June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday---The Race Begins

I hope your Mother's Day was nice and relaxing. It hit 102 yesterday. Which means I wimped out on painting. Yesterday was one of those days that not a single thing turned out like I planned. I had house guests. They arrived Thursday night at midnight. Because I am like I am, I told them, just pretend you are on vacation and this is your house. Do what ever you want, eat what ever you want, when you want. You can eat any thing in the fridge and pantry that you want.

Yesterday I picked my first batch of berries.
I walked in the house at 9:00 A.M. to wash the berries and I looked out in the driveway and the boys were back from their treasure hunt. Very tired, very dirty young men. It was going to be below 20 degrees on Saturday night so they decided to drive home in the warm car. They drove 14 hours. They didn't find the treasure.

They were hungry. Ron and I and my son William started making breakfast. William made boysenberry-banana pancakes. Stacks and stacks. Ron was cooking bacon and I was making coffee and they ate and ate. I don't think they had a decent meal since Friday. Then they were hungry a hour or so later so we did lunch. Then I fed nine for dinner. I used the rest of the berries to make a giant berry cobbler. I had picked artichokes so we had those too. There were piles of clothes and stuff all over my house that smelled like smoke. I was so glad to have them home though. That they were all safe.

So I made pillows yesterday. My pillows are all so dirty on the front porch and I wanted these for the wedding so I did that. It was so nice to be making something again.

This one looks small in this picture I don't know why. It isn't going to be here but on my back porch.

This one is my favorite but I don't have it stuffed yet. I have a few more to make. I do enjoy making pillows.
The Air Pollution control gave us the go ahead to burn tumble weeds but we can't burn until 10:00 A.M. That is one huge thing off my plate this week. Ron is cleaning the garage so he can make the dance floor.
I was awake at 3:30 this morning. Wide awake. We had had coffee and I was wondering what was wrong with the sun. Ron called the fire station to tell them we were going to burn today, and no one answered. He looked at the clock, and said, " Well, I guess I am waking people up early today, it is only 6:30." I thought it was much later too. So much to do today.

The swimming pool is all filled and looks pretty, all of the porches are clean. Vases are waiting to be washed.
I have lanterns to make and a house to clean and laundry to be done today. All of my kids and grand kids will be home this week. I am rejoicing. My sister will be here too. My sister and I will laugh until our sides hurt so that will be a very nice thing. Lots and lots of things I am so thankful for today.

Wishing you all of the best today,


  1. Wow, you are doing so much! I can't believe you made pillows; they are beautiful!

  2. How busy - and exciting - for you! Glad to hear everyone returned safely from that trip, albeit with dirty laundry and great hunger!

    I still wish I were nearby to offer help! As it is, I'll just be thinking of you and sending you the very best across the many miles!

    xo Nellie

  3. I'm glad that your sister will be home with you to make you laugh. It will make you more relaxed, you'll see. Just don't sweat the little stuff. It will all come together like God want's it.

    I'm also glad that the boys are back home safe, sound and hungry.

    It's coming closer the the big day and then you can relax or will you? You'll probably plan the next wedding if I know you...

  4. Pretty sure they found their treasure in the form of breakfast! :) BTW- when is a boy NOT hungry? Just asking. LOL I can't believe y'all are seeing 102. I would die. Literally. Sheesh. Does the pool water feel like a warm bath?

  5. oh kim, one of the best times of your life!! make sure there is lot's of hugs, love and most importantly laughing.....

    you better float in that gorgeous swimming pool, for 2 days, when this is over. and i want a picture ;)))

  6. I hope you have a wonderful week! Love those new pillows, you are so creative!

  7. 102 already! ugh! good luck with the burn!!!

  8. What a wonderful blog Kim, so full of neat stuff! The guests at your house are blessed, your hospitality is the very best kind. I am in love with your Mr. and Mrs. pillows, and the coffee one too. How adorable! When all of the festivities are over, you will be left with the cleanest house in your city. I need that motivation to get going on my own.

    I loved this... I can picture myself right there with all of you having fun and EATING your cobbler!

  9. 102 is way too hot to do anything. You are a very busy lady and an excellent hostess.

  10. I'm coming out there to work! Make me a list and I'll do whatever you want me to do. Working on Meg's wedding was so much fun, I want to repeat the experience!

  11. I will for sure be there Thursday night to do vases, but told Ems if y'all need me at any time to do anything else just call me. Seriously. I mean it. I'm available at all hours. ;) I'm so excited! Terrified, but excited! It's going to be so pretty and I'm so glad it's almost here! And yay you get to burn! That's awesome.

  12. Hugs, hope everything goes just great. careful with the burn!

  13. WHAT?! 102!!! We're still having frost and you're eyeball deep into summer??? That's insane...but I love the berries.

  14. My...you do have your hands full! Praying for strength for the work and joy in the doing!

  15. Ugh on the high temp- I am not ready for that, but expect we will see it soon enough. I know the count down to the wedding is speeding by for you...it will soon all be a special memory to look back on.

  16. You are so kind to entertain a crowd when the wedding is so close. What a wonderful example of hospitality for your children to see.


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