June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blooming Trees and Finished Rugs

I love Wednesdays. I always feel like I can take a deep breathe and see to the end of the tunnel. All of you who are having snow, well, I bet you are looking forward to spring.  Here is a picture of spring. I went out in the back, and here was our Acacia tree, it even had bees. I talked harshly to it too. I told it about how it wasn't spring and it had fallen for a trap.

I had to go buy feed this week. Do you know what I learned? After loading my feed in the store, dragging this loaded cart out to the parking lot, and then lifting all of the bags into the back of my car. I have rethought this Women's Lib thing and I think we are the looses because of it.  I might have when I was young, wanted all that that freedom offered, but I can tell you from this vantage point, I miss days when men were men and women were ladies. I can't even believe I wrote that. But lifting all of those feed sacks three times knocked some sense into me.

Someone asked me the other day if I was watching Downton Abbey.  I said yes, I was but was not really enjoying it as in years past. This is why.
Pretend you have a friend, whom you liked and shared so many things with. You trusted them and it was a wonderful friendship. Then one day, the friend just betrays and stabs you in the back. You work really hard at forgiving. At a later date the friend wants to be good friends again and let bygones be bygones. You keep trying but just can't get past the betrayal. Well that is how I feel about Downton Abbey this year. I watch it but I am having a hard time really enjoying it like seasons one and two. Season three, just ruined me on it.

Silly blueberries. Can you believe that? I have spoke harshly to them as well. I walked out to the apricot trees and examined buds, and really spoke bad to them. If and I hope it is a big if, we get cold every thing will turn brown and dry up and no crop for this year.

I finished my chicken rug yesterday. I can hook chickens faster than just about any pattern I ever do. I think maybe I just really like chickens. ::)

It was fun to work on this rug. It does make spring seem closer than it is.

I hope you have a lovely Wednesday,

" You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose."

From the wisdom of Dr. Seuss, (" Oh, The Places You will Go.)


  1. I really like your chicken rug!

  2. Oh LOVE LOVE the chicken rug it is very beautiful and fun. I have never seen Downton Abbey I am not sure if I ever will. I do miss the time when men lifted the heavy stuff and women looked pretty watching:) Oh I am just kidding I think:) Spring is only two or three months away right?:) Yours is a bit early:) Hug B

  3. i like your blueberry blossom! so pretty! the rug turned out great.

  4. Ah, the comment about men and women tells me that you are a southern girl at heart. :)

  5. Uh...yes, I think you just really like chickens! ha! ha! Rug looks terrific. I checked into it, but I think it may be too much for me right now. I will just continue to enjoy yours! I always had to talk to the azaleas...one or two always started blooming too early. But now we have the Encores so it is alright! We got our snow...woohoo! Be posting pics soon!

  6. I hope you pretty buds don't get frost....Your rug is beautiful and for some reason I am not surprised that you hook chickens faster....

  7. LOL! Kim, I feel the same about what the Women's Lib movement has done for us ladies, I remember when men would open doors, and tip their hats, now they just consider women just one of the boys. ~smile~
    We were at Tractor Supply the other day, and I must say my Dh is still a southern gentleman, he helped a lady carry her supplies to her truck, so glad there are a few gentlemen left.
    We are snowed in today, we didin't get the amount they had predicted, but did get some we weren't looking for, Ice, before the snow came. I wanted to get out and get some photos, dh said no way, so he took my camea with him when he went to feed the animal. So I am blogging, and eating, and eating some more. LOLI am so longing for spring, flowers, and honey bees and lady bugs.
    So glad to your dear daughter got to enjoy the snow, your rug is so pretty!
    I am continue to pray for your surgery.
    Hugs, Sue

  8. Kim your new chicken rug is just adorable!
    January is way too soon for blooms and blossoms! Wish those trees listened to your advice!

  9. Funny that you mention about having to life feed bags. I have 8 feed bags in my van that I have to unload out of the back and load them in the barn and unload them off the wheelbarrow and load them in the bin. Over 55 pounds each. But I like my freedom just the same, lol...

    You chicken rug looks great. You really finished that one fast.
    I think that I'll have to draw another rug but I won't rusg. I still have so many UFO to finish.

    I sure hope that you are just getting an early spring as opposed to having a fluke blooming spell.


  10. LOVE the chicken rug! YOU are so good!
    I hate lifting heavy things and I so appreciate it when my sweet hubby does it for me.
    I ate blueberries today. YUM!
    Take care, Kim! Enjoy Wednesday!

  11. What a cute chicken rug! Yes, I think you just love chickens.:-) It sounds as though things around you are trying for an early spring! xo Nellie

  12. Oh, seeing those beautiful yellow flowers, does my heart good!
    We are having gloomy, wintry weather today. Snow is forecast for the evening, and later in the week.
    How I long for green growing plants!!

    Have a great day!!

  13. I think that's a pretty good description of Downton this year. I feel betrayed too and I just keep sitting here each time I watch it thinking "What are you going to do to me now?" I am so mad at everything blooming too. I just know there's no use being excited about flowers because everything is going to be murdered as soon as the temp drops again.

  14. I'd like to beat Gloria Steinhem with my bra, that's what I think of women's lib. It's another cold night here, have done all I can for the animals, now it's back in God's lap...so to speak. It's always in His court but, during the day, I help. -LOL-

  15. Dumb trees! I'm sure everything out here is blooming, too. You know that high pressure system will shift soon and bam, cold weather.

  16. Well....I just think God is laughing at all those political people in high places who seem to think they know more then God. All this climate change is just a prelude to what's to come.....Get ready!!

    Love your hooked rug...I used to do that when I was younger, but I don't think I ever finished them like you have....good job. I probably would have still been stuck on the chicken.

    Oh my husband never displayed chilvery....I always had to open my own doors or lift things, had to always pull my own weight...guess I am used to it. I remember when we were still dating and I stood by the car waiting for him to open the door....he said, "whats the matter you got a broken arm?" from then on I just opened my own doors. Now...when he opens a door for me, I am flabbergasted....what's this all about, what do you want?????? hahahahahaha!!! Guess it's a two way street!!

  17. It is warmer today than it has been...a balmy 20 degrees! LOL. I am tired of this dreary and cold winter. Lovely job on the rug! You and your chickens...~grin~ xo

  18. I will tell you the truth I have NEVER really understood those women who want to be treated just like men? Why? Now I do understand equal wages and opportunities I guess, but to me it has always seem that us gals sit it in the best spots. I am blessed to have a hubby who still treats all women like they should be treated I think. Opening doors, lifting anything heavy, pumping gas etc. etc. And yet he will do a batch of dishes, cook up a meal and serve it to me too. That's a REAL man in my opinion, and I love it. It's gorgeous out today here. My azalea bush is in full bloom...soo pretty! Love your new rug! Soo cute! Hope your day was good!

  19. I love the blooms, hope they get no hurt!
    I have been watching, I feel like beating up the writers, or stomping my foot or something temperamental, if it keeps on, I will add it to my list of "I will never waste my time on you again!"
    I just love your chicken rug!!

  20. I adore your chicken rug Kim !
    Your flower pics are a breath of fresh air.
    And, I love your quote at the end of the post...my family and I just went to Seussical The Musical, a drama production. Very entertaining !

  21. That chicken rug is just adorable and you certainly are a speedster! Love your photographs, they are so pretty, spring will come, just know it! Thanks for the reminder! II'm also not to thrilled about Downton Abby this season. Have a good day, stay warm~

  22. oh kim, i so get the "i can do everything thing"!!! so much better to not be able to do anything ;)

    pretty flowers today!!

  23. Cathy said something similar about Wednesdays http://cherithrevisited.blogspot.com/2014/01/hill-day-yarn-along.html
    I have learned something from both of you this week.

  24. Wonderful flowers. Your work in rugs also beautiful.
    Happy weekend!!

  25. Hello there! You are the first person I've heard express similar thoughts to my own about this season of Downton Abbey. It has its good moments but overall I'm just not enjoying it like I did the first couple of seasons. In the meantime, I see spring is attempting to get started already! Meanwhile the rest of the country seems to be suffering extreme cold and unusual snow patterns! I guess I'm pretty glad I live in California, how about you? Enjoy your weekend. And don't lift too many of those feed bags if you can help it. The older we get (speaking for myself here) the less we can do and the more we appreciate the old ways, I think.

  26. I am going back and enjoying your old posts... :) That chicken rug is too cute! As for Women's Lib... I don't know your age, but suspect we are near the same... remember how big WL was in the 1970's? I welcome a man doing heavy and hard work for me! This past spring I worked at a plant nursery and we were to start up a leaf blower and clean off the sidewalks. I told my friend, "that's men's work!" She informed me that there was no such thing now days. Pooh! The thing was hard to start, smelly, and loud. Not that I'm a wimp, mind you, but the strength is waning now!


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