May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Few Red Leaves

I was walking around today and there was a few red leaves. It is nice that it is finally cooler all of the time. I bought a new pedometer today. I have sadly not walked since about April when we put in the garden and I spent so much time chopping weeds and canning and taking care of the garden I just couldn't get the walking part in there. Now I think I can get some walking time in for awhile. The funny thing about having a 1/4 of a acre garden is that I got really strong. I was mashing potatoes the other night.

I bent it really bad. I have had to be careful when I hug R. because I know I could just snap his neck, it is kind of scary, like turning into Bam-Bam.

We are babysitting one of our grandsons today. Then later all of our grandchildren will be here.
They make me laugh so much, and then there are the little babies to kiss. Truly, I am the happiest of all women.
Have a very blessed and happy day this Sunday.

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