June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, November 22, 2013

Yay!! For Fridays!

After a very exciting week, I am so glad that it is Friday. Now that baby and Momma are back at home and they have a new normal. I feel like I can finally sleep. Now I have to start thinking about Thanksgiving. We have had just a lovely couple of days with lots of rain. I had to laugh because today the weather said we were having a sunny day. I went outside with my camera to show you sunny.

Here in the valley, after a rain we get what is called Tule Fog. "Tule fog /ˈtl/ is a thick ground fog that settles in the San Joaquin Valley and Sacramento Valley areas of California's Great Central Valley. Tule fog forms from late fall through early spring (California's rainy season) after the first significant rainfall. The official time frame for tule fog to form is from November 1 to March 31. This phenomenon is named after the tule grass wetlands (tulares) of the Central Valley. Motor vehicle accidents caused by the tule fog are the leading cause of weather-related casualties in California."

We have had so many dry years that I have missed the fog. I know that sounds crazy, but living here and growing up here that is what makes it feel like Christmas to me. It also means it gets cold and wet and you learn to drive very carefully. Around here the schools have what is called "fog delays." When I was in school, you had to turn on the radio first thing to find out if you would be two hours late for school. We loved it. I don't think the teachers did. The fun part was at recess, playing tag in the fog. We weren't supposed to do that either but we did.
 One of the things my kids always thought was a total rip off about home schooling was they didn't get fog delays.

 The rain is causing all of the trees to really loose leaves now. It is wonderful to have a fire burning and to be drinking hot tea and listening to the rain. I walked outside yesterday and and finally the ground is hard packed again. No more deep, powdery dirt.  After those years of hardly no fall and no winter, I am enjoying this so much.

I hope you have a delightful weekend. Stay warm, that weather map looks like the whole country will be in a deep freeze. My daughter in Arizona, might get 3 to 4 inches of rain.

We hope to get finished with the chicken house this weekend. I am pretty excited.

Bye for now,


  1. That sounds like a great new week on the horizon for you. It seems to have given you some new wings. I hope that your week will be a good one too.

    I had never heard of Tule Fog. That is quite interesting.
    I wish that I lived closer, I'd join you in a hot cup of something and I would take the afternoon off and chat away while we stitch on something.

    I'm glad that you can finally relax now that baby is born and that they are both at home and that your chicken coop will be finished this weekend.


  2. You've had quite a week! I'm glad Mom and baby are doing well, and hopefully she can get some good rest at home. Be careful out there in that fog! It looks treacherous!

  3. that fog is cool but scary for driving, i'm sure. we're having cold and rain here today and i've got a fire going to warm the house. :)

  4. How about a ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of the chicken house?
    Fog is amazing. We rarely have it, but in Washington it is an often occurring phenomena.

  5. So happy Mom and Baby are home safe and sound. We have quite a bit of foggy mornings near us also and the tricky driving is something we have always had to do whether we wanted to or not.It is so beautiful though.
    Have a nice weekend to go with your wonderful week. B

  6. Happy Friday to you, Kim! Yes, it has been an exciting week for you! It's good to hear that your new granddaughter has been able to go home with Mom. Time for the "new" normal.:-)

    It sounds like the weather is bringing what you need there. That's a blessing!

    Have a good week-end!

    xo Nellie

  7. Oddly enough, I have missed the fog too. :) It's been so nice to have some actual weather for a change. It's so drizzly and wonderful!

  8. It's dark and cloudy and rainy here. The kids just go out and play and play. They fight over who gets to hold the baby. I think she'll be the pet the way Will was for us.

  9. What great photos! We are having the third day of rain here in San Diego area, and it is wonderful.
    Have a blessed T-Giving.

  10. This is a very interesting post. I have never heard of the fog before. It is a dreary cold rainy day here.

  11. Good evening grandma of eight...I cannot wait to see a photo of your brand new grandaughter Susan Patricia...as well as the new coop...you have some very lucky chickens...It is cold in Maine...large snowflakes this morning and sleet this evening...Blessings...

  12. I really do *not* miss the tule fog, because it was so frightening to drive in, and was the cause of many a stiff neck as I strained my whole body trying to see. Now I don't live where we get that fog, and I even fear making trips to the Valley in winter because of the possibility of getting into it on the freeway where pile-ups can easily happen during fog season.
    But I hope we all get a LOT more rain!

  13. I have to giggle when you get so excited about rain. It's kind of a pain in the butt when you get it all the time :)
    TGIF. (Email to follow)

  14. We have a trace of snow on the ground...it'll be gone once the sun shines, though. I'm okay with that...we'll get plenty in due time. Have a great weekend! xo

  15. I like how you worded "a new normal" now that mom and baby are home. Tender little ones and their routines. ;)
    Very interesting to learn about this "Fog" !
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. in these parts, we always count on the opposite of what ever the weather man says ;)

    i enjoyed this very happy entry!!

  17. Enjoyed your fog story. It reminded me of a creeping fog that would cover a field I drove by at night in WA state. The fog was always just about three feet deep snaking out of a woods. Very awesome in full moon light.
    My sis has shared photos of frozen fog in Nevada. They call this rare fog pogonip. ;-)

  18. I rather like foggy weather ... as long as no one I love has to get out in it. We've had several foggy mornings the last couple of months, although not bad enough to cause problems driving.

    Glad mama and the new baby are home ... much better for everyone. ;-)

  19. Tule fog sounds treacherous! When we lived in the mountains we would have periods of seriously dangerous fog, which was kind of pretty unless you had to drive somewhere. It does make a pretty backdrop for photos though!

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