Saturday, August 10, 2013

Out in the Garden

Today is a perfect Saturday morning. Cool enough to enjoy and quiet enough to not go crazy. Have I ever mentioned that I have a man behind me that builds race cars? Saturday nights is a big race night here at a local race track. Most Saturdays you hear the sounds of these race engines rumbling to life.  To be loaded into trailers and taken away. But there is always tinkering to do and so on Saturdays my house will be vibrating with the sound of cars roaring to life. Or the sound of air tools or voices talking over the sound of the car engines. Today has been quiet. Well except for the oil well back there that is out of time and it backfires every 4th revolution.

My first sunflower of the year!!! I finally have sunflowers growing again. I walked out this morning and there it was and it made me so happy to see its bright yellow face.

Last weekend Ron and I went out to run errands. We needed to go to Office Depot but it wasn't open.
(We always leave the house at the crack of dawn.) But it happens to be next door to Home Depot.
We decided we would just go walk around and look at stuff. When we are together, in a garden shop, we are a bit crazy. In fact, we shouldn't do that very often because together we tell the other one how much they need such and such plant.

This is a Addenium Obeesum or a desert rose. Which we call the fat bottom girl. We are both crazy about them and they aren't for our zone. But for some weird reason this time of year Home Depot gets all of this weird stuff and when we walked up to the table with all of these we were gasping and we looked at every one. Here is the bottom part.

These make lovely Bonsai when that base gets big and gnarly. so that is why we like them. We have another one but it isn't blooming now but it looks very pretty and healthy.

They are so unique and we have names for our plants. I don't name my chickens but all of our trees have names. It was something I noticed as we were walking around talking about the different ones and how each one was doing through this heat.

I saw these and they are a kind of Echinacea. Since I love any kind of that family of flower I wanted this one.
Then we found this Mandevilla.

I have these wonderful arches that our son made for the wedding so I would love to this growing up one of the arches around my garden. I may wait to put it in the ground next spring after the frost has past and just try to keep it alive this winter.

I love how it looks to have flowers blooming and climbing the arches in the summer.

This is one of them I have around my garden. It has some morning glories climbing up it now. I have so many plans for next years garden. Having this tiny one does help me to dream. I dream in squares. If I can break things down in a square I can see it in my mind. I find that is how I do everything from hooking to housecleaning. I always start with a small square and I can get so much done. I have never figured out why my mind works like that.

Off to play some more in the garden before it gets too hot out there. I hope you have a very nice Saturday today.



Kessie said...

I love the names of all the plants! It drives me nuts to tootle around Phoenix and not know the names of anything. There's these really pretty mesquite things with green trunks and branches that I just love. Since we had all that rain, everything is blooming like crazy again. It's like a second spring.

TexWisGirl said...

you work in grids. some sort of engineering in that brain of yours. :)

love your sunflower.

Kim said...

You name your plants but not your chickens?? Poor chickens. I think you should do a post weekly where you pick a chicken, tell us about it and have a chicken naming competition. :)

Meg said...

Everything looks so pretty! That's funny, I think I dream in squares too. I like things to be geometric. I got your email - I will bring you a few different bars of soap. :)

Velva said...

Home depot can be a wild and crazy place (smile).


Christine said...

Such a funny name for that beautiful rose!
And hurrah for your sunflower so happy looking!

Nancy said...

Love, Love the sunflowers...They are the happiest flower to me....Love your other plants too. Our mind must work alike in that we were at Lowe's this morning and I was amazed at the number of plants they had for this time of year....I had to have a few cone flowers and zinnias myself......

I am with Kim...I think you should have a chicken naming contest...They do need names.....don't you think?

Willow said...

Don't ya just love gardening. That sunflower is magnificent. I was surprised this year when about 15 sunflowers bloomed in an area we had fed the birds all winter ~ was a nice surprise. said...

Girl your life is always busting with interest...I just started laughing over the cars and could just hear them...oh my!
The plants look morning glories are blooming also, so beautiful.
Have a wonderful weekend...

GretchenJoanna said...

Ooooh...I want one of those fancy Echinacea plants! I wonder if my Lowes has them...and the desert rose - do you have to protect them through the winter in your zone? They are lovely.

Pom Pom said...

Woo hoo for the sunflower! You DID get some cool stuff at Home Depot!
Isn't this a great gardening year for everyone? Green and yellow! So happy!

Nellie said...

Great sunflower! You have some lovely flowers and plants all around. So glad things seemed quieter this morning. xo Nellie

Julia said...

Kim, you do have some exotic plants and they are so pretty. I love sunflower as well and I love chewing on the seeds when they are mature.

Sorry I'm behind in my commenting. Life has been busy here for me this week.


Miss Debbie said...

Your flowers are lovely. I esp like the sunflower...such a happy flower, like the daisy! I am with your sons about the beets and that is one of the few things my hubby won't eat! Glad your weather is cooling've had more than your share of the heat!