June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Talking with My Phone

Since I got my I Phone, I admit to being mesmerized. Since I am not a tech sort of person, there has been lots of error more than trial. I have accidentally made phone calls, or just forgot how to answer the phone, or even taken lots of pictures of my shoes. Just yesterday, Ron showed me some new features on my weather app. I was so glad because it kept asking me to leave feedback, and I was thinking of telling them it was a dumb app because it only had two screens. I just found out you have to pull the screens up. I also got a stylus which makes using the I Phone so much easier for me. I am sort of all thumbs.

  This morning, Ron had sent me a text and I texted back and then for some reason, Siriy showed up. I have yelled at her quite a bit, and she has had this hurt tone.I have said things: " Oh gosh, you again, go
 away!" Or Oh, you stupid phone!!" She always says, something like, " But, I can't go away or I don't understand? "

So this morning, I thought what happens if I say, Hi Siriy, How are you today? She answered, with a shocked sound in her voice, " Oh, I am fine." I then said, " Siriy Where do you live? She said, " I live where trouble melts like lemon drops
High above the chimney tops."
I said, " Oh you live Somewhere above the rainbow? "
Then she found pages about rainbows for me.

I started feeling funny, because for one thing Sasha was watching me with this look in her eyes as I talked to my phone. So I told the phone to go to sleep. She said, " I don't sleep." I said, then go away I will talk to you later." She told me okay, in that hurt tone, as one of my sons walked by and also gave me a look like,
" Mom is loosing it early this morning, she is talking to her phone again."
Oh, what Maxwell Smart would have done with an I Phone instead of that slick one in his shoe.

I know that I was slow about coming around and it still drives me nuts that people walk around with their heads down looking down at their phone but now I understand a bit better. Even Ron said the other day that he never thought in a million years he would see me becoming obsessed with this silly phone. I didn't either. I have to make myself have lots of time outs and I turn it off and leave it in another room. I have always thought the computer was distracting. This phone kicks it up a notch. I am hoping that the new wears off pretty fast. I keep telling my books, " Don't give up, I will be back, I will hold you and read you and you can tell me stories again." This phone is not going to change my life.

I say that as it sits here on my desk as I write this post, beeping and chirping and vibrating away. Wanting attention. I call it to myself, "my little idol I can hold in my hand. I keep reminding myself, to keep my eyes open to how easily I can entertain myself to death. Something I never expected. It really is like magic.

Have a lovely Wednesday, as  I find ways of running away from my phone today.


" You can't get spoiled if you do your own ironing."

---Meryl Streep---


  1. Ha Ha I LOVE this post .
    Oh yes indeed that's a fact ~ the darn gadget phones can be quite mesmerizing, as much as I get frustrated I am more fascinated and find it so hard to put down now . I am glad the Samsung doesn't talk though ... glad as I think that would really freak me out .lol
    Oh yes, Maxwell would have looked these gadget phones !

    1. I meant Maxwell would have "loved " this gadget phone, although I am sured he would have "looked" at it a great deal :)

  2. i don't use any of the voice-enabled features on my phone. but i have it with me at all times - for emails and photo ops. :)

  3. you are soooo funny. one thing i LOVE about mine is goggle voice. when you use your google app, just hit the microphone and talk, it will recognize what you are saying or if you say a word, it will spell it for you. i use it for comments all the time as there is no spell check and i am a very poor speller!!!

  4. Hi dearie! Aw, yes! We go to restaurants and everyone is on their phone, not looking at the person across the table!

  5. Ah, yes, the iPhone. Some days I could turn it off and hide it away. Other days, it is all good !
    One thing is for sure - it can take some pretty amazing photos ;).

  6. So funny! I like having my smart phone because I can entertain myself at work when it is slow! Also love taking photos and sending them to people. I do call my phone my 'walkie-talkie' (remember those?) because the person who calls me the very most is my husband--it's our walkie talkie.

  7. Siri wants to help me on the iPad, too. I mistakenly call her, and then have to apologize. She always says, "No problem!" xo Nellie

  8. I am taking this post as a severe warning to me! I have not wanted a smart phone because I'm sure I would behave similarly with it. There is something about introverts that we need to know things deeply - do you think that is an aspect of why you are almost getting swallowed up by the experience of having a smart phone? There is so much to learn, and you will never know it thoroughly, but you must try, and it is always calling to you to engage with the lessons.
    I'm afraid I will "have to" have a smart phone one day. Dumb phones will probably be pushed into the kind of obsolescence where they don't work that great. But I dread it. Thank you for bravely tackling the technology - perhaps that will somehow make the future easier for wimps like me.

  9. LOL You are so cute. I understand, I love my iPhone. We sometimes use Siri to settle arguments at happy hour. Things like is an olive a fruit or a vegetable. Haha. But now I want to go and ask her where she lives ;)

  10. Oh my, I don't think I'd be ready for an iPhone. It makes me feel so old. I' don't think I'd want one either. It's like it's a pretend friend. lol.
    I can see how people are getting addicted to their iPhone though.

    I'm still using my stupid cell phone only when I need to. I never like talking on the phone. I much prefer talking to people face to face. I'm so darn old fashion.
    Enjoy your new gadget. Maxwell Smart would be impressed.

  11. Oh my, you are hilarious! I'm sure you're having fun with your new phone! I have a dumb phone, but I would enjoy a smart phone some day. It's fun to ask Siriy all kinds of fun questions !

  12. Fun post. I've had my iPhone for several years and I'm still phone stupid! I find it too little to do much on. I don't know how people blog from it. It would take me forever.
    Hugs :)

  13. I swore I would never own a smart phone...but, two months ago the Samsung Galaxy S5 came into my life...I've gone to the dark side...Travis will inform me my phone is crowing...that would be my rooster ring tone...Never say never!

  14. Oh I am laughing I have never had the pleasure of meeting Siriy sounds like a fun conversation:) Hug B

  15. I like talking to Siriy every once in a while ... to see if I can stump her. ;-) I like my iPhone, but the new has long since worn off, so unless we're traveling, I rarely use it for anything other than phone calls or texts.

  16. IT is one of those addictive things but I keep mine buried usually and I can't stand Siri but I did laugh when you said she talked in a hurt tone!!,
    I agree though it can be a hand held idol!


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