Sunday, December 4, 2011

Being Thankful for Hard Things

It was two years ago, that my Mom changed her residence from
this place we call home to a better place. Where there is no more pain.
For that I am thankful.
I always wished I was a person who could just
roll with the punches and move on and " just get over it."
I am not, still, trials come and I think too much and I remember...
I remember the laughter and the good times and the things we
did. I try to move on but It seems as if I must for a time dwell
in these lands.

I was thinking today, about being thankful for the hard things.
It is hard to be thankful when someone you love is in the middle
of a personal crises, and all you can do is stand by and watch.
My least favorite place to be. So this morning as I was praying
and trying to be thankful and try and see the good in this
situation, as the song says, I started trying to "count my blessings
one by one."

What I thought about is without hard things, I never notice the beauty
of the early morning sunrise. I never notice the red of the last leaves,
that have fallen as they lay upon the grass.

Without the hard things, I don't notice the little ways that people around
me show me love. It is only when someone I love hurts, that I see the love
I live with every day but take for granted.

Without clouds, we would never get rain. Without rain,
we would live in a desert. Then we would never see the
green of life. Rain brings cleansing and refreshment. The
same comes I think from the trials that are allowed. Then
I experience the sweetness of the joy of the evening sunset.

I think trials narrow my vision. One of the many
quotes I have used in my trials are these.
"If God is almighty, there can be no evil so great as
to be beyond His power to transform. That transforming
power brings light out of darkness, joy out of sorrow, gain
out of loss, life out of death." (Elisabeth Elliot)

Their souls shall be like a well-watered garden, and they
shall sorrow no more at all. (Jeremiah 31:12)

I have not yet learned to find joy in my sorrows.

When I feel disappointed in someone, It's usually due to my
expectations rather that their actions.

Anxiety is the opposite of peace. To overcome it I must remain in
the presence of God.

So today, I am thankful for the hard things, because they
seem to make my vision clearer, my loved ones more dear.
They make laughter more vibrant. The trials make
the touch of God more real and His Word more alive.
Trials cause me to run back to God from the places I have
strayed. They make a touch, a word, a smile, seem to be magic.
I have come to realize without the pain of life, I never know joy.

So today, I am thankful for hard things, because in them I find
the joy of life.



TexWisGirl said...

:) a big hug to you!

i love that last shot, especially...

Vintage Gal said...

I am trying to thank God for the hard things right now. I just KNOW that when we are going through trials and tributions, I ask the Lord for the peace that passes all understanding and I read Psalm 23. It helps ~ My prayers are with you my friend. The Lord only gives us what we can bear and carries us the rest of the way ;-)

Patrice said...

This is a tough subject. I don't embrace my sorrows and I'd never wish for hard times or hard things, but they do make you appreciate the good. They make you appreciate not being alone, but with a Savior and with friends (like you). I hope you have a good week. I've been dreadful at emailing, but there isn't enough of me to go around lately. I'll drop you a note soon.Big hug:)

Nancy said...

Sometimes I tell myself, just hold on girl, this too will pass and before you know it God sends the sun to shine again or simple lifts my spirits out of the hurt and pain...I send you hugs my friend.....

Jacque. said...

AMEN! Truly.

Julia said...

Oh Kim, you are knee deep in wisdom, my friend. Sometimes all we can do is pray with all our heart.

In hard times, there is only hope in the Lord especially when we feel kind of alone in our misery. St Ignatius of Loyola called those times "desolation". And out of desolations comes " consolations". The time in between is the hardest.

It's kind of like we would not appreciate beauty if there wasn't any ugliness.

I hope that you find some joy in your heart, there are some little blessings in there deep inside.

I have had so many hardship in my life and I know what you mean. Sometimes it's harder to see someone you love going through some tough times than if we were the ones this was happening to.

Wishing you many graces and blessings. It will all come to pass.
Hugs my friend. Julia

Kim said...

Kim, I'm not the kind of person who just "gets over it" either. Sometimes it's hard to be a "dweller". I hope your tomorrow is brighter and your cold is better. I love that picture of the tangled tree.

Gumbo Lily said...

Yes! Whatever makes me run to God is for my good.

Simple Home said...

What a wonderful post. So heartfelt my friend. I really "felt" the line about living in the desert though, maybe a little too much ;) We do get some green in the Spring, although it doesn't last too long :)
Have a glorious week!

Kessie said...

It's so true, without the trials and pain, we can never know joy.

Comparatively, my own trial is such a non-entity. My lovely hubby has a plan to keep us afloat, so I'm just going to trust him and God and worry about my own sphere. That way we can enjoy Christmas. :-)

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Oh Kim,
You never fail to touch me deeply...especially when I need it the most. I'll be coming back to this post often to help me heal in the next few weeks to come.

I can understand your feelings around your mom. This is the season of my father's passing as well. He passed on Christmas Eve many years ago. And though I believe with all my heart that I'll see him again...the missing is always profound. In December, I always try to take quiet time out for myself to remember him. I hope you can carve out some of the same kind of time to remember those good memories with her.
Hugs and more hugs!!

Debbie said...

A big AMEN to all of this. I have never been one to move on quickly either. I dwell A LOT...Big hugs to you today!

Sue said...

Thank you for sharing your heart today, Kim. I too know what it is like to see someone you love in a crisis, and not be able to do anything physical about it. I am so thankful for loved ones, especially my dh, and friends who encourage me, but am most thankful for God's Word, such as the scripture you have shared. I needed this reminder today of staying in His presence.
I am praying for you dear friend.

Marti said...

A touching post. Your attitude enduring the pains of life is admirable. I hope that I too can be thankful the for the hard things.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

What a wonderful post; I'm so glad I decided to visit around blogland tonight. My condolences and what a delightful tribute to your Mom. Today makes a month since Dave passed away so I'm thankful for the hard things.
Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Maryann said...

Glad I stopped by, what a wonderful post. I don't think it comes easily for any of us to be thankful in the hard times but it does make our vision clearer and it makes me more thankful for the simple blessings I would otherwise taken for granted. Hugs