Saturday, November 1, 2014

Lovely November

We in my city and I imagine the state are so rain deprived that even the local news had video of the rain, and the wind and the lightning last night. It is wonderful to have clouds and the flowerbeds are full of rain water. I didn't realize how dry it was and how it hurt my lungs to breathe until this morning. I was walking around and it is so nice to be able to breath deep and it doesn't hurt.

Ron has this theory which I love. He says that in order for us to have cloud bursts we have to have thunder and lighting so that it punches holes in the clouds. That is what happened last night, because it really poured.

 I thought I would tell you a teeny bit of what I think is good news. Since we first built this house, we always knew that they would some day put the road through and that they would take the houses on the street and a good portion of our front yard. Since they put in the first part of the road, we have traffic parked in front of our house all day long. Waiting at the stop sign at the end of the street.

Last week, heavy equipment rolled in and I knew that the day had arrived and all of my fears were going to happen. Then they did a strange thing, they started digging out the median in the middle of the road. They dug down, brought in rock and asphalt and those huge roller things and began working on the road. They used the existing middle of the road and there is now a left hand turn lane in front of our house. No houses were torn down, no power poles had to be moved. Just this elegant solution. If there has been one thing I have prayed about more than just about anything for the last thirteen years, it has been this. When I couldn't fight anymore and I finally got to that place where I gave up, and told God, you know what is best and I will trust you for the outcome. You have no idea how many times mentally, I have packed and moved and have never really let myself settle in, always that feeling of doom.

 I know now I pierced myself with many a sorrow, living in the what if and what then places and I should have trusted more and worried less.  Traffic is rarely in front now. The road is quiet again. It really is so much nicer that it was. The lady at the post office looked at my address the other day, and remarked at how sorry she felt for me because how hard it must be now with the road opened. It really isn't so bad now, and it takes me less than five minutes to get to the other side of town. It is a really nice road.

So once again, I am astounded at what the Lord has done in my life. For how gracious He is, and how at the beginning of the week, as I stayed just sick to my stomach, how little did I know that today, this first day in November, I would start this month off by being again filled with Thankfulness.

I hope you have a lovely Saturday, it is clouding up to rain!!! What a perfect Saturday.


The Pace of a Hen...
"...that unfenced barnyard fowl that she did not appear to go anywhere; certainly she did not have the satisfaction of migrating twice each year, as do the song birds, and yet she brought forth creation of daily usefulness."
---Josephine Moffett Bention---


Kessie said...

Alex came and told me that you had rain this morning, and I was so happy. I hope you get lots of rain and snow!

Gail said...

What a glorious blessing!!! Both the rain and the road.