June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Adventures in Rug Hooking

It looks like fall around here today. Just a bit different from what people  who get rain might think.
The yard is full of fallen leaves, we have a nice cloudy day. Except, when you walk across the lawn, there is this little puff of dust that goes up from your feet. Kind of like Pig Pen in the Charlie Brown cartoon. We had a dust storm yesterday. I was outside yesterday and these dust clouds would come poofing off the roof. Everything is gritty to the touch. On to my rug story.

Well let me back up to Monday. I was almost finished with this rug I have been working on. I pulled the last loop about dinner time, as people were milling about wondering when dinner was going to be made. I took the rug off my frame and I realized I had not done a edge of the rug. One thing about me, is I like things off kilter, not balanced and whimsical. All of the people who were waiting for dinner though, said, " What happened to the other side? How come you made a three sided rug?"  Here is the rug now, I didn't take a before picture. 

I went in and fixed dinner and all through dinner I was thinking about it. I went ahead and steamed it. I thought about it all day yesterday. I was thinking about it so much, I drove on past the post office without thinking of where I was going and had to turn back . I decided I would just do something I have never heard of anyone doing. I cut a big long strip of backing and sewed it on the end. It took me a couple of tries, but I am really good at using a seam ripper. We are best friends. I got the end on and then grabbed the pattern that this rug is from and to my horror this was what I found. I drew out the pattern on the edge I had added and you can't see it at all.

I do not remember seeing this. At all. Ever in fact. I did feel better and not like I was completely loony tunes.
This is a big rug. The top of the table is 60 inches and it is almost side to side. I liked this rug too. It will maybe live at home with me now and not be sold. I know its flaws and it has become dear to me.

That is my saga of rug hooking.

These are the colors I dyed on Monday. They will be in my new rug that I hope to start today. They might be a bit brighter than I like but I liked the colors anyway.

I hope you have a lovely Wednesday, I hope you have a lovely day.


"The streams running through my woods carry the dreams of the animals that drink there. Their dreams make
the water taste sweet."
---Beauty and the Beast, Nancy Willard, 1992


  1. I can relate…I always know every mistake I have made in my knitting and I guess that puts the human element into our creative adventures….
    This rug is just beautiful and if you decide to sell it please let me know….
    By the way, the colors for the new rug are beautiful…I can't wait to see what you design...

  2. and i wish you some heavy rain drops to make the dust dance for a while!

  3. oh kim, that rug is beautiful, i would keep it!!!

    doing a rain dance ;)

  4. The rug looks perfectly hooked now and I bet you have learned a good lesson. Your rug is beautiful and you really hooked that in no time at all. See it sold to Nancy already....

    I hope that you get some rain to wash the dust away.
    My lawn is covered with leaves and I haven't had time to look after mowing.
    I'm still pressure washing the basement on the other side now. What a big job as the paint is peeling off in places. I still have another section to do in another day after we remove the shelves. So much to keep me busy and away from hooking.

    Have a great hooking day. You are inspiring with your hooking.

  5. Aww, I think it looks great! I can't tell you how many times I've done that same thing with knitting... Isn't today just awesome? So cloudy and cool and beautiful, even if it's still dusty. I love your green wool, it's so pretty.

  6. Dear Kim, I don't really know anything about rug making though I think it looks very nice. I think this rug will be extra special to you.
    Blessings dear. Catherine

  7. Beautiful! You are so fast! I love your colors and the new strips!
    Yay for a cooler day. Boo for dust!

  8. I really know nothing about rug hooking, so I don't know how it should look even three-sided.LOL I think the colors are great! Dust storms must be horrible! xo Nellie

  9. I LOVE the rug and can understand why you want to keep it with you. I do such similar things with the things I make, tweaking here and there etc., that it could have been me telling this story. I have a feeling maybe all of us who make home made items can relate. Enjoy the rest of your week! Your header is GORGEOUS btw.

  10. Gorgeous rug! I subscribe to Primitive Quilts and Projects ... and the current issue is mostly projects, including rugs. I of course thought of you when I saw the rug patterns. Between that magazine and your blog, I'm thinking maybe I want to look into hooking some day?

  11. Looking forward to what you come up with, I like your 'wonky' rugs. I'm going to try to keep up with what you put in your shop, I do want to buy a rug.

  12. Once again I'm in awe of your hooking! That is a lovely prim pattern and I love the colors you've used.
    The rain has settled the dust here. Hope you get some rain!

  13. Love the design of the rug you hooked! How long does it take to hook a rug like this (who knows I'll be brave enough to try it sometime!)

  14. Oh, you are too funny, Kim.
    Love the rug and the colors you dyed.


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