June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, November 21, 2014

Foggy Day

I know this week as the nation has been under this mini ice age it seems. I just can't imagine that much snow.
Fog for me is winter. I love the gloom and the feeling of being in the house and it makes me want to cook and just play house. This week, I decided I would try my hand at a Christmas rug. I just don't feel it so it will go back in the box until next year.

He looks like he is related to he Blues Brothers. I have taken out his face so many times that I just can't do it anymore. He just comes out looking like John Belushi every single time. wearing sunglasses.

I had to use the flash as it is so dark this morning. I really like doing other kinds of rugs. This one I have sat and brooded over and stared at it.

The other night I was reading the weather on our local weather site. Down at the bottom of the page it said,
" No burn day except for those with registered burn devices. " I looked at Ron who was sitting next to me and said, " What the heck is that? You have to register your fireplace now?" So he went to the website
San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control. I linked it if you want to see the page and at the top is the place to register your wood burning devise.

Ron being the good law abiding citizen he set about registering our wood stove. He just laughed at my attempts to remind him of jack-booted-officials showing up at our door, confiscating our  wood stove on a very cold night. Now though, because he complied we don't have that fear of people flying around in airplanes using heat sensitive devises when we burn a fire on a non burn day. We never did that because Ron always checks to make sure in the past it was a burn day.  Now we can use our "Wood burning device" more than in the past. He thinks that my distrust is comical. He is a good, calming influence on my life. Who knows what kind of bunker I would build in the back yard if not for him. :)

Ron is off after today for a whole week. I am so excited. We have so many plans, now if we get them done, who knows but it is nice to think of all of the things we could do. We won't have to rush and I am looking forward to no rushing.

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

" A mother is a person who sees that there are only four pieces of pie for five persons and promptly
remarks that she's never cared for pie."


  1. law-abiding citizen you have there. :)

    and the blues brothers made me laugh. i don't see it. :)

  2. I think Ron and I must be cut from the same cloth! Law-abiding through and through here, much to the dismay of some people who shall remain nameless! :) (They're not law breakers...just not so worried about things as I am!)
    Enjoy the week off together, and I hope the projects get finished!!

  3. Well, I'm glad you can burn a little more than otherwise...but those no-burn days can't be too few for me. It's like they are taking away one of my major sources of emotional strength!

  4. Wood burning devices? Does that include barbecues and smokers, too? Good grief. It's cold and cloudy here today, and we have a tiny chance of rain. The kids just want to play games all day. I badly want to make cookies, but we're all on the verge of colds. Hubby got me a new blender, so I think it'll be smoothies instead. :-)

  5. The Santa face looks cute to me! You're so funny! I can see why you want to put it aside if you've done and undone it so many times! Yay for Ron being off work all week! You shall have a lovely Thanksgiving! We rarely have fog here but we had a lot in Washington. It's scary when it's like pea soup!
    I'm glad your stove is legal! Ha ha! We have all kinds of burn bans here, but I still want a wood stove again!
    Sending love your way!

  6. I'm a law abiding citizen too and I don't need more troubles in my life so I try obey the law. My other half is less a worrier than me.

    Your Santa looks really nice and I love the red wool on his coat. You might try to just hook in one hole and cut the two little end short to make more beady eyes. It would be a shame to put it away. He's beautiful.

    Enjoy your time with Ron while he has a week off.

  7. Oh I'm sorry you're putting away the Santa rug until next year! I'm just about to start the same pattern for applique!

    Have a wonderful week off with Ron!

  8. I don't see John Belushi, but I know if a project doesn't click and you are laboring over it, then, yeah, put it away. Next time it 'clicks', you'll be seeing with 'new eyes'. Looking forward to your next creation! If anyone want to look at my latest post on burning wood, then click on my name... Oh, and last night, I forgot to open the flue on the wood stove and the house filled with smoke...ack! We opened windows, had fans going, and it still smells like smoke here in the house this morning.

  9. I am sorry you want to put the Santa rug away; it's very pretty…..I couldn't help but laugh as you talked about you and Ron discussing the law of burring your wood stove….I hope you have a warm and safe week with your hubby…Have fun..

  10. Ugh. I'm so sick of California and their stupid regulations. I like your hip Santa, I think he's cute! ;) I hope you have a very nice week with dad being off! That will be so nice.

  11. I really like your Santa rug, but I can totally relate that if the inspiration is lost it would be better to finish it at a later date. It is a good thing you will be able to enjoy the warmth of your stove now since that fog has rolled in for the wintertime. Enjoy your time off with your family! :)

  12. That's good to have that "burn device" registered.:-) Enjoy your week-end, Kim. Perhaps Santa will come out the way you want him. xo Nellie

  13. It's nice that it is foggy there, and feels like Fall.....esp. after the blistering summer that you endured.
    I have never heard of registering your burning device. Gosh... it seems so intrusive to me.
    Glad you have Ron to keep you on the right side of the law~~~ LOL!!

    I really like the Santa, but I can understand your frustration too.
    Ah, another day it will all come together to your liking :)

    Have a great weekend, and a nice time together with your hubby on his vacation from work.


  14. Oh you are going to enjoy that week off too:) Take care Hug B

  15. I like your Blues Brothers Santa. He has character ;). I can't believe you have to register your stove. But I'm still scratching my end over no-burn days. People would freeze to death here. I had to put the big heavy duvet on the bed tonight. It's coooooold

  16. oohhhh I love the Santa rug, too cute!! Have a fun week!!

  17. We don't get much fog, and we didn't get the thunder storm many around us did. Guess we are just the place in the middle that doesn't get much, lol. I think the Santa rug is darling! Hope you have a WONDERFUL week with your hubby!

  18. I like your Santa rug ... but know full well that if you're not feeling it, it's best to put it off for the time being. Enjoy your week with Ron!

  19. Is there anything they don't want control over? Sheesh. John Belushi---LOL We've had some fog too. I also love it, especially when I get to hear the forlorn sound of the foghorns from the ocean.


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