June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday Twaddle

Three day weekends are so nice but there is just something hard about the Tuesday after a holiday weekend. It is hard to get back in the saddle again.
This morning when I walked out through the secret gate out into the garden. There was a rainbow. I don't normally see rainbows that early in the morning. As I walked around and looked at my flowers and looked at my drooping sunflowers, I noticed that parrots must be visiting now. There are piles of sunflower seeds on the ground and bites out of the flowers. I have heard them chattering but have yet to see them.

These guys, they are the perfect color of green as the sunflowers and unless they move I don't see them until too late. They are very careful and do not like pictures.

I know I mentioned I would open my Etsy store today. I am going to postpone it for awhile. I just never had any peace about it and always had this check in my spirit and my attitude was wrong. When Ron asked me some simple questions about it and I turned into a banshee I decided it isn't time for me to do it.

Today while I was sitting under the trees listening to the rain quietly dropping on the ground, I noticed that with each drop and little dust cloud would come up. That is how dry it is out here. I watched as two hummingbirds fought for the sunflower patch. I am not out in the garden that much now, and the birds have got very territorial and get put out at me when I am out there very long. The bluejays sit on the fence and scold me. I was walking around and I found a snake hole. It had tracks all around it of a small snake then the tracks went back in the hole. The snake and I have no idea how they do this, not having any hands, but they place leaves over the opening of their house. I showed Ron and he stooped down and lifted the leaves to look. My heart stopped and I wanted to run away. Nothing happened and when I asked him how he could do that, He said, " It's a guy thing, I just wanted to see what was under the leaves."

We have very lovely clouds and rain drops today. It will still get up to 97 today but for now it is a beautiful morning and I am thankful for the clouds.
As Ruth Graham said,
"Clouds are the dust of His Feet
and watching the evening sky
I chuckled to think, " How neat.
God just passed by."

Have a lovely Tuesday.



  1. How wonderful to be greeted by a rainbow in the morning, and have some drops of rain falling, even though it'll get hot later. Those green parrots seem to be taking over California. There is a flock of them that flies over my house shrieking with their loud voices once in a while, and I know a lot of them also live down by the shoreline, several miles away too. I love their color.

  2. morning sunshine and beauty....love those purple hydrangea's!!

    seeing a rainbow, that's good luck, you know!!

  3. I have to admire your rejoicing at the little rain drops that disturb the dust when we are having bucket full falling from the sky that disturbs me, lol... I feel overburdened by all the rain we've had. If only I could share some.

    Now my basement is wet again and I have to find time to suck that up and dry it off.

    Seeing a beautiful rainbow in the morning must be a perfect way of starting the day. That blue Hydrangea is spectacular. Mine never bloom because the branches get winter kill. maybe I'll cover the branches this late Fall.

    I'm not a fan of snakes either but I wasn't scared of snakes when I was a young girl.

    Parrots are so pretty but like you said, noisy. Our temperatures are way too cold for them to ever make it here.

    Have a lovely September week.

  4. It must be a guy thing because there is nothing that would possess me to reach down and put my hand anywhere near a snake hole. Even if they lined that hole with hundred dollar bills!!

  5. Rainbows and snake holes and dust...and God passing by. Delightful!

  6. How wonderful...parrots in the tree tops...Somehow I just can't picture you turning into a banshee...you will know when the time is right to open your etsy store...I cannot wait to see your offerings... please keep away from the snakes...Enjoy this late summer's day...Fall is coming!!!

  7. here's hoping those raindrops keep coming for a while for you!!!

  8. I am glad you saw only the hole and not the snake!

  9. Oh! Our grandson would have gladly gone in search of the snake!

    Neat that there are actually parrots that fly around for the sunflower seeds! I've never seen one except in some sort of captivity.

    xo Nellie

  10. We haven't gotten a single rain drop over here, but do have lots of hot humid heat. Glad you got some. Your right, it's soo dry. I agree with the others, you couldn't pay me to stick my hand down a snake hole, haha. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  11. Lovely pictures! It's hard coming off a long weekend, and I hate to deal with regular stuff. At least this week will be short. lol We have gotten quite a bit of rain lately, but then the humidity hits. I so can't wait for autumn to arrive!

  12. Oh no! Not a snake! I would have run for sure!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of the week.

  13. Not fair! We never got rain up here! It smelled like it last night, but we never got anything. It's like a cruel joke. :( Hey whatever happened with the creepy homeless guy?

  14. I forgot about the parrots! How delightful! I'm sorry they eat your sunflowers.
    Snakes. Shiver. Well, I'm sure you'll know when it's a good time to open your shop. I wish your weather would cool.

  15. Love that Ruth Graham quote. I will think of that every time I look at the clouds from now on!

  16. I didn't know about the parrots - I thought you were joshing until I read some comments. I wonder how far north they are "taking over." I know that in Monterey the crows seem to be taking over, and I heard that they are replacing the steller's jays in Yosemite. That is too bad...they must be at least as noisy as the parrots. Jays are noisy too but they seem to fit in the mountains...

  17. A beautiful post !
    That huge green parrot - what a surprise. Now I am wondering where you live that you would have these gorgeous green parrots in your back lawn !!
    Regarding your Etsy shop... having an Etsy shop is wonderful, but it does take a large time commitment. You are right to wait until you have peace. A season for all things. ;)

  18. The parrots are just amazing. Oh your shop, with you on that, no peace don't move forward. This post is just so relaxing to me...thanks for taking us with you on your walk.

  19. Hi, this is my first time here. I am wondering where you live that you have parrots flying free, and sunflowers growing, too. I think your husband is right, that is a guy thing, there is no way that I would do that or any other woman that I have ever met!
    In fact there are large gardener snake dens north of us, here in Manitoba and I have wanted to go see them in the fall time when they return to their dens, but I'm so afraid I will see one on the trail leading to it that I haven't gone yet. :)


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