Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Today my friend, Kim at Millie's Mat's had a confession post.
It made me feel so much better reading it, I thought I would write one
too. ( If you want to read her confession, go visit her, you will be highly
entertained. She is an awesome blogger.) I am not paid to do this post.:)

I know that you have seen all the time when I brag oops, I mean show you
all of my work that I do when I sew.
Well, I am a horrible seamstress. I sort of limp along, I can't measure to save
my life and I can't count.
There is another lovely blog that I love, Primitivebetty's She offers the cutest
little freebie's. I have made so many of them and I do it with the idea in mind
I will send her pictures so she can post them on Friday's. Every time I let it
creep into my mind that this one might be good enough to show her and I make
some glaring mistake that I end up fudging the whole pattern to make it look

I won't quit though, because each time I start a project, I think, that maybe this one
will be the one that I will break through that wall and will finally be able to really sew.
So Kim's post made me laugh and I thought you should know that I too want to be
in Kim's club because you know, we all need to stick together.

Have a wonderful Thursday, By the way, Kim at Millie's Mat's does beautiful work, don't let her fool you.:)



Pom Pom said...

Hi Kim!
That's funny! I love looking at all the knitting masterpieces on Ravelry, but I have learned that real knitters make mistakes and/or make huge things that don't fit! Oh well!
You are so sweet. I like all the things you show us!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Dear Kim, there is not one iota wrong with your stitching, I own the proof! Happy New Year to you my friend, Julie.

Kim said...

Lol. Funny girl. Now I want to see how you knit.
P.S. I should send you a cheque for the blog promo. It might help recruit for our "new club"

Dawn said...

Oh dear! I think your week would be completely lovely. I don't even know how!!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family.

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I had to chuckle at the comment about Primitive Betty's Friday Finishes. I used one of her freebie doodles to make a little hooked mat. Now, I need to say that the doodle was probably for cross-stitch, but who's counting? (No pun intended!) Anyway, it came out so wonky that I never did send her a picture. I wonder how many others out there have Friday Foibles...maybe we could make that the club's new weekly event?

Gail said...

I remember proudly showing Dad my first hand quilted wall hanging. He looked, long and hard. Being a believer of "If you can't say anything good, keep your mouth shut." Dad finally said, What wonderful big stitched you used. said...

Fun I must say, you accomplish so much more than I could ever dream to confession or not, you are still on my inspiration list

I will check out her blog. Have a great week.

Debbie said...

HAHA...Have I ever been there. Some of my projects were sooo bad there was NO way to salvage them and they ended up in the trash can...sigh. I am off to check out her blog. Have a good day! HUGS

Nancy said...

Loved the are a funny girl.....
I am off to check out her blog as well.....