June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Visting Other Places

I was gone this weekend. I haven't been gone out of town in so long. One thing I will tell you was there is just nothing on this green earth as bad as the freeways in L.A. On Fridays. In the late afternoon. Other than that it was nice and beautiful and the weather was perfect and the sky so blue. We went to Long Beach so I could go to a hooked rug show. It was the ATHA 2013 which stands for Association of  Traditional Hooking Artists.

I really felt like I had died and gone to heaven. It was like standing on hallowed ground for me to see things in person I have only looked at pictures of.  The rugs I saw are even more beautiful in person. It was like going to an art exhibit.

There is no way I can even get the detail that is in these rugs nor the beauty of the colors or the perfect loops. I don't know how anyone could ever put them on the floor.

Kris Miller was there and I went so I could buy rug patterns from her. I could have bought ten. I kick myself now because I didn't buy this rug so I could hook it but I just thought I couldn't do it justice. The wool to buy was fantastic. I didn't buy any though. I don't know if I am greedy or what but I like to dye my own wool and I buy my wool by the yard and to buy it in bits and pieces well I will just say I have become a bit spoiled.
I did buy backing from the man who owns The Dorr Mill Store. He was very nice. I also got to use an  Bee Line Townsend Cutter. All I can say is WOW!! What an amazing cutter. 

I bought this one instead. Just the patterns. Not the rug.

This is one of Ron's favorites. Can you see how our tastes are so different? This one was stunning in person.

This one was a work of art too. I was gasping at each one as I would walk by and I just couldn't believe the beautiful work in each one. I have so much to learn.

We walked down to the harbor and I loved this sail boat sitting there they were getting ready to take it out. It was so perfect to be out on the water and I love watching all of the people sailing out to watch the sun set.

I liked this one just because it was so filled with character. I thought it would be fun to go fishing on.

This was outside our hotel window. It is the aquarium. We didn't have time to go visit. I kept thinking it would be nice to go back when we have more time.

On our way home we stopped by a Bonsai nursery grower so Ron could pick up some rare trees that he has been looking for to add to his collection. It was very interesting to talk to the owner and to listen to her explain so many things about grafting and raising trees. I didn't take pictures of that because I was listening to her go on about trees like I have just gone on and on about rugs.
It was very nice to get away for a bit. But it is so nice to get back home.



  1. neat that both of you got to investigate things you love. :) some of those rugs are as detailed as a painting! wow!

  2. I'm so glad you had fun. Did you really only buy one pattern?? I have a Townsend cutter and they really are wonderful. Those rugs are beautiful.

  3. It's great you got to go!
    The rug photos are wonderful.
    I love all the colors.
    Hope to see his trees as he develops them!

  4. It sounds like you both had a great time! Those rugs are so detailed...I can't imagine making one of them. I'm sure I'd much rather be at home than on the freeways around LA during Friday afternoon rush hour!

  5. Your trip away looks grand.
    ATHA had a show in Lancaster about two years ago.
    It was a feast for the senses !
    Everywhere you look...talent and beauty !
    After 10 years of hooking, I jumped for a Townsend Cutter.
    All I can say is amazing ! Worth every cent. ;)
    You are right, "there is no place like home."

  6. Good morning! How fun for you! The rugs were just beautiful. Your right...soo pretty I can't imagine any of them ever end up on the floor! It worked out perfectly didn't it? You each got to see the thing your passionate about! Glad your got to go! Oh, and btw, LA traffic has to be seen to be believed...glad you survived! lol

  7. I cont believe those are rugs! They look like needlepoint! That is amazing. Now you have something to go on. Do you think you'll go next year? I'm glad Dad got some bonsai trees, too. I've been trying to think how I could smuggle him some desert trees next time we visit.

  8. If you had to go through the death of the LA freeways I'm glad you at least ended up in heaven!

  9. I can only dream of going to the ATHA. I'm so glad that you went. It's good to see hooked rugs in person. Some people are really talented.

    It was a nice change for both of you to go somewhere together. Thanks so much for showing us some photos. It's just fair that Ron got to go to a Bonsai nursery on this trip. They are both great hobbies.

    I've never tried a Beeline Townsend cutter. I'm afraid that I would probably spend the money on one.


  10. How nice for the two of you to enjoy a weekend away...How does one ever learn to drive on the freeway? I would be a nervous wreck...you'd have to pry my fingers off the steering wheel...Such beautiful rugs and so much talent...I like the pattern you bought...I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Autumn day...Hugs from Maine...

  11. What a wonderful trip for both you and Ron, the rugs you have shown are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what you do with what you learned and the patterns you bought. Enjoy!.

  12. You sound, about the ATHA show, like I would sound after going to an AQS show. What inspiration!!

    What a nice view out your hotel window.

    It is so awfully nice to get away for a little bit, but even nicer to get back home. Glad you had a great time.

  13. So pleased for you to have time away and see so many fabulous rugs!
    Missed you though!
    Have a lovely week

  14. Fun, fun, fun! Those rugs are just amazing. Wow! The very first one that you pictures - I just can't get over those flowers!

  15. Oh how wonderful. How inspiring and energizing! That is just awesome. What is also great is that both of you got to enjoy your passions! What a great couple you are!

  16. Oh I'm so glad you had a good time!! I've been thinking about you all weekend. Those rugs are just amazing! Some are so detailed and intricate.

  17. so nice you got away!! traffic is a pain but as i get older i tolerate it better.....as long as i'm not trying to catch a flight!!


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