May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, January 31, 2014

Goodbye January.

Do you ever think of months as colors? I always think of January as blue. I suppose it could be for the cold and the depths of winter but I think blue. February is always red and white. I could go on and on, but in my mind each month has a color.  I have enjoyed my week with no outside appointments. Different people around here are coming down with colds and flu. So far not me.

February makes me think of primroses and of hyacinths. Purple I think smells the sweetest. Walking through the flower section at the grocery store smells so nice and like spring. Our tiny bit of rain made it smell good and clean again.

My camellia bushes all look like this. All covered in buds. The really are very pretty like this.

This is what is going on in front of my house.

 Sorry it isn't better, but all day yesterday and starting at 5:30 this morning, truck after truck with asphalt 
driving down the street. The line of  trucks were so long that they stopped in front of the house to wait. The sound of rumbling all day long and the sound of air brakes when they go to the stop sign. Soon I think in front of my house will be the busiest intersection in our whole town. I have tried to find a place to get away from it but there is none. 

Then I must find it within myself to find that peace I so desire. Only I can change my attitude towards those things I find disagreeable. To be thankful for the place that I am right now. To be thankful for the roof over my head and to be thankful that no matter what there is always something to be happy about. Like today being Friday. 

" Stilled now be every anxious care,
See God's great goodness everywhere;
Leave all to Him in perfect rest;
He will do all things for the best."
(From the German)

To be thankful for all things that I find myself. One thing I find myself being thankful for as I watch the trucks, like large bumbling beetles lumbering down the street, and listen to the grumbling of the engines. I found myself being thankful that those men have jobs and they can take care of their families. So I thanked God for that. I really don't like when outside circumstances make me grumpy on Fridays. 

I hope your February will be  a warmer month than January. I wish you a wonderful weekend.

Thank you for all of your lovely comments and how you brighten my day. You truly are special gifts to me.


" To fear is one thing. To let fear grab you by the tail and swing you around is another." 
---Jacob Have I loved, Katherine Paterson---


  1. Peer out your window, and watch for me .
    I'm on my way there, to sit on your porch, watch the trucks go by, and see the blossoms blooming :)

    We are knee deep in snow today, and it took me an hour to make a 22 mile round trip to take our daughter to work. I didn't want her driving alone, and sliding off the road. It's beautiful .. but cold and yes...... blue.

    Hoping for warmer weather tomorrow, sunshine, and melting snow. Hoping that if I peer really hard at the trees, I just might see a leaf bud ~~smile**.

    Enjoy the weekend, my friend.

  2. Yes, January is behind us and I can't say as I am going to miss it much! haha Everyone is falling like flys over here too. Soo much going around. So far so good for me, but hubby has a slight cold so wonder if I will get that? Lots of hand washing, taking my vitamins, what else can you do? Enjoy your week-end Kim!

  3. you are the 4th blogger i read today that used a 'goodbye january' title. and i understand about the noise and hub-bub...

  4. I am looking at your buds with longing, Kim. It looks like Spring there already!
    I, too, look each day for those things to be thankful for and I really don't have far to look. We are all so blessed. I am especially grateful for good health, a warm home, and Gods protection over myself and my family.
    Honestly, we could go on and on once we get started.....

  5. It's warmer here than it has been, but not warm by any stretch of the imagination. I, for one, will be most happy to have January behind me. ugh. Really need to move where it is warmer...doubt that'll happen. Ever. I will try to find the good in it, though. Promise. xo

  6. Oh no, they're putting the road through? Boo! At least you're not right up against the street. Have Dad plant a ton of trees along the fence to block the view.

    I keep hoping for a tiny bit of rain, but none so far. It's cloudy and windy here. But the air is always so fresh and clean, and you can smell the desert. Sometimes. Yesterday the wind smelled like refinery. Can't say I've missed THAT smell.

  7. Spring will come soon enough and a whole new set of problems, I am sure. Living one day at a time is enough for me. I like the pictures of your flowers, that sure is something to look forward to and Day light savings on March 9th (the green month?) Enjoy the seasons.

  8. If I were to choose a color that would describe January, it would be gray. Even though I love snow, January is just a brutal month that seems to last forever. Hopefully it will be warmer in February than it was in January. So far, no flu here at Chez Nana or at DD's, thankfully.

  9. Funny, I think of Jan as gray...because of the cold and lack of color anywhere! Sorry the town is moving in on you. But I appreciate your determination to find something to be thankful for. Hope the sick bugs don't bite you!

  10. January is definitely gray for me. It just keeps on raining here so we hope for better weather in February.
    God bless!

  11. I hope you are able to avoid the colds and flu altogether! Tell them to keep their distance until it's over. :) Could you wish for me some more cold and snow in February, please? LOL

  12. i do love winter but i am missing the colors of spring!!

  13. Yes, Fridays are good, good, good. I thought I'd get a snow day, but no, just a day full of soggy white stuff! Oh well. The kids at school were good and now I'm home and cozy.
    I love primroses and hyacinths, too.

  14. I'm sorry that you are being disturbed by that new highway going up in front of your house. I can understand your annoyance as it will be noisy even after the trucks are gone.

    For us January has been white and cold but blue is what everyone is feeling these day, yet I'm glad that we have a month that feels like that because it makes me appreciate what gift January really is. It's a difficult month for sure but it's still a gift that web would rather do without sometimes. Maybe blue is a good color for January.

    I remember how we anxiously waited for Christmas. We got all hyped up way ahead of Christmas to get ready and spent a lot of energy and money and lit up our lights to make it all bright, then we kick December in the butts because we get tired of it.

    We can't wait to ring in the New Year and we blast some firecrackers in excitement that the old year is gone and the new one has arrived. We have parties and we say good riddance to December and the whole year, it was such a bad year...

    I think that January has so much to teach us. We are deprived of much comforts so that we can enjoy more fully when Spring brings new life. January is there to teach us patience if anything else. It takes that long for God to make things happen according to nature.
    January is time for Mother Nature to rest while she is pregnant with her millions of little spring gifts for us to enjoy when the time comes.

    I hope that February 2nd will bring us that hope of an early Spring when the groundhog comes out on a cloudy day and won't see it's shadow and we'll have an early spring.... That's what I'm hoping for.

    Hang in there Kim.
    Sending some big hugs your way.


  15. Love the Paterson quote, Kim! It sounds like there will be a busy highway there.:-( xo Nellie

  16. I always think of January as white. Boring old depressing white. I'm am not sorry to say good bye to this month.

  17. Today I am catching up on your blog. It was so nice to see that you do not have the flu or a cold and the pictures of your flowers and trees. I feel like I have had a vacation in California. I bet it smells wonderful.

  18. Amazing to see blooms. Mine are afraid to poke their heads out yet. February is usually our biggest winter month.

    I hope for moisture. The winds have made everything dry. Not a good way to greet spring.

  19. I'm very happy to see January go- and I know what you mean about colors...only January to me is always gray.

  20. It's been such a cold winter here, unusually so, and I'm very ready for the turn of the calendar page. Come on Spring! Looks like you're going to have a beautiful blooming camellia when the time comes. Lucky you!

  21. Your Valentine's craft at the top of your page is lovely, Kim! Loved all the flower pictures, too. Stay healthy!

  22. I have missed blogging. To be more specific your posts. You always see the glass half full and are so inspiring. I am grateful for the posts you write and your thoughtfulness.


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