May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Days

Today it really looks like fall outside. We have a few storms coming in for the weekend. I wonder why our storms always hit on weekends? I am not complaining mind you, I just wonder why it seems to happen more often on a weekend than during the week.

This morning I was trying to get my mind around cooking next week for Thanksgiving. The girls and I talked about what we would be fixing next week. The girls are the best cooks. They make every thing from scratch. I cheat a lot. I buy mixes and stuff because I have become more of a hurry-up-feed-the-masses-so I can get on with life kind of cook.

We will brine the turkey on Wednesday and then smoke it all day on Thursday. I really enjoy being outside with everyone sitting around talking while the turkey cooks. I love the kids running around the back yard and the sound of laughter as someone makes a pun or tells a joke. Having all of the kids here is really one of those deep, joyful and wonderful gifts that I never dreamed of when every few years we would bring home a new baby. Having them all grown up with their own kids is just a take your breath away part of life.

I love that they climb up into my lap and sit and whisper to me things while everyone else is talking. I have a camera that is taking snapshots of life that I keep storing in my brain to take out and look at the tiny little gifts that I have been given. I know that there is a saying that says, " To whom more is given, more is required."
That saying used to scare me so bad, but now, I see what it means is that, the trials that come, only help me to keep my eyes open to the joy that I would take for granted. I would squander and not be grateful for the gifts I am daily given, if not for the hard times that make the good times that illuminant life.

It finally dawned on me why I have been having headaches. It is my eyes. I need real glasses. I was trying to put it off until I was 60 but I think I need to admit that I really need to go to the eye doctor and get real glasses. I was awake the other morning because of my headache and I thought to myself. " I am 54 after all now, I think it is about time to just give in and start being able to see again."

I needed new underwear and I went to the store to buy some. I was trying to find my size and I couldn't read the back of the package. I took a package off the shelf and I walked over to the woman who was working in that department. I said, " Could you help me?" I said, I can't read the back of this."

She looked me up and down and looked at the package I handed her. She looked back at the package and said, " Honey, what are you wanting to get this size for?" She said,  " Girl you are goin' to be walkin' down the street, and you are goin, to walk right out of these." Then she called the lady who was working down the aisle to come "over there and look at this."

The other lady walked over and looked me up and down and the first lady showed the second lady the package I had handed her. " The second lady looked really concerned and said, " Honey why do you want that big of a size for? You want to sleep in them or something?"  I said no, but I just didn't know what size to get because I couldn't see, so they got the size I needed.

They made me laugh and as I stood there and they were telling stories about when their underwear fell down in church and at different places. I thought maybe I would just take them clothes shopping with me next time because they made me feel so skinny not to mention they were just fun. I knew that day, I need to do something about my eyes. 

My husband keeps telling me how much nicer it will be to see again. I am just a bit skeptical. I think that is why I stopped shopping, because there isn't always someone to see the back of the package for me.

Life is always an adventure.

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  1. The story about the ladies in the store made me laugh. I'm glad you wrote it down. I'm sitting here trying to figure out some kind of pie that doesn't contain chocolate because of the headache it gives me. I'm pondering just a simple apple pie.

  2. Oh my, that is funny! Jim and I have been noticing that our arms aren't long enough anymore to hold the books far enough from our eyes...and why do they make that print so small?! :)

  3. ugh! i am fighting the glasses thing. i have a pair that i use for night driving, but i am not giving in yet to the age...

  4. Coming over from Tammy's blog to follow you here! Loved your post on her blog. Very funny about the glasses. I need to go and get an exam and keep putting it off. Enjoy your day!

  5. Your underwear story made me laugh too. You know it's time to get new eye glasses when you can't read the back of an over sized package of underwear and you need a much smaller size.

    You will be so pleased with better vision even though it takes getting use to.

    That reminds me of a time I got new glasses. I told the optometrist that I didn't see well in my new glasses and he told me that I would get used to them after a few days.
    After a few days I was really discouraged and walked into his shop and put the glasses on his counter and said that I could not see with them.
    He checked the glasses and then my prescription and said, No wonder you can't see, I gave you the wrong prescription. Can you imagine...

    Have a good day, hopefully you will not have the same problem I had, hahaha.

    Hugs, JB

  6. I have worn glasses my entire life! I take short cuts when I cook also. I have been known to keep those details to myself and just act like I have "secret" ingredients and special recipes!

    And everyone thinks I am an amazing cook and baker! I shared my brownie secret with you!

  7. Oh, the tales you can that you will be able to see.

  8. A beautiful post!! I love the way you talk about your family!

  9. Kim, the underwear story is hysterical. If it weren't for those funny ladies, you would have gone home with massive granny bloomers!! Google candi factory underwear - amazing (and pretty darn cute too)
    I always love hearing you talk about your family. Now, when you get glasses you will probably be amazed at how cute they are! Lol. GET glasses girl! You are so funny.

  10. So cute Kim... the ladies in the store with the underwear made me laugh... I agree with you, it would be fun to shop with them! You will be so happy to be able to see again, you'll wonder why you waited so long!I've moved from 150 strength to 175 - Dollar Tree reading glasses! I also have distance RX glasses, sure helps.

  11. Hi Kim, I do wear glasses, and yes they are bifocals! Unfortunately for me, I cannot wear the inexpensive ones that you can find at most drugstores. The thing is I can never find my glasses when I need them most. When I shop I take a friend with me, works like a charm everytime. I so enjoyed reading your interview, a wedding and two graduations how exciting for you all. My headaches too have returned causing lack of computer time, but today is a good day. Thinking of you, your friend from Maine, Julie.

  12. LOL! Oh goodness, what wonderful ladies. What a great story. Are you going to get glasses like Prof. Trelawny? ;)

  13. You made me laugh...thanks I needed it! If you have made it to 54, you are doing well. I had to get reading glasses at 42! Believe me, you will enjoy being able to see again. Of course, some of the writing on pkgs is still so small I can't read it!! :-)

  14. Yay for glasses! I loved the interview, too!

  15. I loved this post, Kim. It was just like talking to you in person! Sending along good wishes for you as you are fitted with glasses!:) I've been wearing bifocals for a number of years, but I'm almost 20 years older than you are!:) Turkey Day is coming! xo Nellie

  16. How in the world, dear one, do you cross stitch and hook without being able to see? ;-)

    Praying that the glasses will help you see better and get rid of those headaches!

    It sounds like you will have such a fantastic Thanksgiving! But then any time spent with those we love makes for such a fantastic time, right?

  17. Kim, What a treat for me to be able to visit today, and read the wonderful funny stories of yours, I have so missed them. And your dh is so right, when you get those glasses it will be like a light has been turned on, the down side is that you will see more dust on the furniture and cob webs in the corners. lol.
    And those memories you are storing will last forever, not only for you but for your family so just keep making and sharing.
    Enjoy your week, May you have a very Happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

  18. sooooo funny!just today I made an eye appointment for 29 Jan...really! they can't see me until then.
    oh well. I'll try not to drive too much.

  19. I've given in too- and it ain't so bad. It's kinda nice to be able to read the back of a can or a package. And it is WONDERFUL to be able to see the leaves on the trees again.

  20. That's a bible verse I actually know- Deanie's second grade teacher used to quote it to her: Luke 12:48! Once again you have written so beautifully you brought tears (not sad ones) to my eyes, a smile to my face and made my soul sing! I just love the way you write!

  21. I'm just shocked that it is here already... I'm NOT ready...

  22. I'm glad you didn't buy the wrong undies! It would be pathetic to need suspenders for your underwear! Hopefully, glasses will alleviate the headaches. Isn't it funny how our bodies send us signals to tell us things? I need to write to you soon. It has been a while. I feel like the days are whizzing by so fast that I only get a fraction of the things I want done. This week will be so busy for us- we have 40 turkeys running around out there. Big hug:)

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