Monday, January 2, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

It is time to stop in for another Chats with Patrice. Today our weather is beautiful. 75 degrees.
It is trying to lull us into thinking that we are having spring already.
This is our first Chat of 2012 It is nice to be back.

Now on with the questions:

1.   What's your favorite kind of tree?
My husband grows trees, it would be hard to say which kind I like best. I feel like all our trees are our friends so I don't think I could pick just one.

2.    How did you celebrate the New Year?
The kids had their friends over, they ate and played Scatagories the current favorite game for right now. I went to bed at 10:18 and slept  like a log.

3.    Do you have any family traditions for the New Year?
When all of the kids lived at home, I would get lots of food and they would network computers and they would have these huge lan parties. They would be playing different shoot em up games and lots of yelling as there were people in every room in the house. It was fun but I think I like this stage pretty well too.

 4.   I'm so glad I____________ in 2011.
Made so many new friends in 2011.

5.    Did you have a nickname as a child?

Well yes, My Dad called me my baby Kim Sue. I had others but I don't want to go there and my husband and I have pet names for each other but I don't think I will share that. Lets just say if I say his name, he knows I am made or upset because we call each other names and they aren't dear or the normal kind. :) Just names we have made up.


Patrice said...

I've never seen a strawberry tree. Neat picture though. I think tree are very friendly. I had to laugh when you said you knew what mood hubby was in by the name he used. I totally understand that one. I also would not share the names we use for each other. Somethings are just personal like that.

Dawn said...

That is quite a unique and lovely picture of that tree!!
I WANTED to go to bed at 10pm new years eve and sleep like a log! You are lucky;))
Happy new year to you and your family dear friend!
Happy day to you tomorrow as we both return to our schedules:)

Kim said...

Another Baby Kim? That is so funny. It seems like a lot of us napped through New Years. What is that tree in your new header?

Jill said...

Always so fun to learn more about you. My imagination is running wild with your "pet" name for your DH. lol!

Debbie said...

I too snoozed right through New Years, haha...Hasn't the weather been just glorious? Enjoy your day! HUGS

Stephanie V said...

Oh, I'm imagining the wild nights they must have been with those lan parties! What fun.
I think there were a whole lot of us sleeping through the noise-makers on New Years.

Suzanne McClendon said...

I love trees, too. Our yard is full of huge, old oak trees.

I'm here from Patrice's porch and hope that you have a great night!

Tami AKA My Kid's Mom said...

I like your #4! Haven't been to a LAN party in years - that brings back memories.