Monday, December 9, 2013

Cold and Frosty

It is another cold and frosty day. As I write this it is down to 24 degrees. Funny things I notice with the cold. The garage door won't open, unless you help it. The cold for some reason keeps it from lifting. The cold that pours in from the vents on the roof. The air that comes in the laundry room from the dryer vent makes the floor feel like a fan is on. Then outside the condensation from the dryer vent on the roof, makes it look like the house is on fire. The chickens have put all differences aside and the Silkies are the preferred little chickens to be snuggled up to on cold nights. The roosters of course are in the middle of them all.

The sun isn't up yet, so you can only see the frost a little bit. I expect the trees to begin raining leaves anytime this week. No snow of course, just a hard frost each day.  It is good because it will kill the bugs that have got a foot hold out in my garden.

We put up the lights outside and decorated the tree yesterday. It only got up to 42 degrees yesterday and they had to wait for the frost to melt off of the roof. I made lots of hot chocolate with whip cream and sprinkles. It was voted better than Starbucks. :)

 Everyone on the roof but me. They were yelling and saying things like, " Watch Mom, I am going to jump!!" I don't get out on the roof unless I am washing windows. Even taking the pictures makes my stomach feel weird.

I finished my Merry Christmas rug that I bought from Cathy Greschner at the Red House Wool Studio.

It is a fun little rug to hook. I also started working on a big rug from the book Quilts and Rugs by Polly Minick and Laurie Simpson. I love the book as it has so many nice full size patterns.

I worked on the fence off and on yesterday. I really enjoy this pattern so far. I realized why I like huge rugs to hook yesterday. It is is kind of like reading Bleak House by Dickens, the book is so long I always feel like when I am finished I miss my friends, the same with big rugs, the longer I work on them the more attached I become. Weird I know but my mind works like that. When I make dolls, my favorite part is very last I make the faces. I am waiting on the nose for the same reason.

I have lots to do today. The house looks like we had one long party this weekend. Putting up the tree always seems to make such a mess. I hope you have a nice week.

Happy Monday to you,


Debbie said...

I'm glad I read your comment on the garage door issue; I'd decided ours might be ready for replacement but will instead blame it on the low temps. :D Lovely handwork.

TexWisGirl said...

oh, i like the fence rug, too! :) quite a roof crew you've got up there! snuggled up to a silkie made me laugh.

Kessie said...

It's been frosting here, too, just not as hard. I've been making hot chocolate from scratch with marshmallows. It's been a big hit. I love your rugs! The Christmas one is way too pretty to leave on the floor. I e been trying to catch up with laundry and thankfully I think it's finally under control again. I feel very tired and grouchy. Baby thinks 3 AM is a great time to get up.

Jacque. said...

Busy woman...and your family on the roof! Scarey for me. We had a bunch of snow last night, but it's nice and soft and fluffy...pretty and easy to move. The sun shines brightly today, and that makes everything better. xo

Beth said...

I would be terrified if that had been my family on the roof. I am glad your family is OK.

Your rugs are lovely!

Nellie said...

I loved this look at your week-end, Kim, and chuckled about the "big party" you have to straighten from over the week-end.:-) xo Nellie

Susan Kane said...

We had our first frost here in San Diego today. There is now snow in the mountains to the east.
Your rugs are lovely!

Alica said...

I'm sure they were thrilled to be walking around on the roof! You'll have to show us some pictures of the lights on, at night! I'll bet it's really pretty!

Julia said...

That's quite the crew up on the roof. The lights should be up in no time. I have mine up but have not turned them on at night yet. Not before mid December usually.

Your garage door opener is not made for cold climate like ours. It opens in any kind of very cold weather. I refused to have an automatic door opener when the kids were little for fear of having the door come down and injuring a kid but the newer ones will stop coming down if it get obstructed. it will go back up. It has a lazar beam or something.

My tree is not up yet, just getting the bedroom and bedding clean and ready for my visitors and gathering my dust bunnies from under the beds.

Take care, hugs,
JB said...

What a great crew you had on your roof! Your pictures look like it did in Texas over the weekend, even churches were cancelled because of ice. It is beautiful, but wasn't such fun when the power went out for 14 hours. We did have gas logs, thankfully, and now it is cozy and warm again. I do love this cold dry weather, it feels like Christmas all around. :)

Meg said...

I always feel that way with a big project too. Once it's done it's like your best friend just moved away. I like your Christmas rug, it's very nice. Hot chocolate sounds like a good idea. Maybe we'll have that for snack today. :)

Empty Nester said...

I love that the boys yelled that down to you. The girls used to do the same thing to me! I"m the only one who is terrified of heights in our family. I got to the point where I just stopped going out there when they were on the roof. LOL I'm jealous of your cold. We had some yesterday but not today or tomorrow. Then, on Wednesday a 20+ degree drop. Good grief. If this keeps up, I should definitely be sick by Christmas.

Kerin said...

Yippee... all the lights are up.
That must feel nice; getting all the Christmas decorating done.

We had about a foot of snow fall here, over the weekend, and it has been so cold. Leaving the water trickling at night, as to avoid frozen pipes.

Love your sweet family, up on the roof. Like little elves.. helping get things done.

Warm wishes..

Julia said...

I was looking at your blog post again and I was thinking that the guys should be wearing those Dollar Store reindeer antlers. They look like reindeers on the roof.


Pom Pom said...

Your house is so pretty, Kim! I remember the first frosts when I was a kid. Everything felt quiet. I like that.

Kim said...

Wow, you finished Merry Christmas already? I just finished drawing mine and now my fingers are "sharpie black". My tree is up too. Yeehaw

Velva said...

Enjoy the frosty air, the better than starbucks hot cocoa and your family.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Gumbo Lily said...

December cold has moved in, hasn't it? We're extra cold here too. You're blessed to have those young men putting up your Christmas lights and they are blessed to have YOU to make them hot cocoa. Cute rugs, as always!