June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lovely Wednesday

I love Wednesdays. It is the middle of the week. All of the work and running around is done. It is the only day I don't do laundry. I always feel like I can take a breath on Wednesdays. We have a cooling trend for the next few days, our high will be 91 I know that sounds high but for here it is pure bliss. We have this ocean breeze coming through and it reminds me why I live here. You can see the mountains and the sky is robin egg blue.

I went outside to take care of my garden and my chickens. I walked out side on the porch and this is what I saw.

One of my silly hens has decided that she likes the padding of my loveseat on the porch to lay her eggs.

Just like that, I had to run into the house and grab my camera. I have this hen that has tried to lay her egg this year in the mint. I have run her out I don't know how many times. I wish I had caught her and taken her picture when she was sitting here rocking quietly on the porch.

 This is my favorite group of big hens. They come out in the garden with me and I love listening to their chatter. They follow me around and it is one of these hens that has decided she likes laying eggs on a padded cushion.

I know this isn't a very good picture but I have so many white silkie chickens I can't get them all in one shot. I look at them and say to myself over and over, " What have I done?"  All white, all the same. I feel like I did some sort of cloning experiment. I got a black and white rooster. I thought that with both roosters I should get a mix of colors. Mr. Black rooster is the dominant rooster but the hens don't like him. The white rooster is the one who the hens like and as you can tell, the busy little bee of the chicken house. He is such a good rooster. I will look out in the back yard and all of the used to be chicks now almost chickens will be on his back and under his wings. He just sits there. Making that rooster sound of being really happy. One of my favorite things to watch him get in the nest box and cluck to himself as he acts like he is going to lay a egg.
He is very cute.

 He is just a nice rooster as roosters go. The black one is a little Nazi. Always strutting around, crowing like he is big stuff and trying to keep everyone in line. They all ignore him. He is also selfish. He eats first but the white rooster never eats anything but gives every thing to the hens.

Can you see my other observer in the picture? That is Linx. She is camera shy. It is finally cool enough she will leave the porch. The heat has bothered her too so it is nice to have her walking around with me and Sasha and the chickens even though the chickens don't like her much. She tries to pounce on them when she thinks they have gotten a bit uppity.

The nectarines are finally getting ripe. I tried to get pictures of a few of them. The tree is full of hanging seeds.
The birds have been eating them so bad that there are just seeds on the branches. I couldn't believe it. There is one blue jay that is pretty bad about it.

Just a quiet day around here. Do you ever have those moments that sneak up on you and surprise you with how good life can be sometimes? I was sitting out watching the wind blow in the treetops as twilight was making the sky turn from dark navy to velvety black. Venus was shining brightly like a diamond hanging in the sky, and it washed over me. How very thankful I am and how really blessed I have been. I realized that I was very, very happy and I wished I could capture it in a bottle and next time a trial shows up open the bottle and remember how it was right now. Like the smell of fresh mown hay on the wind.

I hope your day is a beautiful Wednesday,


  1. ohhhhh, I do like the idea of capturing happiness in a bottle to remember later. What a lovely post. xo

  2. I find it fascinating that the roosters have various temperaments, just like people!
    I am SO glad the weather has cooled a bit for you!
    I like Linx! She's so cute!

  3. Wow, it looks like a lot more chickens when they're all spread out like that! Like little lawn marshmallows. :) I'm glad you don't have to do laundry today. I still need to fold mine... that I washed Monday... Ugh.

  4. The egg on the chair! I showed it to the kids and they all got a good chuckle out of it. I'll bet you'll keep finding eggs there. :-)

  5. Well, I would MUCH prefer a padded seat cushion if I were a hen!:-) I love your posts about your chickens, Kim. Sounds like your bossy rooster is destined for the roasting spit.:-) The Silkie knows his job and does it! xo Nellie

  6. What a darling litten hen to leave you a little gift egg. I think that she very sweet.
    Wow you do have lots of chickens.
    Yesterday as I went to get my calf feed starter, I heard a lot of peeping at the grain store. They just had received a shipment of new chicks that had just hatched that morning and I thought of you. The were so adorable... very vocal and lively for new hatched chickens.


  7. love seeing your happy chickens. what a sweet rooster you have! :) a nectarine tree?! i'd be out there fighting the birds for them. :)

  8. Good thing nobody sat down there without looking. :)

  9. Oh my, but you made me laugh! You painted a good visual of the distinct personalities of your roosters. How funny! And interesting! I loved reading your blog- you do such a wonderful job at allowing me to picture your day. I like your bottle!

    Love and hugs! Glad that you had a good Wednesday!


  10. This was a special walk I got to take with you today...starting with an egg on the porch, to having Linx with us and checking on all the chickens....I would never have thought that chickens prefer one rooster over another but hey it sounds like the white one is good to his girls....I would prefer him too.....

    I often wish we could put a good day in a bottle and enjoy it later too but I guess that's what our memory is for...We can always recall that special day when we need to....

    Thanks for the fun walk...

  11. Enjoyed the post. BTW, it was 105 here today!

  12. yesterdays trials help you to apprieciate todays joys!! your chickens look happy!!

  13. That egg on that cushion made me smile.

    I don't know why I'm surprised that there are such distinct personalities in your roosters. ;-)

    I love that feeling of pure bliss and happiness - like you, I wish we could capture that feeling and draw upon it when we're having "one of those days".

  14. Love your hen and rooster stories !
    When I see the pic of all of those beautiful chickens roaming the lawn, I feel like I am sitting on your porch, taking it all in.
    Enjoy the moment you are in. ;)

  15. I get so much vicarious enjoyment from you and your hens. I may never have chickens of my own again, but I can visit your flock from time to time and share your happiness with your chickens.

  16. It is so cute that they decided to lay her egg in such a comfy place. The vet always told me, if you like to relax on a comfortable chair (couch) don't you think the dog wants to too. The nectarines look delicious.

  17. The egg too funny..and the chicken stories...one of my clients has silky chickens and I heard all the stories about them the other day, and came home with eggs.
    Beautiful fruit...what a relaxing home!


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