May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Odds and Ends

I was thinking that today would be a good day to dye wool. Any day dyeing wool makes it a good day. I have a hankering to make oranges and browns and yellows today. We will see what this day brings.

After I wrote yesterday's post about Cuckoo Calling please disregard all of the nice stuff I said about that book. I read more last night and have decided that life is too short to read junk. I have too many other books on my shelf and rugs to make. I almost have my Etsy store ready to open all I have to do is hit the button to open. I will put a link here on the blog when I open . I am looking to a September opening date as my new little store will be called. " New Chapter Rugs."

 Remember on Monday when I talked about the homeless guy under the tree? Something else happened. Sunday night---Monday Morning. It was supposed to be the best night for viewing the Perseids. My son asked that night if it would be okay if he got on the roof around 4:00 A.M. to watch them. ( skunks are a issue remember.) We said that would be fine but to be careful.
The next day when I remembered I asked him if he saw lots of meteors.  He told me how one lit up the whole sky. Then as an afterthought he said, " What was Dad doing out in the back yard with the flashlight?"
"Was he looking for skunks?"
I was getting dinner ready and I looked up and I said, " Your Dad didn't get up and look for skunks." He said, " He didn't. Are you sure?" Because there was someone going around the back yard with a flash light and I just thought it was Dad.

Ron got home from work and I said, " Did you get up last night and go outside.?" He looked at me quizzically . He said, " No I didn't. Why?" I told him what Peter had said. He said, " A light shined in our door and It woke me up but I just thought it was Peter on the roof. He went and questioned Peter further.

So that night before bed he went and put locks on all of the gates that lead into the back yard. He left the gate by my chicken coop without a lock on it. Yesterday morning when I went to take care of the garden and the chickens that gate was open. It made the hair on my head stand up.

I don't know what to think. It sure makes me uneasy. I guess we will have to get some motion cameras set up to see who our visitor is. With so many vacant buildings around us now it could be someone living in any one of them.

When Peter was on the roof he did see two foxes out in the front yard. They were red foxes. A male and female. They were running and playing. He said he watched them and then the female spotted him and ran off out into the field across the road but the male watched for a bit before he ran off. Peter said, " They run neat, they don't really run they float."

When I was a kid and we first moved out here. We always had people that came and looked in our windows or stole our gasoline out of our cars or even sometimes our baby calves. It has always been the wild west out here. Ron was upset and I guess because it is like the normal behavior I grew up with I have to stop and think about it. I am not afraid, just wonder who it is mainly.

This is how it is today. Just normal life. :)
 Have a lovely Thursday,


  1. The book turned out to be junk? Aw man. I had such high hopes that she hasn't done the same thing as with her other book. The bum was in your yard??? That's so creepy! Better sit out there with a gun! I'll bet he comes to steal eggs. You know how homeless people are about free food.

  2. you need locked gates! you need motion detector lights! you need cameras! DO NOT let this go on!

  3. Kim I'm actually relieved you have decided the novel is junk. I said the review I'd read was very positive but it also mentioned some of the characters and situations and for me, that was warning enough.
    Really hope you get the homeless man situation sorted out
    Praying for you

  4. Interesting that you changed your mind about the book. Yesterday, I saw a quote by J.K. Rowling..."It is our choices that show what we really are,far more than our abilities." I couldn't help but wonder what her choice to use offensive language in her books says about who she is. I think your choice not to read it says you are wise!! So exciting about your store...can't wait to see your stuff!!

  5. I hope you catch the intruder.

  6. Ok that's too creepy. We know a guy you can get guns from really cheap... (Totally legal, he's legit haha). I didn't know you were going to actually open an Etsy shop!! That is so cool! I love your name too, that is just perfect! :)

  7. Kim
    I think I'd have to find out who wandering around your yard. It's just not normal to go out at night with a flashlight on someone else's property!!!
    The foxes make one wonder what we miss while we're sleeping. Tim and I noticed bear skat right outside our back gate when we went for our walk today. We have an apple tree right inside the gate, so I bet he's eating our apples at night!
    A night camera is something I'd like to have!
    Take care!

  8. Kim
    I forgot to tell you how excited I am for you about your shop.
    Can't wait to see your rugs!

  9. Whew, I was so close to downloading that book. Now I won't. Did you read her other one? That yard thing is creepy. I hope the locks and motion lights put a stop to it.
    I'm very excited you are doing an etsy store. It will be a big hit

  10. WOW..that is really kind of scary..hope you figure out who it is soon, and get rid of him. I must have missed the post about the book, so I will to check it out. Too bad it went weird on you. How exciting about the shop, I will be excited to check it out!

  11. That is unsettling to have someone snooping around your property in the middle of the night! Sorry the book is not satisfying for you, but it is good to put it aside for something better.

    Enjoy your Thursday evening!

    xo Nellie

  12. OK...that would freak me out big time! It's sad to have to be scared (and yes, I would be!!) in your own home. Be safe!

  13. I'm freaked out about that whole flashlight in the backyard thing - and it's not even my yard!!! Scary!

    I can't wait until your Etsy shop is open - how exciting!

  14. Yikes! I want you to be safe! I bet Ron will take care of it. Sasha will help.

  15. Wow...interesting! I love that he enjoyed the foxes.
    I missed that you were starting a store, I can't wait. Oh being too busy around here is making me miss things. Congratulations and the best of sales with your store!
    Well I hope you get it worked out with your uninvited visitor.
    Blessings and hugs!

  16. I have a friend who has installed motion detectors with sprinklers to chase the deer out of his vegetable gardens. How 'bout if your intruder got suddenly splashed in the night? ....oh, it being summer in the Valley, he might just like that. :-(


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