Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Why I Am Glad To Be 50+

I had an eye appointment yesterday and I will have to have two cataract surgeries next year. To say I came home feeling old, and worn out was a understatement. I came home and looked in the mirror and decided that I would be thankful that I live in this age where they will take out my old lens and pop in a new one and I will be able to see. I thought about other things I am thankful for at this age.

Being over 50 means, I get to be who I am, really. Not that person I tried to be for the 40 earlier years, like Nancy Drew, or a California Girl in a string bikini, or a soccer Mom or any of those labels I tried to live up too. Now, I am just a me, full time.

Being this age, no amount of Oil of Olay will help. I am going to have lines, and gray hair and hopefully, I will have more laugh lines rather than grumpy lines. Smiles are far more encouraging than frowns and cost me nothing. As does being nice.

 I noticed the other day, I have some serious quirks. I never noticed, but when I get nervous, I talk too much. I have to keep telling myself to shut up and quit rattling along like a model T. I  realized that at this age, it would be easy to become a crone. I do have to fight selfishness really hard. Because at 55 I want to do what I want to do, every day, all the time.

I won't wear junior clothes anymore. I know that should have been something I  would have  noticed before now, but I didn't.  I went clothes shopping and bought new jeans in the woman's department, in the petite section. I love my jeans, I am happy again about getting dressed. At 55 I can be comfortable with how I am shaped and how I am built, since I was 10 years old I have been trying to be Twiggy. I have curves and hips. Having six kids does that.

I think today it dawned on me, I am who I am, the people who haven't liked me in the past won't like me now or ever. The people who like me now will go on being my friends. Life is too short to keep looking back.
I think at this age, being comfortable in my own skin is far more important than worrying about the other things that never happen. Being creative and liking the way things look to me is important. One thing I learned this week, is I don't like things symmetrical. It drives me nuts. I didn't know that until I was looking at Ron's wire trees. I love his trees but I found myself asking him to mix it up and make that branch look different from the other branches. It dawned on me, I like Whimsical. which means cockeyed, out of balance and there are people who like every thing to line up straight and be perfectly in line.. So this weekend I learned why. It isn't a bad thing, it is just how it is and it helped me to see, that being different is okay.

So being this age is a good thing. Yesterday, going to the eye appointment I didn't wear makeup. I really expected people to run from the office screaming in fright. No one did. They were polite and nice. I thought driving home, no one cares just be who you are because beauty is fleeting, and it is the gentle and quiet spirit that draws people not what I look on the outside.

Just thoughts rattling around in my brain today.
Thanks for stopping by I know how busy this time of year is so thank you,


Kessie said...

Oh no! Surgery already? Oh well, it'll be worth it to be able to see, right? Better than going blind. When will you have it done?

Its hard to be comfortable in your own skin. Here in my 30s, I do worry about image and whether I'm walking circumspectly. But at the same time, I'm not real wild about wearing masks. Of rather just be me. The kids see me for who I am no matter what I do, anyway.

TexWisGirl said...

i gave up wearing make-up about 8 yrs ago or so. i'm not sure i'm really that comfortable about being 50, though, to be honest. :) i still think of myself as 38 and am shocked when i see the old person in the mirror looking a lot like my older sisters and how my mother used to look.

Pom Pom said...

TexWis is funny! What a great post, Kim. I love your thinking, especially the jeans part!
I like being 55, too.

Kim said...

I will still be your friend, even if you are wearing Mom jeans and are cockeyed and out of balance!!! LOL We could be twins

Debbie said...

I have found myself nodding along and thinking AMEN to most of this Kim. Your just soo right. It was exhausting always trying to find the label that should define me at whatever season of life I was in, and then somehow make it fit. Soo much better this way. At 59 I am who I am and that is OK. I only wear make up if I am leaving the house. My clothes are comfy and old unless again leaving the house. I have been comfortably in the women's department since around your age and I LOVE it there. I am OK with dozing while watching TV at night, and admitting that quiet sometimes is just what I feel like, lol. Reading glasses NEVER leave either the tip of my nose or the top of my head ALL day. BTW, I have heard the cataract surgery is not too bad as surgeries go. I have even been known to occasionally say NO to babysitting a grandkid just because I am tired...really doesn't happen much, but hey just saying. Some senior citizen discounts I have qualified for and I am all over it. NO, I have only 1 short year left in my 50's and I am rejoicing. Each day I am given here on this earth is a gift, and I intend to live them to the fullest, but at my pace and in my way, lol. OH, the only difference I see with us? I got to have things balanced, lol, not always symmetrical, but ALWAYS balanced and even. Enjoy your day Kim!!

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

My dad just had both of his eyes done and it was a breeze he said. Seeing better just a few hours after. I am also the speed limit Kim, and I'm really starting to get comfortable in my skin...I think this happens to everyone about this age. I don't like my wrinkles or my gray hair though...I will battle those probably til the end!! LOL Have a great week!

Beth said...

A beautiful positive post Kim!!

Alica said...

This was a great post, Kim! I'm glad you've become comfortable in your own skin...I'm still working on that one! I think I'd sure enjoy being your neighbor and would enjoy YOU! I hope the cataract surgery goes well. My Mom had it done, and can see so much better!!

Empty Nester said...

And now I know why you and I could never be roomies. I am all about symmetry. If it's not symmetrical, I can blow a fuse. LOL I know what you mean about being comfortable in your own skin now. I'm getting there. Slowly. But I still hate the gray hair and the extra weight. And the sagging. And the...LOL Great post, as usual!

Janettessage.blogspot.com said...

Well Kim once again you wrote what was in my heart and something I needed to read. I turn 53 in a couple of weeks and I needed this! I am going to post it on my mirror. Everything about this yelled..."listen Janette". I do like being in my 50's and I want to learn to be okay in my skin...which is getting more and more wrinkles each day. I want to love life and all it has for me.
Thanks for a great, great post. I have missed not dropping in, but right now life is just full.

Rugs and Pugs said...

GREAT post!
Hugs :)

Nellie said...

It was such a pleasure to read this post, Kim! I chuckled, thinking about myself, too! xo Nellie

Dog Trot Farm said...

I second everything in this heartfelt post... next week I am proud to say I turn 56...i don't have cataracts but I do have a varicose vein that I am having surgery for next week...just picked up my prescription compression hose...if that doesn't old I don't know what does...all one can do is roll with the punches!!!

Christine said...

You are such a blessing, Kim and it is great to read your thoughts on ageing. You 'see' things clearly for what they are and I appreciate your wisdom and humor!!
God bless

Kerin said...

My dear friend,
We are kindred spirits for certain!
You are just a twinkle older than I, and I have come to many of the same conclusions that you have! Maturity is a wonderful thing!!
I used to say; "Can't take it with you anyway, when you die", and the older I get, the more truth there is in that sentiment. Esp. concerning material things.

Besides, I've always thought that the most attractive thing about anybody, is confidence. Confidence and kindness.
You have both :)

Bonnie K said...

Your blog was the first one I went to because of the title. I work at an alternative school and I watch kids go from trying to fit the public school mode towards being happy with who they are. They are a long way from being happy with who they are, but they are on the right track. Why does it take us so long to be happy with who we are? Your post was refreshing. Age means wisdom. I found your thoughts very wise. Thank you.

Julia said...

Great post Kim and I couldn't help but notice that the majority of the followers who commented are close to your age, but I'm already 67 but who is counting wrinkles when we can count friends, right?

You are aging gracefully like a fine wine, getting better with age.

Julia said...

By the way, I can't stand symmetrical either. Have you noticed that most of my flowerbeds are curved somehow?

puttermuch said...

What a wonderful post today....I too am 55 and will be 56 before I know it. I particularly liked what you said about 'the gentle and quiet spirit that draws people...'I'll have to remind myself of that as I too get 'chatty' when I am nervous or in front of a group of people. Thank you for the insight. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Three Sheep Studio said...

Wonderful post !
Aging gracefully and accepting where we are at any given season of life !

Jacque. said...

Great post, Kim! So much better to be in that state of mind about oneself. xo

Thistle Cove Farm said...

mercy, can't begin to tell you how I've been seen in public -grin-. Dave used to tell me, "I wish you cared, just a little bit, about what people thought of you." I'd reply, "Dave, I care tremendously the opinion of those I respect, the others...not so much."
The people who like me, like me and the ones who don't are always looking for more excuses not to like me. I can live with that and even sleep soundly at night.
You've earned your face and body; wear both in the joyful knowledge God has been with you every step.