June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday Photos

Gift from the season.
Morning Glories

The last of the crabapples 

My sweet hen

White Pumpkins
Regular pumpkins in my wooden pumpkin basket

Sunlight captured in the Morning Glories.

My favorite tool (rug hook) of choice.
Here is hoping I get to spend some time in the garden, visiting with the hens, playing with pumpkins and then
maybe a little hooking this afternoon. Just a perfect kind of day.
I hope you get to have time to do what you love today.


"Little things have big results sometimes."
---Willie Without, Margaret Moore, 1951


  1. That is so cute, playing with the hens. I hope that you have a great Saturday.
    Your gifts from the season are really pretty and sometimes I take things for granted. I often wonder if God played a trick on us and shuffled the order of his creation to make us more greatful, what would we do.!!!

    Have a beautiful and fun saturday.

  2. made me smile - especially the rug hook. :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! I hope you get to spend some time hooking too. Maybe out on the porch. It's so nice outside! :)

  4. I just sigh with contentment looking at those buckets of pumpkins and morning glories! God is so good,
    Enjoy your day

  5. Great pictures.
    I'm confused by your hook. Is there something at both ends?
    Hugs :)

  6. Your pumpkin baskets are so sweet. They should be on my step ;)

  7. A busy one here, Kim. I missed posting on my blog today. I hope you had a chance to do what you enjoy most today! xo Nellie

  8. This was the perfect way to share your day, I loved the picture diary!!

  9. Love the pictures and most of all the pumpkins.Happy fall hugs cheri

  10. Did you grow all those pumpkins in your garden? White pumpkins are all the rage here...they'd even make nice Christmas decorations, among pine branches and holly berries if they last that long! I've had those little ones with the thick skin last next to forever!

  11. What a lovely montage of what are, I'm sure, a few of your favorite things. Hope you have a blessed Sunday!

  12. Fine gifts of the season! I liked seeing your rug hooking tool on a well-worn table. Mine is like that too. I say, it shows character!

  13. I love all the colors of fall and your hen is just a cutie pie…I hope you got to enjoy all the things you love as it was such a beautiful day….

  14. Well, I don't love it but, after over a year of asking, the husband brought the power washer home from work and I power washed the house, deck, driveway, walk way and porch. I do feel better and it smells better out there too if that makes sense. I love those white pumpkins. I saw all sorts of colors at Traders Joes a few weeks ago and decided to wait ONE WEEK to buy some. Went back the next week and they were all gone. I have all orange out on the front steps. Sigh. :)

  15. Hi Kim,
    Love your pictures! What a great little wooden pumpkin that is too :)
    I know that you love to have time to do some rug hooking, and I hope you find some time to do just that!
    You are selling your rugs like hotcakes, so I'm guessing you are busy hooking up some more rugs :)

    Like your Friday thoughts, in your previous post.
    Yay for Fridays!! I think I love Fridays, mostly because it means that my family will be around; their work week is over, and we get to spend time together.

    Have a happy day.



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