May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Ramblings

It has been a busy week and I am just now getting
ready to show the pictures from this weekend.
My husband took out a good portion of the Field
of Dreams. I don't know how people can live without
a tractor. I think I would give up my car first if I had
to choose. The tractor makes my life so much easier, and
it makes my husband so happy. He loves his tractor.

It has rained a bit this week so it makes it so much
nicer out there. It is so dusty in the valley where I live
that here we get dust pneumonia. Or even sometimes,
people here get Valley Fever. I have these black spots on my
lungs and the doctor said that if I went anywhere else they
would panic but because of living in this valley, it is normal.

I took my son this week to get his drivers license.
We have another driver in the house. This is our
fifth child we have had to teach to drive. This is the
fifth time I have had to sit on the bench outside the
DMV and wait. It always feel like time stops when they
pull away with the tester. It was only about 15 minutes,
but in the 15 minutes my life does pass before my eyes.
From holding the baby for the first time to now. It goes
by that fast I think. I loved the seeing his face light
up as his eyes met mine. I loved how he raised his
arms just a bit in a victory dance. I loved how the
people watching, as he came toward me, said,
quietly "good job."

My favorite brag moment came as the tester, walked
toward me, said, " You have a awesome kid." I was
so thankful for such a wonderful gift, to be his mother.

Before the tester came out, I was on the drivers side of the
car and I said, I am going to pray real quick. So I started praying
and the tester walked up behind us and said something, so I stopped,
and walked away.

Later as we were driving home, my son said that the tester got
in the car and asked, " Was your Mom praying for you?" My son
said "yes, she was". The tester said, " Good, I always like it when
I am being prayed for as I take someone for a test."" Then my son said,
that he thought it was nice that the testers name was "Hesus" (Jesus)

So it has been a good week. I am hoping for a bit of
sewing this morning. I don't know exactly what it
will be. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend,
and your Friday is Fantastic.

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


  1. Hi, Kim!
    I'm into day 3 of being up after a week in bed. My life doesn't afford a whole week in bed usually, but "up" meant dizzy. That's all gone now, but I tire really easily.

    That's awesome that you have a driver. As soon as my oldest finishes some of her school classes, we will allow driver's ed. She is looking forward to it. I'm a nervous wreck because we don't live far from a huge road that is crash city! Good thing God's in charge-I'm far too tired and not qualified!

    Re: your comment last night- The draft team, Rocky and Ricky are from my husband's best friend who is Amish. They are close to twenty and have always been together. Hubby got them to use on the farm. He plowed and pulled with them until he figured out that his tractor neither needed to be groomed or tacked up prior to work. Jumping on a tractor and turning the key is far quicker than the 40 minutes it takes to tack up the boys. They are absolute princes. I love them terribly! They are truly gentle giants. They would pull a cart, but their calendar is full of grazing appointments and they'd rather not be bothered. We have an Amish spring wagon that are Standardbred, Molly, can pull. She is a bit too fast for my taste.Kind of like a ride at a theme park!
    Have a super weekend. Don't forget to stop by for the evening post tonight. I love that giveaway item!

  2. Congratulations to both of you. It is an important Rite of Passage for a young adult and especially for the Mom who now has to loosen the reins a bit. Good luck.
    I'm sure you swelled with pride hearing the intsructors comment about your baby.

  3. Oh love the story on the son...we will start behind the wheel in January with our number 5!!! This time will be so different without all the siblings around.
    My fourth male driver!!! He is already about 6'2" and I am already getting moody with him getting older...oh, my, these last two my have to cut the apron strings.

    Loved the view of the farm...I can only imagine that type of life.
    Have a great weekend and if you want to join in the tag game please come by my blog and answer the questions for fun!!!
    Bless you!!

  4. I just loved,, loved this post Kim, The witness of you praying was so awesome!
    I had never heard of Valley fever until today, I pray you don't get it and stay well.
    I so enjoyed the story of your son getting his driver's license, I had a similar experience this summer, except it was me renewing mine, and let me tell you I was so nervous, and when I came out I was giving a victory sign, it was while our daughter and grand children were visiting, and the little girls were praying for grandma. lol A great moment for me to know they cared so much.
    Your husband did a great job with the discing, there is something so sweet about a man and his tractor. Are you already thinking about the planting for next year?lol
    Enjoy your day of sewing, I will be gathering more seeds today.
    Much love,

  5. Oh, congrats to your son (and you as parents!) Be safe!

  6. Kim, congratulations to your son for getting his driver's license and to you for being such a good mom. What a blessing your children are to you. I have never heard your voice but in my imagination it is gentle and full of love, not rush or harsh.
    Spots on your lungs doesn't sound good even though it's not unusual in your area. I would be worried that it might develop into something nasty later on, wear a mask or a bandana like the cowboys did in the old west when the dust is flying. I enjoyed reading your post, Take care. JB

  7. Beautiful fall pictures! Great story about your son getting his license. I remember just how that felt. I was so glad when our daughter, the baby, got hers. I was so glad I wouldn't have to do that again! I'm grateful it was such a positive experience for both of you. Yes, I love the Mitford Series and anything else Jan Karon writes. I don't read a lot of fiction, but I'm hooked on her!! :-) You'll have to let me know (when you read it!) what you think about it!

  8. Wow, the field looks so empty now. Looks like it's all ready for its long winter's nap. Not growing broccoli or anything, are you? :-) Did plowing it make the bugs go away?

    And congrats to my brother on his new driver's license! He's broken the jinx!

  9. praying for Jesus to stay in the car with your son long after Hesus is gone!! ;) congrats, my friend, on another the blink of an eye it will be my own little guys behind the wheel!! yikes! I will need lots of Jesus for that one!

  10. Oh, my goodness...I remember well the fear I had when my sons started driving. Course, I was not on my path with Jesus at the time...would have been so much better if I had been! Love the praying you inspire me! Gorgeous photos, as always.


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