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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Yay For Wednesdays!

I love Wednesdays! I don't really do anything different on Wednesday, it is pretty much the same as Monday and Tuesday, but it is nice. This one is special because of the wonderful ocean breeze that is just flowing in and making life perfect. It started about 9:30 yesterday and I just had to go outside and walk around and breathe. Today it is even cooler. I had to go do some errands, just so you know it isn't just me but every where I looked people were smiling looking up at the sky and I drove behind a couple of cars that had windows down with arms sticking out, hand that kept playing in the air. When you have had heat as long as we have, you will understand. This is bliss.

One of my favorite animals in the whole world behind chickens and dogs are cats. Horses used to be first but then I grew up and had kids and always with horses is that feeling of they can hurt me if I am not paying attention. Being home with the cats has made me pay attention to them again. They do reason.

One day I was sitting in my chair sewing. Since it was counted cross stitch and I didn't want to loose my place when Socks came in and meowed her sweet little high pitched meow to be let out, I ignored her. She has this chatty way about her but she is always polite and has the sweetest little voice. I always think if she was a person she might look like Barbie.

We also have a stripey kitty name Linx. If she was a person she would be a chain smoking, whiskey drinking, loud brawler. She must have some Siamese in her because she has this loud, obnoxious voice. When she wants to be let outside, everyone jumps up to let her out just so you don't have to hear her.

Socks was sitting on the desk, in her little patient way with her paws curled in like a monk in an abbey waiting for me to hurry up. In swaggers Linx, clumping along as usual in her loud manner, meowing her whiskey tenor voice, and I of course laid my stitching down, jumped up and let Linx out.  Socks who is sitting there has a bit of a attitude when she goes out next. I noticed it but didn't think much of it.

Later that afternoon, I am hooking a rug by this time and Socks comes in she sits on the floor, in front of my chair, and begins to meow so loud and so rudely at the top of her voice. I looked up at her and because I have never  heard her use that tone or that volume, I say, " Oh No Way Socks!!" I stood up and let her out. Now when she walks in I have noticed she is loud every single time. No more polite kitty.
I remember hearing some scientist when I was a kid talk about how animals didn't reason, but then I have noticed so many times where animals reason and they think and they figure things out. Even as dumb as my chickens are, even they can figure out things too.

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Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh you had me laughing out loud with your description of Socks "Barbie" and your cat Linx the possible whisky drinker. Yeah had a Siamese one time they are like that. Oh I loved this and I talk to the animals all the time. May be weird but I love the answers I get:) B

Nellie said...

I'm laughing about your cat story! Cats are such interesting animals! We really enjoyed ours.

Wednesday was always my favorite day when I was teaching, even more so than Friday. I usually had early morning bus duty on Wednesday, so that meant it was over for the week.:-) Fridays were always a bit stressful for me as it was intense to have final papers graded and folders ready for distribution by the end of the school day.

xo Nellie

Kessie said...

LOL! That is so funny! I'm totally reading this to Ryan. Socksy is smart, no doubt about it. I can't believe she changed her 'let me out' meow like that.

Jacque. said...

Kim, you're so funny.

TexWisGirl said...

too dang funny! i could picture these cats (and hear them) as i read. she learned, didn't she?! :)

Mary Ann said...

I agree so much about animals reasoning things out, we have seen it over and over. I feel the same way about horses... I love them so much, but don't want to risk a "wreck" at my age and put myself out of commission for months. I'll admire from afar and envy!

Meg said...

LOL! That is great. I didn't think she had any brains at all... but there you go. :) That is the best description of Linx too. So very fitting! haha

annie said...

sounds like they both are training you!
I thought the same thing this morning,
when my sons dog was "walking" me.
if you ever saw the way she pulls me all around the block,
you would surely know this is true!
hope you have a great rest of the week!

Julia said...

Your story is too funny and you are an observant person as usual.
I have many cats at the barn and I have one big male cat who is the perfect description of the whiskey drinker, cigar chain smoker. He's so loud and impatient that he get me impatient too...

Wednesday is nice because it's mid week.

Alica said...

Cats rule the roost! This was so funny...I could just picture Socks, figuring out how to get immediate attention. :) They are too smart for their own good!

Debbie said...

hehe, it's "hump" day!! kim, you tell the best stories!!