May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Friday, August 23, 2013

A Lovely Summer Day

There is something good about summer days. The sound of the wind chime singing to itself. The sound of the breeze in the trees. The meadowlarks singing to the morning. Lovely day today.

I wanted to share with you a giveaway taking place on one of my favorite blogs. Some of you have met Meg. A very talented woman who just happens to be my most amazing daughter of my heart. She is  married to my oldest son. Meg has launched a new business called Bumblewood Handmade. She is selling her hand made soaps, and lip balm and other very nice products all with a emphasis on clean, pure and handmade. I have been using her soap and it has the nicest feel and does not dry out my skin and lovely fragrance. Her giveaway that she has going on will be some of the lip balm she has made. They are very nice and perfect for the dry and cold that will be coming soon but yet light enough to wear without feeling smothered by it. So if you get a chance go by and enter and visit her lovely blog. She also knits and sells her patterns and spins and home schools. Not to mention she has four boys all under the age of 7 she is a busy girl. Here is the link. Bumblewood Handmade.

I wanted to show you the finish of that acorn with the pin keep attached. It looks so cute with that thing attached.

I thought it turned out cute. It makes me want to start making pumpkins.

I also made something that turned out far better than I dreamed. This was supposed to be a pillow but I have so many pillows I decided to just do this and I love how it looks. It is a pattern by Brenda Gervais.

I just turned it into a little sign. I really liked it this way. In fact I find myself staring at it because I love all of the little designs that are on it. I really did enjoy making the little pumpkins and the black cats and I like doing letters. I backed it with the wool I dyed last weekend.

I don't know how much I will get done this weekend because we have a different kind of job we will be doing. I will be getting off the computer and stacking wood.

Here is the before picture. Right now. Well it was a hour ago. I have quite a stack of wood to move.

Ron built this when we moved here for our two youngest sons who are now 20 and 18. It has been used and loved but is starting to get rickety for the grand children. My new chicken house will be here. We have to take this down first so right now Ron is dismantling it piece by piece. It is sad in a way. Good in others.

We will be busy this weekend. Notice how I keep saying, "We" Notice I am the one on the computer, in the house, sitting in a chair?
I do need to go do some work though.
Have a nice weekend. I hope to take lots of pictures.

Bye for now,


  1. Hi Kim! Sounds like a perfect day to me! I must go check out your DILs blog.
    I can't tell you how much I adore your acorn and I too, feel like making pumpkins etc.
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Your sunflowers are always sooooo beautiful, against that gorgeous blue sky!!

    I love your energy Kim, you have such a lovely, happy spirit!!

  3. As usual, your projects turned out lovely. I'm sure it is sad to see that adorable playhouse be dismantled. A new chicken house?? Did you buy one or is Ron making it? I am anxious to see it. Is it a Chicken Mansion??

  4. It feels like forever that I've has been CRAZY! But here I am...finally taking the time to enjoy your blog! I love hearing the sound of wind chimes too...unfortunately, my family does not. :( So I'll imagine that I can hear yours. :) Heading over to check out Meg's blog!

  5. Are you piling wood for the new chicken house or firewood?

    Your cross stitch is just so lovely. I like it like that. You are always creative.
    Your acorn looks lovely and useful with the little pinkeep.

    I had no idea that you had this cute little kid house in your backyard. It must be bittersweet to see it go but a new chicken coops will give you lots of joy.

    I love the cooler temps too although it was sultry hot yesterday. Today is much better after the thunder storm we had last night. I'm so tired because I was kept awake all night.

    I'm off checking Meg's blog.
    Have a nice weekend.

  6. I love your cross stitch projects- they all turn out just beautiful! Have a great weekend- don't work too hard!

  7. Wonderful playhouse! Hopefully all will go smoothly. Take lemonade breaks.:-)

    xo Nellie

  8. I admire your sewing talent.

    I can see the club house turned into a chicken house...that way you could keep it.

  9. Loved the cross stitch! And I can see why it would be kind of sad to dismantle this little house, but once it's over you will be glad for the new chicken house. You sound like me with your "we's" haha...Enjoy your week-end Kim!

  10. I'm sad to see the playhouse go, but it was getting all rotten and splintery anyway, and the sandbox was grody. It'll be nice to have a new chicken house. Are you getting a Martha Stewart one off Pinterest? :-)

  11. You do lovely work. We have an old tree fort that our kids built years ago. My son is planning to tear it down and build something simple for his girls to play in. I'm glad. Your chicken coop will be nice there. Will you recycle the wood from the tree house for the coop?

  12. I never tire of seeing your sunflowers ... and you've reminded me that I need to re-hang our wind chimes now that our deck is finished. Love how you finished up that cross stitch ... it's so sweet. Try not to overexert this weekend.

  13. You are so busy! It's always amazing to me all that you get done! Can't wait to see your new chicken house! I visited your DIL's blog and liked her fb page. She is talented and busy, too!!

  14. Hello Kim, I see you are getting ready for autumn with your lovely handicrafts. I'm really getting in the mood for my favorite season too, although we are still in the midst of summer.

  15. We had to take down our tree house before we moved the doll house in. It was a big job! Don't overdo, Kim! Your makes are lovely! The acorn is so welcoming and cross-stitch is very neat and tidy, isn't it?
    I'll go check out your sweet daughter-in-law's blog!
    (big hug!)

  16. I will check out your daughter-in-law's site...what a clever girl. Oh memories are passing as that comes down, but room for new ones.
    Have a great your projects.

  17. I will check Meg's new site out, Kim, she is like you, very gifted and always so busy. I will be thinking about hauling all that fire wood, wish I lived near by to help you. We might not get a lot done, but we sure would have lots of fun. ~smile~
    Enjoy those memories as you take the house down and think about all the fun the chickens will be having in their new home, we plan on building a new one for ours this winter.

  18. Kim, best of success to Meg...with her family and her business. I cannot believe how busy she must be!

  19. Kim...busy woman...lovely wishes to Meg and her business. xo

  20. Oh, that is the best cross stitch! I think that's my favorite so far of all the ones you've done. And the acorn is still so cute. Thank you for sharing my giveaway. :) I was so surprised when we got back to see so many comments!

  21. I can't wait to see the new chicken house...I know it's sad to tear the playhouse down but take lots of pictures so you enjoy whenever you need to....

    You are one busy gal; lots of great projects going on...I love the cross stitch and I am off to check out Meg's site now....Sounds like a great venture...and I wish all the best....


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