June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, December 13, 2013

Cookies and Decorating

After a long day of cookie making. A million things went through my head. For one thing, why did I think that every recipe I chose was one that had to be chilled an hour, and then rolled into balls. Or why does Kenny G Christmas Carols make me want to take a nap. Or what possessed me to put 5 different versions of Carols of the Bells back to back in my Christmas play list? I as a good blogger should have taken a picture of the state of my kitchen. My goodness it was a mess for hours. No one was around but me so I couldn't even blame it on anyone. Not to mention I was so scattered brained I would just stop and go for a walk outside. After my third walk outside to stare at chickens, I shook myself and told me, " Get a grip and get in there and get something done!!"

Here are my cookie  trays today.

On this tray is my all time favorite molasses cookie. Then in the middle is the recipe off the back of the package of candy cane kisses. I was going to make soft sugar cookies but I liked this recipe better. Then the chocolate cookie is just my old standard chocolate chip cookie recipe but I called these triple chocolate  because they have mini chips, Hershey cocoa and dark chocolate kisses.

My second little tray is for the boys to eat. I don't know if this happens to you but if I am going to be gone all day the boys are pretty happy as long as there is food in the house to eat. That cookie jar is just for Ron. That is the molasses cookie. His favorite. I collect pink depression glass. One of my treasures is this pink depression glass cookie jar. I have never found another one like it. My Mom collected green depression glass and her collection is quite extensive. I liked the pink because it was a bit rarer and at the time when she started collecting it no one else was and you could get it for free or for a dollar at the most. Now it is crazy how much it costs.

I took a picture of the tree. The light isn't right. I got out all the dolls I collected through the years.
Also one of my favorite little Nativity sets.

I just love them, and I wish I had continued getting them. I still like them though.

Here is my favorite Mary and Joesph and baby Jesus.

My friend Pom Pom likes Raggedy Ann and Andy so I thought I would take a picture of my bench with mine.

I have a bunch in my hope chest that someday I should take out and put them out but you know how that goes. As soon as I take them out they start griping about being in the hope chest for ever and how come I never pay attention to them anymore. Just like a scene from Toy Story.

Here is my shelf all decorated. It is full of things I love. My little Raggedy Ann's are up here too. One of the book series I love is by Jan Karon. I love Father Tim and I have the Church and Father Tim's house.

I always think this next picture of his house before he and Cynthia got married. I don't know why.

One day I was driving down town. I love to drive in the streets down there and look at all of the wonderful old houses. I went down this street and there was Father Tim's church. It is our Episcopalian Church. I about had a wreck hitting my brakes and stopping right in the middle of the street. Some people were coming out of the door that looked just like that door on the church. I have to go there someday and visit. It is just beautiful. I have no clue how I have lived here all of my life  and I had never noticed it before.

Last but not least my very favorite Christmas tree I made last year.

I still like that thing so much. It always makes me happy.
Time to go paint the barn and get ready to go hang out with some of my favorite people today. I get to see my grandsons. I have to share though with the other grandma though. It is okay because we were friends before the Megan and Ben even started dating. So sharing with someone like that is fun.
Have a lovely Friday,


  1. Oh man, its all decorated and nice! And so many cookies! I wish we could just beam up and hang out for a day. You'll have to get pictures of that church now. :-)

  2. laughing at your scatterbrained part about going for a walk to stare at chickens. i like you. :)

  3. oh my...the cookies, the tree, the decorations...all simply wonderful! xo

  4. Oh the cookies look wonderful and the decorations and tree are beautiful!

  5. Your cookie plates are so pretty! They are inspiring, too!
    It looks like you got a lot done today!
    Aw, I love the Annie dolls. I really do. I think mine need new wardrobes.

  6. What a wonderful day you had, Kim! The Jan Karon series is a favorite of mine, too. All the cookie recipes I chose had to be chilled and shaped, too! What were we thinking?:-) Lovely decorations throughout your house! xo Nellie

  7. You've certainly got the Christmas spirit going on there.
    Nativity, baked cookies, music, twinkling lights... inside and outside... etc...
    Love it all.

    Have a wonderful weekend, and have fun with your grands :)

  8. LOVING the way it all looks... The cookies look yummy, and your tree is perfect. Such a different nativity set! I LOVE it! Enjoy your week-end!

  9. Oh I love your little church and Father Tim's house. I didn't know you had those, it's so cool especially since I've read the series now. Just the best. I have thought about reading them again. I'm so glad you came today, I had so much fun and it felt like I hadn't seen you in forever.

  10. Those cookies look so good. They are making me hungry. Love your tree and seeing the decorations

  11. Oh Kim, your tree and decorations look so pretty and festive...I sure wish I had a plate of your cookies, yummy!!! Looks like you are ready for Christmas, will your children and their famlies be coming for the holiday? Hope you get to see that precious new granddaughter...Thinking of you...a foot of snow is heading our way for tomorrow night...Winter has arrived!!!

  12. loved this post!
    I remember when those dolls were first sold. the tree is very pretty!
    all old toys fuss after being shut away for awhile, they become more eccentric if they are not played with. the weird thing is their eccentricity mirrors ours as we age ! (teasing)
    i love Father Tim, I lived for each new book, and I loved the rectory! post a photo when you go back to your church, I would love to see it!

  13. The way you have presented your cookies looks beautiful. Love your Christmas decorations. Happy weekend!!

  14. Oh wow...cooking cookies, how fun! Your house looks great and so enjoyable. Enjoy those grand children!

  15. Looking beautiful! And when YOUsnap yourself out of a funk you do it right. Those plates of cookies... you definitely did 'get in there and get something done'!

    Enjoy those gorgeous grands... and the 'other' grandma. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  16. you are rockin' it kim!! chuck has his own cookie jar as well but sometimes i have to hide it from him. just so they make it to christmas!!

    i'll have to check out the kiss cookie in the center, they look awesome!!

  17. COOKIES! Yes, please!!!! I have to do the rolling of the cheese and olive balls and the sausage balls tomorrow. And some cranberry bread baking and make some Chex Mix. I want to take some things in to some of the teachers at school. Only four school days until break! Your house looks so festive! And those cookies- delish!

  18. That's a beautiful spread of cookies - and your tree is so pretty! I have a friend with five daughters and they have lots of Christmas dolls that they decorate with every year.
    My husband got over his flu enough to get our tree this week, and decorated it mostly by himself today, because now I am sick! But I did add some ornaments, in between writing Christmas cards.
    You're doing great considering you're scatterbrained. :-)

  19. Oh my...those dolls...
    Mary, Joseph and Jesus - they are amazing !
    The cookies are so festive and look delicious. ;)

  20. You have such a collection of wonderful Christmas stuff.
    I love the Father Tim series too. I didn't know they marketed anything from the books.
    Your cookies look so...yummy. I wish we were closer to exchange!

  21. I love your tree! So pretty!! And your cookies look so yummy!! DD and I bake cookies together every year, and now the Ts are joining in. Such a fun day! We were going to do cookies on Thursday, but the father of a friend of DD's passed away and the visitation is Thursday (about 90 minutes from here). I'm hoping DH will be agreeable to postpone our anniversary outing to Thursday so DD and I can still do cookies ... tomorrow would be our only opportunity and it would break my heart to not have our Cookie Day this year!

  22. I am so glad to find you again. These so look so yummy.

  23. Your triple chocolate cookies look stupendous! Thanks for sharing what you've been baking, I was curious :) Love your tree made of ornaments, too. It is such fun pulling out special decorations every year, especially when they're things we've made. Merry Christmas!


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