June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Today On Wednesday

I am so glad today is Wednesday. Do you ever have one of those weeks, by Wednesday, secretly you have this thought, "Maybe I will just spend the whole day in bed." I have been having one of those kind of weeks. My son asked me if perchance I was getting a little uppity in the humble department. Who knows but I am beginning to wonder.  I think the hardest part is it falls on Ron to fix everything.
He had to fix the lawnmower, on Saturday, all day. I may or may not have gotten so mad I stomped into the house and fixed myself a cup of coffee and left him out in the cold and he had to pour his own. I was not even sorry, because I was still so mad. (He couldn't get a bolt out and I thought a bolt cutter would work.)
He didn't want commentary.

The bathroom upstairs had to be fixed. The sprinklers in the flowerbeds broke because of the freeze and those had to be fixed. The eye doctor I am going to on Friday sent the paper work so I could fill it out before hand. I decided that I would do it on Monday. As I was filling out the paper work it had these four
questions and I thought the boxes meant " No," So I checked what I thought was the No boxes and then reading back over the paper I realized you were supposed to check the boxes if you have ever had sexually transmitted diseases. I had just checked I had them all. So feeling really dumb, I have to go in there on Friday and get a new paper to fill out.

I think yesterday though was the worst. It all started by me cleaning out the refrigerator. I put some things in the garbage disposal ran it and every thing was fine. I had my list and I was checking off all of the things I had got done, when my son called to me that the sink in the kitchen was  stopped up. I went in and tried it for myself. I thought that if I get the plunger it will be fine. I grabbed the plunger and plunged. I broke the plunger. Who does that?

I plunged with the now broken rubber part which didn't work at all. I ran water and dipped water out of one sink into the other over and over. I tried taking baking soda and then putting vinegar and boiling water. Since I broke the plunger I found how I could take a small plastic cup and it fit just inside the garbage disposal and I could dip water that way. Then the funny thing happened when I did that. Water would come spraying out of the little thing on my sink which is some sort of drain. Which in my mind I thought was helping get the water out. (The water was really going under the sink. That was the overflow. )

I remembered and really I should have stopped by now, but I was in a panic. Ron has been really, really busy at work. I knew that he was going to be upset and I thought if I could just get it unplugged he wouldn't have to know. So I went out to where I store my supplies for my soap and grabbed a can of lye. I read the back of the can and it said to use one tablespoon and let it sit for a half hour. Well, I thought, if it says a tablespoon, just a good sized glug won't hurt.

I waited and then I tried it. It didn't work. So then I had another problem, now I had standing water with lye in it. Lye hurts and I didn't use gloves. I got the sink bailed out and then I had to tell Ron when he called. I told him first I broke the plunger. Then I told him about cleaning out the fridge. Then I told him I broke the garbage disposal. I forgot to tell you that the disposal wouldn't turn on after the lye. He was silent on the phone. Just silent. I finally said, " Are you still there?" It was worse than I imagined. He told me to have the sink all cleaned out when he got home and he would fix it. I had a horrible afternoon. I really felt like maybe I had taken stupid pills this week.

He came home from work, his ole happy self. He said, that I always beat myself up worse than anything he could ever say so then he changed and got to fixing the disposal. He fixed it and then got it all back together and then tried to turn it on. It was a light show as sparks and fire shot out from under the sink. He kind of looked at me from the floor. He unplugged it and said he would fix it this weekend. At least the sink drains.

Oh and he wasn't mad. He even brought me a present. I think I am pretty special that he still bought me a present yesterday.

It is a nice one too. I just hope I don't have to use it any time soon. Such is my life. Today though,
I will just be doing things that are safe.

I hope your Wednesday, is a wonderful and great day.



  1. Oh my gosh, the new year is off to a banner start! At least it makes for some hilarious stories, right?

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself, sometimes i do some of the most foolish things, and mostly it is every week not just one! I will spare you the details ;-0. We all have weeks, or in my case months, or years like that. It'll all work out, at some point, so we just grin, bear it, and later look back and realize it did work out, hugs,

  3. you are a MESS! i think you need to stop touching anything for a while until your bad karma cloud leaves. :) the plunger is too funny.

  4. What a story! I have had similar stories where the week starts and end badly and yes I have returned to bed because of it and my hubby wanted to strangle me!!!
    What a nice gift tho' I am sure it will be a story to share for a long time....hope today is better for ya.....safety is key!

  5. Girlfriend, I think you deserve to stay in bed one entire day....What a rash of things to happen so close together.....I am hoping that today everything goes just as it should.....
    By the way, I like your new blog design....

  6. oh my! I do the same thing to my husband; he has to come in and be calm and rational after I've been panicked and crazy :)

  7. oh Kim! Reading your post...I laughed and I felt badly and then I was happy...what a week you're having! xo

  8. We all have weeks where sometimes it is better to get back into bed (smile). Yours was not too bad. Embrace it, laugh at it because next week will be here soon.

  9. Oh my, what a week indeed. I hope that the gremlins have been flushed out with the lye, hahaha... This is really a funny story...

    How sweet of Ron to buy you such a useful present. You have me laughing out loud.

    I hope that the rest of the week will improve.

  10. Oh the joys of home-ownership. Stuff happens!!! We had a kitchen drain stoppage for 4 days along with a leaking toilet. Called the plummer for that but a day later the kitchen drain plugged up. I plunged and plunged to no avail. Husband plunged and plunged also. We finally bought some draino and then plunged again and again. Finally got through the gunk and everything is running properly. I wish everything could run smoothly but then it's in the plunging we find out who we really are in God (?)

  11. OK Miss Uppity, you have me laughing. I could picture you spinning around and around the kitchen holding a broken plunger. But when you said Ron bought you a present - I really wasn't expecting that!!!! Too funny. I hope the rest of the day is better. (Stop touching things)

  12. Oh, Kim! I just couldn't believe all this was happening to you this week! Yes! Today is a day to just turn over, and stay in bed all day! What a wonderful, patient husband you have! xo Nellie

  13. Oh my goodness....what a week! Yes, we all have had them though I am very sure. I finished off my week last week by dropping a plate on the kitchen flour that shattered btw, and splattered catsup everywhere as well. I could have just burst into tears, lol It took me forever to clean it up....forever. And then I couldn't get my new phone or new computer to work at all! I gave up and turned on the TV. Yes, some days are just best behind us, lol Hope today was a good one!

  14. Oh I forgot, that plunger gift was just hilarious, and so something my hubby would do, lol

  15. Oh no!! Gosh, you're just having a week of it. Well, first off I don't think it's very fair of an eye doctor to send you paperwork to fill out when part of the problem is that you can't see very well... That's just insensitive. And second, I'm sure you broke the plunger because you have crazy amazing strength! And as for the disposal... Well those are always a crap shoot.

    It's ok! It's almost Friday and then you get to come visit! :D

  16. Oh.. My. Goodness. You had me laughing out loud...although I'm sure when you were in the middle of it, no one would have dared do that!! Go to bed for the rest of the day, and tomorrow will look much brighter! (wish it really worked that way :) ) By the way...nice plunger!

  17. Oh my, what a week. The sink situation sounds like something that I would do. Hope the second half of your week goes MUCH better, dear one.

  18. Oh my goodness Kim.
    Maybe you need to pick up a needle and thread and begin stitching. (My answer for everything !) It does keep me out of trouble though ;)
    Sorry you have had this kind of week !

  19. Kim I know you must have a great sense of humor to share this! Too funny especially that you ticked for all those STD's on a form about your eyesight!
    Really glad that Ron knows how to spoil you too!!
    Hope the rest of the week is better!

  20. My goodness, when it rains it pours!
    What a horrible day you had, Kim.
    I'm always glad when I can go to bed after one of theses and wake up to a new day!

  21. So, did you stay in bed all day today? I was going to try to stick it out until 8 pm or so, but it sounds so comfy!
    Ron is such a fixer! Amazing!
    Lye scares me.

  22. Oh, my.
    Well, I'm just glad no one got burns from the lye! You are blessed that your husband can and will do all these handyman things.
    Last week I was responsible for plugging our kitchen drain. My husband was going to clean out the trap but the last person to work on it had screwed it on too tight and he was afraid of breaking the pipe, so we had to call a plumber. While we were waiting I thought about why the sink might be suddenly plugged, and I remembered, UGH, I put grease in there the night before, *after* doing the dishes, so no more hot water had gone down after.
    Indeed, the plumber found the plug of fat. I was quite embarrassed. I know better. Now I *really* know better. He said the garbage disposal is one of the worst inventions, it is mostly good for plumbers. We had to pay a lot to the plumber, but my husband was very sweet about it. The same day he caused a problem with our computer that also cost us the services of a computer tech. All in all, I thought it was a good way to start the year, with us having trials, or goofing up and causing the other one grief, and remaining kind and patient through it. The same with you and Ron! There is a lot to be grateful for.

  23. Oh Kim, what a day , At least twice a year I have a day like that. Everything I touch turns into a project. I think the gift was thoughtful. Have a great Thursday!

  24. Oh boy... one of those days!! I think you get an E for effort, and your hubby goes right to the front of the class! :)

  25. Nice to meet you Kim!
    I am inviting you to visit me here http://shesclassic.blogspot.com/

  26. Well, I see nothing has changed in my absence...you can still make me laugh!! You have a great guy there!! :-)

  27. Well I can't read all the comments...since you now had more on this post than I have in weeks of posting, but it tells me that most of us can totally relate. My week has been like that also, and the day of my birthday was the worse.
    What a great husband you have to be so sweet to buy you a gift...LOL and his sense of humor.
    Thanks for sharing...it made me smile, I felt for you and I am so sorry...and I am so glad that we recover from these types of days.


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