May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I have been thinking a lot about Sasha this week. For one thing, she is such a hyper dog and just a day after being fixed she acted like her ole self. I wish I could get well after being sick that fast. She is back to bugging the cats and chasing my chickens.
One of the things she has to do is wear a cone so she doesn't worry her stitches so much.
This has been hard on me as well as herself. She sits and stares at me with these woebegone eyes that just break my heart and I have explained over and over I am not doing it to be mean or unjust. But because I am not a dog she just can't seem to understand.
Well, it got me to thinking, that was why God had to send Jesus to die for us. When God was first in the garden with Adam and He walked with him in the cool of the day, God could have fellowship with Adam, in a perfect world. But then sin entered the world and that fellowship ended.
God then did all of that stuff in the Old Testament to show His people how he loved them but also what the price of sin would be on mankind, well I think that is where the big disconnect came, like me and Sasha, no matter how much God did or didn't do mankind just didn't understand, they had rules lots of rules because mankind likes rules. I mean give me six easy steps to something and I am good. In our world, God gave ten.
God had to send Jesus so we could see what love looks like. Love that is willing to die for those He loves. Willing to explain and teach us what we really are supposed to do. To become a man while still fully God, so we could see for our selves how we are to live a life for God.
So, in my simple mind, as I have tried to show Sasha I only put that cone on her head to protect her from herself, it is the same way God asks us to live not because He wants us to be miserable but to make us safe and happy.
This is something I have been thinking about this week.

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