Saturday, January 28, 2012

January Skies

This morning, this is the sky, and the tree. We have fog so all of the color is washed from the sky. I walked outside and I found some red flowers to take a picture of but I was in my pajamas and a guy was out front on his bicycle and Sasha was barking so I came back in the house. The red of the flowers brought such blinding color to this morning.
When I started this blog, I thought I was going to be a real farm girl. I had my bees and my garden and I thought I would have so much to write about.
Then the bees flew away and my garden hasn't been that hot.
New bees in their hive.
This morning I got a notice that I could buy bees for 2012 As mean as my bees were, and how many times I got stung and all of that, I wish I had bees again. I could have given away or sold 10 hives of honey. One thing that I found out about natural honey, there are lots of people in this area that the local, unprocessed honey was like good medicine for them.
I forgot about the stings, and the vet bill because Sasha got stung so bad we had to rush her to the emergency vet. I forget about my husband getting so sick from the stings because he is allergic to them.
All I remember are the good times.
I did love seeing all of that lovely honey in the comb. It was really good, but I have forgot the mess it made and every inch of my kitchen was sticky. I just remember jars of honey.
I already have chicks coming in the spring. I don't need baby bees to fool with but when I got this picture today in my email. It did make me want to get some more. I do like getting bees in the mail. Foggy days just make me long for spring. Have a lovely day,


Nellie said...

My husband helped a friend with his bees a few times, then also helped put the honey in jars. He just didn't have the interest to continue, though we are always on the lookout for good, local honey.

Baby chicks will be exciting! I'm looking forward to hearing about that!

We had a foggy January morning, too. Now it's very nice and sunny.

Happy week-end wishes!

Patrice said...

I'm as bad as Pooh Bear when it comes to honey!None of that grocery store honey for me though. I like the good stuff straight from the bees. There isn't a local producer who has any left around here. They can sell every jar they have from what a customer told me. Such a sweet topic:)

Kessie said...

Just pay the ten bucks for some from the farmer's market and call it good. :-) You're going to have your hands full of new chickies anyway.

It's funny, my thing said you hadn't updated your blog, but I clicked it anyway, and you had a new post. Hooray!

Dog Trot Farm said...

By my question you will realize I know nothing about bees. When you mentioned your bees flew away, do they adopt someone elses hive or just fly out into the great unknown? See I know nothing about bees. Hugs, Julie.

Julia said...

You're having spring fever too. I look at tulips and pansies and leopard's bane and long for spring... for digging...

You need the bees to pollinate your fruit trees but with a husband allergic to their stings, I would be scared to get back into the bee keeping business.

For years my husband has been buying local honey from a bee keeper but he's quit raising bees last year for health reasons.

I think that you will have more control with the short Hula Hoe.
Are we going to get a video demonstration again? please? Hugs, JB

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Oh Kim, get the bees. I buy local cranberry honey from the bog close to my home. The two years that I ate it everyday I hadn't gotten a cold in those two years. This year I have only eaten the honey sporadically and I've been sick twice already this year. Since I have a five pound jar there is no excuse not to have a few teaspoons each day.