Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Aw October

It is with such relief I greet October. If there has been a year of testing it has been the year of no rain. With October on the calendar now, there is hope of rain and of cooler temperatures. Already I see signs of the trees beginning to go to sleep. I see how tired the trees are of the heat and they seem to reflect my desire to dream in front of a log fire, watching the flames dance and change colors. Maybe I love October because my first baby was born in October and even though she is a Mom with her own kids, I don't think that first experience of holding her will ever leave my mind. Nothing had ever prepared me for that and I knew until that moment I had never known I would be a  woman who would walk in front of a train for those I loved.

Even though the mornings are beginning to be a bit chilly. I am looking forward to seeing the geese fly overhead. We have a sump almost next door, and I see the ducks and the egrets and yes, even the geese, who have waited too long at night and find that a place to rest until early morning when they go flying on their way.  We have had flocks of hummingbirds flying in now daily. I saw one the other days that was iridescent yellow and green. I have never seen that color before, it was so fast looking at me, I still wonder if that is what I saw.


 I got a new phone yesterday. I am excited about the camera and the video. Now if you tried to call me or text me, I am afraid you are out of luck. I am hoping I know how to use the phone soon. I had crash course in I Phone yesterday. My brain still hurts. That is why, I am thinking it might be nice to live here for a couple of days.  Out in the woods in that kind of cabin. 

Oh, I sold a rug. From my Etsy store. Now I lay awake at night and wonder if when the buyer gets the rug if she will want to send it back. I am scared. It is one of my chicken rugs. You know pattern by me, my art work. I laid awake last night and worried. I do hope she likes it. Now I feel like I have a job. Which is good. I needed a kick in the pants. 

I hope you have a lovely October day. Isn't there something nice to saying that? I think there is, and I woke up and thought, " Oh, lovely, lovely October. I even got up and put up my fall wreaths. 
Have a lovely day,

 " The Lord is my light and my salvation---whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life---Of
whom shall I be afraid?" 
Psalm 27:1


TexWisGirl said...

i have no doubt the buyer of the rug will love it. your chicken rugs are some of your finest! :)

i hope you get cooler temps and rain!!!

Christine said...

We've had a dry September and need rain so
I can hardly imagine how desperately you need showers.
Congratulations on selling your rug! She will love it!
Blessings for today!

Country Gal said...

Our summer was cool and wet this year . I love this time of year with all the pretty colours and fresh air mixed with the smells of wood smoke , apples and pumpkins YUMMY ! Congrats on selling your rug . Oh I know I am the same which these phone things lol ! Thanks for sharing , lovely post and photos ! Have a good day !

Nellie said...

Love that scripture reference, Kim! Good for you for tackling that new phone! I'd say the person who bought your rug will greatly enjoy it! xo Nellie

Julia said...

Congratulations on selling your rug already, I'm sure she will love it. That is awesome...
I would love to hook another rug too but just the thought of designing one kind of make me a little hesitant yet I don't like to hook someone else's design. Go figure....

I'm so glad that you're getting cooler temperatures now and I'm glad it's october but I would love it if the days were a bit longer. haha, but I know we can't have it all...


Meg said...

Yay for October!! It's such a beautiful day too. We have had lots of hummingbirds around here too, and they are so fun to watch. They seem to like our lime tree. I can't believe you got an iPhone!! You texted me just fine yesterday, so apparently you aren't completely lost. ;)

Kessie said...

There's tons of hummingbirds down here, too! One came and looked real close at me. He must have been an immature ruby throat, because the red feathers on his throat were only half-grown in. Also tons of butterflies! What migrates? The painted ladies? They're everywhere!

Kessie said...

Alex: I drank coffee this morning! It reminds me of you, drinking coffee. Congratulations for selling your first rug! Your blog also reminds me of you, it kind of makes me think I'm on your porch.

Pom Pom said...

Aw, that's sweet what Alex said! DO NOT WORRY! The buyer of your rug is going to be jumping for joy when she receives it! She'll find not one thing about it that she doesn't LOVE!
Yay for October. MK at Through a Glass Darkly had an October party for her homeschool today. So fun!
It's stormy here now. Time to knit!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

She'll absolutely adore your rug; stop fretting! Great photo of the geese; they've been here for more than a month, since end of August. We've still to have frost and are overdue.

Kerin said...

Yay! October is here!!
I hope you get some cooler temperatures also!!

I just know that your buyer of the rug will be very, very happy with it! I saw it on your etsy store, and it was gorgeous!
Glad the etsy store is working out so well for you :)

New phone?! Good for you!

Smiles :)

Debbie said...

Welcome October, I could not be more excited!!

Good luck with the new phone and congrats on your sale. Someone knows beautiful work when they see it and will enjoy it immensely!!

Alica said...

Flocks of hummingbirds?! I would love to see them! And there's no way the buyer will want to send back the rug! I'm sure it's beautiful!

Three Sheep Studio said...

It must be beautiful, watching the migrating birds.
You will love your new iphone. I had my kids show me the tricks it can do...very fun.
Congratulations on the sale of your rug ! It still thrills me everytime I make a sale ;)

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I love October, too ... but no migrating birds in this part of the country. Yay! You sold a rug! I am convinced, without a doubt, that the buyer will love, love, love your rug. Why are we who work with our hands so hard on ourselves ... I could point out every flaw and every mistake in the quilts I make. said...

Oh I am shouting...when did I miss you opening your shop? Oh my, I have got to get my blogging reading going again I am so behind. That shows that I need a couple of days in a cabin also...far away from anyone.
Have fun with your phone. Like your October month for your first born my is November, which isn't only my first born son's birth but also the grandsons.
We are having rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right now!! Wish I could send some your way, but we need it badly,

Empty Nester said...

Your writing is like poetry. I needed some peace and some calm and I knew I would find it here within your words. I'm so glad you sold a rug and, while I understand the concern, I don't think you'll be getting a return. Your art is beautiful whether it is in your rugs, your needlework or your words. :)

Laura said...

October is one of my favorite months too, and yes everything in our yard looks tired down here in South Texas.
It is still so hot.

I laughed when you said your head hurt after learning your IPhone-
I went to the ATT store yesterday and felt the same way.

Have a great weekend,
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