June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today On Thursday

Today on Thursday, we have hazy sunshine. It is 30 degrees outside and there is no wind. This is January.
The weather man says the last time we had rain was November 20th. The last time this happened was
1972 I don't remember 1972 except I was in eighth grade. Scared to death to go to high school.
I don't remember if is was a hot summer or if it bothered me very much. I was still playing baseball,
climbing trees and riding horses and swimming all summer. My Mom would make home made ice cream
every night, because our cow was fresh and we had milk coming out our ears. Eggs too because of the
chickens. We had kids come over every night and we sat out in the back yard with my Dad and talked.
That is all I remember about 1972, Music was good though.

Wow is that a rabbit trail or what, this post is supposed to be about chickens.
Isn't she adorable. She never lets me get her picture. My Silkie and  this little Mlle Fleur are
from my first batch of chicks. They both go broody and both hatched my first batch of chicks.
The two other hens I have are her daughters. They are the wild bunch. Raised by their Momma's
I didn't fool with them much and they are so wild. She was singing to herself as she was adjusting
the hay  to be just right. She will get scared of the big hens and she will come get into my lap. Of course
I never have my camera.
This is my other hen who would like to be my dog-chicken. She wants to go on walks with me when
I walk in the pasture. One morning I had the dog, the cat (Hobo) and this hen. I felt just like Dr. Doolittle.
She comes up behind me and pecks my coat to let me know she is there and her feet are cold can she
sit in my lap awhile.
These three are the leaders of the anti-dog movement. They look like innocent hens but really they are not. They are always plotting revenge on the dog. They stalk her and then when she notices them they start pecking the ground like they were just acting normal. They all run at her and try to peck her when she isn't paying attention. I wish I could catch the look on their faces when they are making plans. I don't know if I spend to much time watching them but it is always amazing to me to see them communicate with each other and then to see them carry out their little chicken plans. 
I loved the story Charlotte's Web because being around animals so much is just like what Fern saw in the barns when she watched Wilbur in Mr. Druckers  barn in the lazy afternoons of summer. 
There is drama going around at so many levels that if you take the time to watch, you will see such amazing things that being busy we miss. I am always thankful when I can stop for awhile and just observe the world around me.

Have a lovely Thursday,


  1. love your evil, plotting chickens! :)

    i am sorry it seems the drought has moved west!

  2. OK, I'm laughing at you going for a walk with your chicken! And the chickens gathering to ploy against the dog.....hilarious.
    Auntie told me when she was little they had a rooster and it ignored everyone except cousin Patsy, who it would attack everytime she came in the yard. It would be extra funny if you knew Patsy!!!

  3. Love the chicken pictures and stories!

  4. Happy Thursday Kim, Loved reading about your childhood. What great memories; our grands don't have as many animals but they love the land. I love seeing your chicks; our daughter wants to get some once we butcher the cow and build a chicken coop.
    Have a great afternoon.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. IT's in the mid-60's here today and no wind or rain. You have some admiring chickens there. Just don't let them in the house or they might take over!

  6. Your plotting chickens look like mine (on my Blogger picture) that are contemplating escape! Are they Barred Rocks?
    1972...I was in kindergarten...just learning the joys of school and of reading that have stuck with me for life! :)

  7. What fun reading about the conspiracy and drama going on among your animals...I know you are so tired of hearing me say how much I want some chickens but if I keep reading about yours maybe by the spring I will get the nerve to go and get some...Would you give me advice, if I decide to?

    Such a fun read.....

  8. Chickens have so much personality! Even so, I'm glad you've got them and not I -smile-.

    1. I love reading about your girls. My days go by in a blur sometimes. I must take more timeout to notice the small things.

  9. You know, Kim...I don't even really like chickens. Somehow, though, they always sound so fascinating when you talk about them. Must be a gift.

  10. Kim. you crack me up with your chicken stories. Really, are they plotting against your dog. Too funny. You need to get this on video and get your son to make some funny videos with chicken talking.

    Sorry about your drought but we are in the middle of a major snow storm right now. Take care my friend. Hugs. JB

  11. Oh how you and I could compare war stories of our chickens, I just love to watch them and my rooster still tries to chase me, but i think his crowing is worse than his pecking. lol.
    love the memory, one thing dh and I talk about and is how he loved fresh cow's milk, and I didn't, don't know why but just didn't, I remember the smell for some reason. lol

  12. I love evil chicken stories! They do plot, too. It's hilarious that they can attack the dog. When I had mine, the dog in residence murdered my chickens, so it's nice you have the flipside.

  13. Sounds like you have lots of fun with the chickens, but I hope the pup wins most rounds with them!

  14. I enjoyed the bright yellow flower which give much needed sunshine on a cold winter day.


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