Monday, November 10, 2014

Questions At Night

Questions At Night ---Louis Untermeyer 
Is the sky?

What starts the thunder overhead?
Who makes the crashing noise?
Are the angels falling out of bed?
Are they breaking all their toys?

Why does the sun go down so soon?
Why do the night-clouds crawl
Hungrily up to the new-laid moon
And swallow it, shell and all?

If there's a Bear among the stars
As all the people say,
Won't he jump over those Pasture-bars
And drink up the Milky Way?

Does every star that happens to fall
Turn into a fire-fly?
Can't it ever get back to Heaven at all?
And why
Is the sky?

Happy Monday!



TexWisGirl said...

that rose... hope that means you got some rain!!!

Jacque. said...

Quite evocative for a Monday morning! xo

Nellie said...

Love this, Kim! Happy Monday! xo Nellie

Julia said...

Cute questions with no answers...
Have a lovely Monday Kim.

Christine said...

Happy Monday Kim! Love the poem and pictures!

Kerin said...

Loved this :)
Wishing you a happy week.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Sweet! Love all the pictures especially that rose.
Hugs :)

Kim said...

Hmm, reminds me of last night as I layed there for hours with insomnia. Drove me crazy! (Crazier than usual, lol)

Debbie said...

LOVED this! Both the poem and the pictures! Hope you have a good week!

Alica said...

What a nice poem! Lots of questions that can spark the imagination. That rose is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

I've always loved that poem, but I hadn't read it in a long time. Thank you for the refresher -