Monday, May 27, 2019

Almost June

Happy Memorial Day! Its been a long time since I posted. A really long time. Life happens, and I didn't want to miss a single drop of all of the things that were going on here at home. Having Ben and Megan home with the kids was such a gift to me. I won't go into detail about things but if you are so inclined here is the link to what is going on in their life right now. This one is called:
"They said we shouldn't be alive."

We had a nice visit. I am praying now they get home in one piece and that they will have no more anything on the way home. The weather sure isn't cooperating. We had 13 inches of snow here in California over the weekend. I haven't been able to find just how much rain we got. My plants love it though.

  I just had to show you this crazy hydrangea. It is way over my head now and look how high it is on my windows in the back. It really loves this weather.

Last night I fixed Chicken Scampi and I used some of our new bell peppers. As I cut open the first bell pepper, it smelled like roses. It was so sweet and so pretty. I always forget how wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables are fresh from the garden.

I wanted to share the mix I have been putting on my plants this year.
I buy this in bags.
Blood Meal
Bone Meal
I mix it all together in a large bucket and I just put a tablespoon around the base of the plant. Its dry by the way. With all of the rain its been getting washed down. I have never had tomatoes or bell peppers in May. I was looking at my tomatoes this morning and they are covered in blooms. No blossom rot which has been my bane for a few years. No splits either. I crawled all over the garden on my knees feeding everything on Saturday because I knew that we were going to have rain. I just didn't expect so much rain.

I am almost ready to pick beets. They are getting to be such a nice size. When the boys were here they helped me in the garden. They helped me plant sunflowers and some Indian corn. We planted pumpkins and cucumbers and dill. Its all up now. They were such fun to have be my helpers. We spent a lot of time out here. They are such good helpers. It was barely warm enough for them to swim. They could only swim a couple of days because it rained the rest of the time.

I just love it that the beans are climbing like this. Its going to be so much fun when the arches are covered in vines.

I have to tell you a story. I have never really shared much, but I am obsessed with all things bigfoot.

I listen to stories and I read anything I can get my hands on. I was going to the library on Saturday and there was a man on my way selling these wooden signs. He only had this one bigfoot. I told myself all the way to the library, I did not need a 8 foot big foot. As I drove back from the library it was still there. I stopped and he came home with me. I laughed the whole way home. When I got home Elliot was putting stuff on the lawn and I said, " Hey come help me with my big foot." He stopped and never said too much when Mom opens the back of the  car and we have to carry it where it is now. I asked him, " Is Peter coming home for the weekend?" He said "Yes I think so." He went back to the lawn, and I was laughing to myself as I went and found Ron to show him what I brought home.

He is so good, he didn't even get mad but laughed with me and I admit to chortling quite a bit every time anyone tell me how it scared them. So the stage was all set for Peter to come home. Peter lives in San Diego and gets off work at 11:30 P.M. and drives home. He will get home depending on L.A. traffic sometimes between 2:30 and 4:30 in the morning.

This is what he said on Instagram. " That's all fun and games until you get home at 2am and it scares the daylights out of you. "
I have laughed and laughed.

I have plans for this big foot. His name now is Harvey. Like in the movie by the same name. I am going to put him in the garden so he can be a scarecrow. He is going to go out in the yard around Halloween. I am going to put him out in the trees in the pasture. Lots of plans for him. Right now though, this is his home for now. Until the rain stops.

 I hope you have a lovely Memorial Day weekend.  Remembering those who have gone on and given us the life we have today.
Thank you so much for stopping by today,


You must have a garden. Wherever you are. ---Sarah, Plain and Tall, Patrica MacLachlan, 1985


Rugs and Pugs said...

I'm sure soon enough you will be doing a rain dance!
Love your hydrangea. They are one of my absolute favorites.
Harvey...and his story...are too funny!
Happy Memorial Day. A big thank you to those who paid the ultimate price that we may live free in this great Land of ours. God Bless America. God Bless our soldiers ������������

Rugs and Pugs said...

I just watched the video. Someone was looking out for Ben, Megan and the kids

Farm Girl said...

Hi Lauren, Isn't that scary? Yes, I agree.

Susan Kane said...

What a hoot! Harvey will make an impact on those around him.

Loved "Harvey". Worth another watch (#5).

Bonnie K said...

Sorry, but I feel better knowing I am not the only person to get snow. My husband loves your Bigfoot story. He has the plans for one just like it. He also plans to put it in the woods.

Julia said...

Your Hydrangea is amazing and I love your Bigfoot story. I can tell Bigfoot will be the star at your place for some time.
I can't get over how big your tomatoes and your beans are already. I just planted my beets last week and I don't think they are out yet. I was a bit late planting them.

I will go check up that youtube video.

Happy Memorial Day.
Hugs, Julia

Julia said...

Oh, the poor kids. I can see the stress in their face but they are still smiling. Someone was looking after them for sure. I hope that the new piece arrives quickly and that they will be on their way.

God be with them on their way home.
Hugs, Julia

GretchenJoanna said...

Is that last picture a jacaranda? So exotic to me, but there is one in my town, probably not blooming yet, though.

I adore your beans. I just this hour planted my bush beans. I've figured out that I am not set up for pole beans anymore.

And your hydrangeas are really loving the HYDRO, aren't they!! Mine also haven't started blooming, but they look healthy and ready to go any minute. In fact, I did see the tiniest bit of blue in the flower bud.

Now it's time for me to change from saying, "Stay warm!" to "Stay cool!"

Kerin said...

So after I saw your Harvey, I told S. that I NEED a Big Foot just like yours at our new house :)
Not want, no, NEED **smile**!

He agrees!!

All of your gardens are doing fantastic and I am so happy that you've had such great results with your magic mix for them; I'll have to give that a try when we start planting again.
Once more I will express my heartfelt gratitude that your kids are safe and sound and that they have been so blessed in their travels. May God continue to bless and keep them.


TheCrankyCrow said...

Ok...really? 13” of snow???! Holy heck.... I do assume that is in the mountains, correct??? We have been overly wet here. We get 1 halfway nice day, and it is followed by a week and a half of wet, cold, and wind. Our already-too short summer is going to be even shorter this year. Such a cruel “howdy-do” from Mother Nature after the winter she bestowed on us. I love your Bigfoot and that was such a good show....I had forgotten about it until you mentioned it. I think your Harvey looks perfect where you have him! Someone put one By some trees not too far down the road from us. It took a while for me to notice him, and I nearly ended in the ditch when I finally did LOL. Will go check out that video!! We have missed you here, but no one has a better reason than you do.... I, too, love your hydrangea...they are one of my favorites! And, yes, what is the last photo? It almost looks like a cross between a lilac and a wisteria....but whatever it is, I think I’m in love! ~Robin~

Sue said...

I am laughing about your Harvey too, you must show us where and where he travels about! You are going to enjoy this new escaped, Kim, I am also happy you ha a nice visit from family, as I did a few weeks back with our family!
your garden sounds wonderful I just shared with DH about your mixture, we are going to try it as we have not been successfully growing tomatoes for the past few years, thanks for sharing.
It is nice to be able to visit you and stay in touch, I think of you so often.

Sue said...

Kim my computer is not typing right, I meant to say escapade, and when.

Saundra said...

You posted this in 2019 and I'm just now reading it. Too funny!!!!!!!