Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Today if you were to come over to the house on my porch we would have fresh oranges and we would sit in the sun. It is nice and warm and a really pretty day. I am just getting to our visit on Patrice's Porch today.

1.    Kimberly asks: How long have you blogged?
I started blogging on July 17th 2009 so this is my 3rd year, It was 110 here the day I wrote it and I wanted my first post to be about " hot chicks." But thought better of it. My two bantams had hatched out eggs and the little chicks were just panting they were so hot.

2.    Lana asks:What is the most difficult part of taking care of chickens?

Not falling in love. Not bringing them in the house when they are sick. Treating them like chickens instead of friends. They are made of chicken and things like to eat them. It is really hard when that happens. Or one dies and not crying and being sad because they are after all chickens. I tell myself that over and over and try to harden my heart, so for me that is the hardest part.  I don't mind taking care of them or spending any amount of time with them. To me having chickens is just a great part of life.

3.    Susannah asks: Would you prefer to live where it's hot or cold?

I like where I live. I like heat, I am not sure I would do too well with cold.

4.    Farm Girl asks: What sort of things are you looking forward to in 2012?

I am looking forward to a new baby in March, I always look forward to new projects and new things to learn. I think that most of all I am looking forward to a new year full to the brim with life.

5.    Dreaming asks: What's for dinner?

Tonight I am fixing Pork and Beans. It is my favorite crockpot dinner. Porkchops on the bottom, with baked beans on top then at dinner stir it all up and the pork chops shred and I fix corn bread muffins. I am right now in love with Molassass don't ask me why but I think this is why my favorite recipes right now call for molassess.

I hope you are all having a good week.


TexWisGirl said...

you are such a sweet heart... :)

Dog Trot Farm said...

Beans and pork chops, I wonder how many Weight Watcher points I would have to use for this meal? I'll have to check into that, cause it sounds good. Oh Kim, I would love for you to come and spend a winter day with me. We would snowshoe or cross country ski and than return and have hot chocolate by the wood stove. I'm positive I could make a cold weather gal out of you! Your friend from Maine.

Nancy said...

I want some chickens but I know I will attached to them...I know it must be hard not to.....

I love the idea of pork and beans in the crockpot...I think I am going to try that tomorrow...Thanks.....

I love getting to know you better....

Meg said...

That sounds really, really good! Too bad Ben doesn't like baked beans... *sigh* said...

You caught me in the middle of dieting, and the pork chops and beans with molasses and corn bread has just about undone me!!

Back to the spinach and veggies :(

Debbie said...

oh kim, dinner sounds amazing. i adore anything fixed in the crockpot!!

i long to live on a farm and raise chickens but i don't think i have what it takes!!

Patrice said...

I've been rather fond of molasses lately too. I wonder what's up with that? Thanks for linking up. Do you know what the new baby is yet?

Sue said...

Enjoyed and savored every word and would love to have savored the pork and beans. I use Grandmas Molasses which do you use?
BTW I love to eat turnips raw, too, and the Food Saver was a gift, from my sister and BIL. They bought it from the website. I really enjoy it so much.
Enjoy your evening.

Kim said...

That meal sounds so good but not very WW friendly. All the good things are now bad! lol

Empty Nester said...

You never fail to make me fall in love with the idea of living on a farm- now I'm in love with the idea of having chickens. :) You have such a big heart and it's so great the way it shows through your writing.

Miss Debbie said...

Our newest granddaughter will be born in March, too! Can't wait!

Pom Pom said...

Hello dear Kim!
Thank you for you always sweet comments! You are sweet as sugar!
Molasses makes me long for ginger snaps. I bought some tonight, but I think I need some homemade snaps!
Oh, isn't California such a sweet and hospitable state? I think so!

Maryann said...

The pork chops and beans sound good. I am a big fan of crock pot meals, no worrying abot dinner at the end of the day when I am tired and worn out,,,cause it's already done :0

Maryann said...
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From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I think you would love the cold weather. The fireplace is burning and the windows are all steamy from the soup cooking away on the stove. When there is snow and the sun is shinning it looks like there are sparkling diamonds all over the yard. The cold air always smells really clean. I know you would love it.

Kessie said...

Yum yum, blood oranges! That's such a good picture. I think you should totally have posted about hot chicks. :-)

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

That dinner sounds wonderful!! I'll have to try it before I dedicate my crock pot to wool dyeing! LOL I love hearing you talk about your chickens. I would love to have them, but I don't know if I would really have the time enough to tend to them.
Courtney said...

Oh I must be late to the porch, I sure hope there are still oranges for me. What an enjoyable, refreshing chat...thanks for letting me set a spell.

With you on heat over cold, love your new baby, learning new things.

Way to go on how long you have blogged...and you do it daily and have two blogs...I am tired just writing that.

Have a wonderful day...sunshine here after the rain.

Julia said...

Well Kim, you can always visit us in the summer because it's hot but not as at your place.

I thought that having chicken would be nice but now I'm rethinking my way of thinking. I only lost one calf under my care. She had twisted bowels and I cried. I felt that I should have been able to prevent it.
I think that I would get attached to them too. I better keep raising my dusttable chickens, lol.

How lucky that you have citrus trees. Hugs. JB

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I really really want chickens and think I almost have my hubby convinced! :)

Your supper sounded great! :)

Your place is beautiful, Kim!


Suzanne McClendon said...

Your version of Pork and Beans sounds way yummier than the one that I'm used to eating. :)

I think that if I had chickens I would have to stop eating chicken, for the reasons that you mention. It would be hard to not let them be a friend instead of a chicken.

Have a great night!

no spring chicken said...

It's almost midnight and you just made me hungry!! I'll have to try that pork chop/baked bean thingey. :)

Blessings, Debbie