HOPE you have a great week!

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Kim, enjoyed the chat.....pretty pictures.....Blessings Francine.

Debbie said...

as teens, we always had bonfires on the beach. just recently, we started going to asbury park, every friday night for their bonfires. "sandy" distroyed asbury park, but can't distroy my beautiful memories!!

Debbie said...

I totally agree with you on number 3. I am excited to see what's up, sad when things are hard, laugh, cry and just generally thoroughly enjoy all of my blogging buddies. What a wonderful world it is. I just noticed you have two number 3's, haha,....soo something I would do. BUT!! I love the way you described your simpler life too...just felt peaceful. The Santa Ana's are cooling down today, we are back into the mid 80's! Hope you enjoyed your day/1

Christine said...

Yes, I can tell that about you, Kim: you have an open-heartedness like your dad's open door.
You share and mother and you are a blessing!

Julia said...

Hi Kim, several times today I came to post a comment on your blog and for some reasons got called away. The bull calf buyer was here to pick up 4 bull calves and then I had to go help George with ear tagging some young heifer calves then I had to clean another flower bed of debris in the time I had left before going back to work.

I'm so glad to be able to stay put for a while and comment.

I love both your answer #3 about what simplifying life means to you and about a blog you really enjoy reading.
Great answers.

I couldn't choose either because they all mean so much to me. Each one has something special and unique and I feel at a loss when someone stops blogging, I feel sad when someone is hurting and I want to fix their problem, I feel joy when they have something to rejoice about.
I don't want to read about blogs that are copies of me.

I have wide range of different blogger friends with totally different personalities and points of view and interests. Their uniqueness is what I cherish from one spectrum to another and they are all created lovingly by God and I love them all as real friends and I worry about them when I don't hear from them for a while. I even pray on my knees for them when they need prayers. The world is small now with the internet.

Again, #4 sounds like something that I have experienced in my house here and when I was growing up.

Thanks for being you.


Miss Debbie said...

More and motto is "simple is good!":-) said...

I love what you said about blogging friends, because I came to my computer, after a long day, the wedding dress arrived and the adoption process started and I thought...I want to read what from my blog friends and I came here to see Kim! I filled my cup them... simplifying agree.
Have a great week...tired here!

GretchenJoanna said...

Your leaves are the best!

Pom Pom said...

I love your answers! Open door policy is good, good, good.
I agree with you about blog friends. YOU are a cherished friend to me.

myletterstoemily said...

that was such a gracious answer to "what is
your favorite blog?"

i will hop over now to see your interview.

Arlene said...

When it comes to shopping, I find there's things you can only find in stores and things you can only find online. I like having the option of either one.

Kim said...

It sounds like you grew up in the same kind of house I did. My grandparents took in lots of people over the years. Some for just a few weeks, and others for several years.

Patrice said...

It made my day to see you back on the porch! I especially liked your answers to 3 & 5. We often had extra people around our house. My mom was one of the kindest people you'd ever want to meet. Have a good week!