June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, January 17, 2014

Just Friday

 This morning when I woke up, my thought was it is Friday. The moon was shining in the window. The world was all silvery gray, and the trees, have all of  their bones showing in the moonlight.
There is the silence that comes as if the the world is holding its breath before the sun comes up over Bear Mountain. There is only the barest change as the sun makes its way back to Greenhorn for the summer.

I am such a home body that having things to do now, makes me love the days that I am at home. I find that being at home, feels me with such peace. It makes every  thing seem so good. I find ways to take something simple like a vase with flowers gives me joy. Having the luxury of baking rekindles that love I have always had for being at home. Dyeing wool  is like opening a present every time I take a new piece of wool out of the pot. I take it out to hang on the swimming pool fence to dry and watch the magic that happens as the wool dries.

 Yesterday, I watched two hummingbirds. One was making this loud call, unlike any bird call I have ever heard. Then the other humming bird was making that sawing noise. One was in branches on one side of the tree and the other on the other side. The female I thought was making the call, but then the male would fly straight up into the air and do a couple of flips and would fly back down and make the sawing sound. Right now, as I walk out in the cold, I notice the birds that fly from tree top to tree top following me. They really don't like it when I stare at them and if they catch me they will fly away. I try to keep my eyes averted.

I have two rugs I have been working on for it seems so long. I was trying to finish my snow man rug yesterday so would have a finish but no luck. I thought I would show you anyway. These are the biggest rugs I have made yet. I have dyed all of the wool for them.

My snowman rug.

It will look better once it is steamed. Steaming rugs always makes it looks so nice. This is a pattern I got by Polly Minick and Laurie Simpson. " Quilts and Rugs." The book is so nice because of all of the full sized patterns.

This whale rug I am pretty sure I have been working on it for three years at least. It is one of the first things I drew out on backing. It is by Polly Minick and the book called, "American Summer.

I think once I make it though my stack of rugs I have ready to hook, I will be drawing out more whale rugs. Though Polly Minick has a mermaid rug I really would like to hook. I just don't think it will be in the plans for 2014.

I have all of these old magazines that I have kept for years and years. Every time a magazine would have some of Polly's rugs I would stare at them and wish that I would be able to do that someday. I am so very happy that every time I pick up a rug hook, and run the wool through my fingers or cut a newly dyed piece on my cutter, I am so thankful  that my someday came

When I went to that Wool show in September, did I tell you I got to see Polly Minick? Do you know what I did? I stood with my mouth open, in mid step, looking like a idiot. She smiled and said hi. I don't know if I even said hi back. Ron was miles across the hotel from me by then and as I ran to catch up, I said, " Did you see Polly Minick? She said hi!! she said hi to me, isn't that cool!!!"  I felt just like one of those fan girls you see at movie premiers.

I have some very important people coming over to hang out with granny. I need to get some stuff ready for the visit. A very good way to spend a Friday.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

" Heaven is a house with porch lights."
" Ray Bradbury---Switch on the Lights."


  1. i love the first silvery shot!!! beautiful! and i love your snowman rug - because of the FENCE! :)

  2. I agree! There's no place like home with all it's comforts!
    Enjoy your hooking! They are so wonderful I like looking at them coming together anyway!

  3. I'm glad things are so nice and homey. Have fun with the boys! I bought a bunch of apples that were kind of mealy, so I'm turning them I to applesauce. I wish we'd have done weather. It was so warm here yesterday, I ran around in a tank top.

  4. I so love being home too and would prefer not to have to work at the barn, especially in the winter. We are having a January thaw and it's mild here by our standards of course. i walk around with my jacket open and no hat or gloves. I can't believe that I still hear people complaining that it's cool. Cool because they are fools. hahaha.

    I love that snowman rug. Is that one of your design?
    I'm wondering how on earth can you hook so close to the edge. I try to have at least 3 to 4 inches of extra backing to keep it on the gripper stand without scratching my hands to pieces. I've had to sew pieces of wool around the border to extend the edges so I could hook the sides of my Childhood Memories rug.
    I only have another evening of hooking and it will be finished except for the binding.

    Lucky you for meeting Polly Minick. I would have talked to her for sure. You are so funny. And thanks for the nice comment on my blog and thanks for thinking of me everyday. Somehow I think of you too every day.Did you know why it doesn't rain in California? I'll tell you why. It's because you are so sweet, God doesn't want you to melt.

    I've watched humming birds and they are feisty little things but so cute. They are very territorial too.

    Have a great Friday.

  5. I do love the snowman rug! It is beautiful. And I do believe the old saying that 'Home is where the heart is."

  6. That snowman rug made me squeal with delight. I love it! I'm a homebody too. That's the worse part about working--leaving the house. And Tucker.

  7. Your rugs are very beautiful.

    I prefer home too.

  8. I really do love that snowman rug. It is so pretty in person. The blues are just amazing.

    Thank you so much for having us over today. I feel so much better, finally talking to someone who "gets it". :)

  9. Love the snowman rug...and try as I do sometimes, there is no place like home! Enjoy your week-end Kim!

  10. Oh, I love the snowman rug! While we keep having a chance of snow in our forecast, we are not receiving any here. No place like home, Kim! Enjoy those grandchildren! xo Nellie

  11. Kim, how do you do it? You must be busy all. the. time! :) All the rugs, wool dyeing, and oh so much more...I am amazed. Love the snowman rug!

  12. I am so glad that you are happy! And I hope you enjoyed those grands. I had grands today and one is staying til Mon! Woohoo!

  13. We've talked about this before.... the getting used to having an empty house, and finding ways to fill the days. I think you have found your stride!!! I love that you have so many good things to do and things to look forward to.
    I'm working on Spencer's house right now, but I've been doing a lot of thinking and planning and I think that I too am going to enjoy this season of my life. Being an empty nester, just means that I get to be in charge of the nest***grin**!

    Love that you got to see another crafter that you admire. Neat!!!

    Enjoy your special company, and your weekend.

    Smiles :)

  14. Your rugs are so wonderful. I love the whale. Whales like that have such a nice shape and remind me of the beach.

  15. It must be so satisfying to get one of those lovely rugs finished!
    Is that a picture of an orange blossom? They aren't in bloom yet, are they? I know, you may just be looking forward. ;-)

  16. I love that snowman rug ... and the whale rug is coming along nicely! I love Minnick and Simpsons quilts ... and their rugs, too ... I have 3 of their quilt patterns and will make them some day, God willing ... just too many higher priority quilts on my list. ;-)

    I'm such a home body!! I could spend days and days at a time, nestled in my home. There are times when I have to "force" myself to get out. ;-) As much as I love to travel, I really am so glad when our trips are over and we are back home!

  17. i am a home body as well. i LOVE my home and everything in it!! if i never left it again, i would die happy!!

    you are creating some lovely crafts!!


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