June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Furniture and Things

Today we did something we haven't done in a long time. We didn't work on a Saturday morning. Megan was selling her soap and products at a craft show today, so we decided that the first thing we were going to do was to go buy soap and things from Megan.
There were so many vendors and I should have taken a picture but I forgot and there were so many people. You could barely walk. Which is really good for Megan.

I found some things too. Ron has so much fun at these things. He really is fun to go shopping with. I am more of keep your head down, don't talk to anyone and lets get out of here. He on the other hand goes up and asks people how they made this or that and how they did it. It really is fun to watch him. He is much more friendly and outgoing.

I found this and it had to come home with us.

It is really hard to get a good picture of it.  I wanted to put it by the front door but I don't have a plug in there but we will see next week after I have played with it a bit.

I found this guy who makes these really, really cute chickens.

I love cute chickens.

Then driving home, we went by a yard sale. I had Ron flip a u-turn and we went back. There were two chairs sitting there and you know, one of the things, and I admit to this freely. Next to being nice, Ron knew how to do auto upholstery. He would do odd jobs to make money when he was in high school and college. When we were engaged, he bought furniture and recovered it. We stopped and I walked over to the chairs in the yard. The one chair that called my name was 10 dollars!!! Foot stool and all.

Isn't is lovely? It is so comfortable too it will be my new stitching chair. Then at some point I would like to see it in red and white buffalo check. I think it would look nice that way. For now though it is perfect. I have been looking for a wing chair for here for years.

The second chair is older but looks newly recovered. I knew immediately it was the chair I had been looking for to put in my bedroom. That one was thirty, but I told her I needed to run home to get more cash and she said she would sell it for 25. We went home unloaded all of the treasures and went back and got the other chair.

They threw in the doily. I just kept it there. I think it looks like a good reading chair. So I feel like I hit the jack pot.

I have giggled all day. I just had to share with you because I have looked so long for these kinds of chairs.

I guess it is my age but I get so tired of poorly made furniture. We use our furniture and we use our house. So we need things that will hold up. I think these will.

I just had to share, now it is time for yard work. Leaves are falling all around.


 "The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age."
---Lucille Ball---


  1. awesome furniture finds and great prices! and i really like the wooden chickens, too (but i like your wooden crow better!) :)

  2. The chickens are F-U-N!!!
    Great buys on the chairs. You need to hook a little rug to set on the footstool.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. That was a fun filed day with Ron. Great find on those beautiful chairs and great prices too. Cute chickens and crow for your decor. I can picture you making some of those yourself.

    I'm so glad you are enjoying your weekend with Ron instead of working.

  4. Those are such awesome chairs! And craft things, too! How very very lovely! I hope the cats keep their sharp little claws to themselves.

  5. Oh I am so pleased you had such a fun day and bargains galore!
    Love the chairs and chickens!

  6. Those chickens were made just for you. So cute. And nice score on the chairs. I'm giggling a little because it kind of made me think of a Big Bang episode when Penny found a chair on the sidewalk. ;)

  7. Wow- those are super finds..the chairs look like they are in pretty good condition. I've been dreaming lately of going for a more primitive country look, so when you said checks it made me smile..I've had blue checked curtains on my brain for weeks now. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. What a wonderful day you have had! I would be very pleased with those chairs! They look like they are in perfect condition! I love having good luck like this! xo Nellie

  9. That chair with the ottoman is exactly like one of my father's favorite chairs, that was *his* father's, except that his had been covered in gold. We had it at our mountain cabin and it was so comfortable! And well made! You did have a lucky day and it is sweet that your husband doesn't mind you bringing home new (old) furniture.

  10. What a fun day you had! First, the chickens are darling...but those chairs! I LOVE them both! And what a steal...you truly made out. I'd love to know how to reupholster furniture. Enjoy your Sunday!

  11. good score, funny what brings us joy these days!! I LOVE those chickens!!!

  12. Score! The chairs are indeed perfect! I like the lantern and the chicken, too!

  13. Love, love, love the chicken. And score on the chairs! How blessed you are that Ron is so handy!

    And I shop just like you ... my hubby is like yours ... he loves to stop and chat with anyone/everyone. ;-)

  14. You got that chair for $10?!? Oh my gosh that is an awesome deal!! It's such a nice chair, and it will be so cute if you get to do the red & white check. I like your reading chair too, it's very stylish. And the chickens are adorable, and I still love your lamp post. You made out like a bandit yesterday! lol! I'm so glad you got to come by, it was such a fun day yesterday. :)

  15. Sounds like a great day out!
    I love the things you bought!
    Wow, really love both chairs.
    You got some great buys on those.

  16. I just love having my husband home and doing errands and adventures together. What lovely chairs you have found !

  17. So many cute things for your home in one day!
    Love days like that!!
    Cute little lamp post... no wonder you just had to buy it :)

    Yard sales??!!! Lucky you!!
    Of course it is much too cold here for yard sales, but I love a good yard sale, and you found a great yard sale!!
    Nice chairs, and a great price!! I agree with you.. the chair and ottoman will look so darling with white and red check fabric on it.

    Isn't great having a husband that likes the same things you do, and likes to shop and go to yard sales with you?!
    My sweet husband is the same way, and we have such fun together.

    Enjoy your time together while your hubby is on vacation :)

  18. That's the way to shop for furniture! I love your new chairs and you are so right about poorly made furniture these days. So many things seem poorly made, clothing too. It's sad. But your chairs are a reason to celebrate and be happy for sure. I am also liking your Christmas background to the blog.

  19. "My Field of Dreams" has been included in our Sites To See #415. Be assured that we hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.


  20. Love that lamp with the lights. Good find on these chairs. I have yet to hit the craft shops busy busy around here. Hug B

  21. Kim, I can see one of your fun rugs lying on the top of your ottoman! I just though of this--you have probably already thought of it--I was looking through a catalog and noticed hooked throw pillows-- you could make those--a smaller, quicker project. Just think how fun one chicken would be, or just one little bitty bunny!

  22. What a wonderful find!!! They look great.

  23. Your finds are fantastic! I like winged back chairs too. We have one that was my MIL's. It is in desperate need of reupholstering so, whenever y'all want to come and let Ron handle that, just come on over. LOL So glad Megan's business is booming. I've got to put an order in soon for stocking stuffers!


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