June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday again.

I am feeling decidedly very boring. Everything around here is in black and white. I am having a flower famine.  I walked around with my camera. Nothing. Just some black birds. I could hear the meadowlarks.
So today, I have to go into my computer to find flowers.

Poor rose bush is now just sticks. I hacked it back to nothing. I love this little rose bush. I think it looks so pretty when it is covered in blooms.

Soon very soon I will have these. I can't wait. No wonder I stare at them by the time they start blooming.

I miss sunflowers. So do the finches. If I could understand bird speak, I would think as they follow me around the place from tree to tree, they are asking me where the sunflowers are. Sometimes I think I even hear a question mark at the end of the chatter.  They are very chatty birds. Now the Bluejays are a different story, they demand. They also complain when I am out walking around. I saw a flicker and a blue jay get into it the other day. The flicker was minding it's own business drilling holes in the ground getting some ants, and the blue jay very quietly flew from tree to tree until it hit the flicker. Then the fight was on, I think the flicker won, because I didn't see that blue jay the rest of the day and the flicker continued to drill holes.

I have a few lists of all of the things I will be doing in March. It is kind of like a bucket list of sorts.  To plant lots of flowers. I miss all of their smiling faces and seeing the sun as it first hits them in the morning.

I finished that snowman rug this weekend. What a fun project. It made me smile as I worked on it. This one is the biggest I have done so far. I got out my other big projects that I will start soon, and they don't feel as big as I first thought because of this snowman rug.

All I will have to do is bind the edges and it will be ready for the closet. :)

Have a great Monday,

 "I've many a cross to take up now,
And many left behind;
But present troubles move me not;
Nor shake my quiet mind.
And what may be to-morrow's cross
I never seek to find;
My Father says, "Leave that to me;"
And keep a quiet mind."


  1. Your story about the bluejay and the flicker made me chuckle. Birds are so dramatic! There's no flowers out here but the bougainvilleas, which seem to prefer the milder weather. They didn't like blooming when it was so hot. It's just same old same old around here. House cleaning, school and a grocery run today. Hubby's off and I'm having trouble getting my rear in gear. I'd really just like to sit and watch the Hobbit movies. :-)

  2. i think you need a bird feeder up close to your home so you can watch them - they can be your winter flying flowers. :)

  3. No, not many flowers around here either. I am really hoping we get some rain soon. It is GORGEOUS out now, but I know come spring and summer we will all be hurting if we don't get some more rain. Enjoy your day sweet Kim!

  4. Hi Kim, you may be bored but never boring... such is winter around here, no flowers and no green grass and not even the dirt on the ground but ice, snow and naked trees and bushes. lol. All doing their thing in preparation to be awaken in the spring. We get so down and impatient and in the spring we have to worry about the abundance of flooded river water that destroy everything and causes such inconvenience and danger.

    Yet I'm in awe of it all at how Mother Nature keeps reviving the brown blades of grass with new green shoots and the naked trees pop out their little bud through the hard bark and every plants knows what flowers to bloom and the birds returns to their nests from far away places and the beauty unfolds all around us once again like it has done for millions of years.

    yeah, those beautiful Bluejays are beautiful but they are arrogant if you ask me.

    Your snowman rug looks anxious to be finished and hung on the wall. I'll have to post a photo on my finished rug on Rug Hooking Daily and my blog today. I just uploaded the photo in my iPhoto library a few minutes ago.


  5. I love the rich purple of those irises!
    And well done you on the snowman finish! It is so very charming and makes me smile!
    Have a wonderful week,

  6. Things are looking a bit black and white here too. But I enjoy it. Speaking of cutting back bushes, flowers, etc...is it ok to do that right now? Or did I miss the boat? Also, what is better than Mod Podge to seal the pictures I'm going to put on the next board?

  7. Not a flower to be seen here, I enjoyed your beautiful flower pictures.
    I love the verse at the end of your post!

  8. Happy Monday, Kim! Wonderful snowman rug! We've no flowers here, either, and our 50+ temperatures today are to be replaced by a chance of snow flurries overnight and lucky to reach 40 the rest of the week! xo Nellie

  9. I know what you mean...everything here is gray! Love the snowman rug. Is rug hooking expensive? You have made me want to give it a try. I watched a tutorial, but I still have questions.

  10. Your snowman rug is too sweet!
    Hugs :)

  11. Hi Kim! The rug is very cute! I like the holly and berry border.
    I know what you mean about NO FLOWERS outside. I took my camera on a walk yesterday and took two pictures of sticky trees. We were sniffing the store-bought hyacinth last night and dreaming of spring.

  12. Enjoyed your flower show. I remember getting excited when snow drops would start to show up.

  13. Yeah....those bad bluejays can be bullies, if you ask me, they always are pushing other birds out of the way.

    What?!? Your snowman rug is so cute and you just have to bind the edges then it's ready for the closet??? Oh no you mean put it away???? It's sooooo cute!!!

    Love the flowers too....maybe buy yourself a couple of bouquets of flowers to dress up you home. I bought a bouquets of red and white carnations 3 weeks ago and they are still going strong....I told my husband I need to do that more often, he said it was okay with him....good, next shopping trip, more flowers!!!

  14. Your day may have been boring but your post is anything but boring...beautiful colorful flowers and that rug is just gorgeous....

  15. The snowman rug is so cute. Don't you dare finish it and stuff it in the closet!! He wants to be on display for awhile :)
    No flowers here. Hahaha. Big snowstorm coming tomorrow night again.

  16. Your snowman and his rug are such a joy - I can see why you are happy. After Christmas I often buy Christmas cards for the next year, and this year my husband voted for some cheery ones with a snowman on the front, and a Bible verse inside.

  17. Lots of black and white here ... although mostly white today. Yep, we got more snow, with bitterly cold temperatures coming. Brrr

    I enjoy watching birds. Our neighbors have bird feeders, and it's fun to watch them.

    That snowman rug is going in the closet? He needs to be out so everyone, especially you, can enjoy him! ;-)

  18. I sure like your snowman rug, Kim!
    And I sure miss the flowers now too.
    I need there color-I'm so tired of White...

  19. Thanks for the flower photos. It is all white here. I love the snowman rug.

  20. The snowman rug is gorgeous. As usual your work is top notch. There was a huge hawk on a limp this morning and I was hoping it wasn't going after the little birds at the feeders. We like to feed the birds in the winter because food is so scarce for them now. I don't however like the idea of the hawk having it's breakfast because we are feeding the little birds. Bluejays are squawkers for sure.


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