Friday, May 3, 2019

Spring Notes

Good Morning, How are you on this day? I had my birthday this week. It was so nice. I felt very spoiled and loved. One of my sons went on a job interview. I was so happy that it happened on my birthday. Ben and Megan started for home too. Emilie and Nik made it home as well.

It looks like they spent a little time hunting Bigfoot in Northern California.!

Nik and Emilie, look like they had a nice vacation. So glad they are home now.

I even hooked on my giant rug this week. I really spent a lot of time hooking and it felt so nice to be doing what I love. Well I guess there are so many things I do love its hard to isolate just one thing.

We have a hummingbird that built a nest right outside our bedroom, on the porch. On a light bulb. 

She sits out there on it, I wonder if she will chase us away when her eggs hatch. Right now she watches every single thing we do. I find myself staying away from my bedroom during the day and not sitting on the porch.

We put in a sun shade this weekend. Its helped so much with shading the patio. So you can see why this puts me in a weird place, because I really want to sit out there and hook. But not disturb Mrs. Hummingbird.

I don't know why we didn't do this sooner. Its made it so nice in the living room in the late afternoon.
When we went to Tucson, that house there had one, and it was amazing how much shade it provided, I had never even thought about one before.

Our bathroom is back to being a bathroom and not a greenhouse. The last of our plants will be planted this weekend. The ones we grew from seed. The ground is warm enough now. Some of the melons I have planted already have blooms. That just amazes me.

I should get outside. I need to grab my little shovel and my plants and get to planting. Its May now, so I am going to be planting sunflowers. This morning we had a green parrot flying over scolding because there were no sunflowers to eat. I normally have a few that came up over the winter but this year I don't for some reason.

Have a lovely day,


“You have, to dream things out. It keeps a kind of an ideal before you. You see it first in your mind and then you set about to try and make it like the ideal. If you want a garden,—why, I guess you've got to dream a garden.”
― Bess Streeter Aldrich, A Lantern in Her Hand


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Your sunshade looks'll be great when the really hot weather arrives too. Those little hummingbirds are very spunky creatures aren't they. We had a nest on our patio for the first time this year and she raised two healthy little ones. It doesn't take very long for them to leave home. Amazing how life is just bursting forth everywhere right now!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

PS: I am glad you had a happy birthday!

Julia said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kim. How time flies. I'm so glad that you can now garden outside. I love that sun shade and I bet everyone else will love it too.
I also love those colors in your rug. What cut size are you hooking. It looks like a #5 or 6.

Enjoy the new season. I have to go rake the front yard now.
Take care. Happy gardening.
Hugs, Julia

Angela said...

Happy birthday dear Kim!!!! What an adorable couple! I have been hard at work in my yard as well. It has already gotten too hot to work in the afternoon.I FINALLY bought a punch needle kit. Wish me luck!

Kessie said...

Those sun shades look ready for a party! I hope a lot of fun gets to happen under them. Also I love the bigfoot picture. :-D

Pom Pom said...

What a good daughter, going Bigfoot hunting on behalf of the family ��
I’m so glad your birthday was happy❤️
Hummer is a good mommy.

Carol W. said...

Happy Birthday, Kim! What a great birthday gift -- to have your kids with you for as long as they can! I know you'll cherish every moment! Aww, Momma Hummingbird is doing her best for her babies. She's "seen the light", Lol. I'd like to put a hummingbird feeder outside my kitchen window & hope the birdies find it. I tried hooking a rug many years ago, it was a lot of work; not sure if I finished it. Have a blessed week!

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Happy Birthday Kim!! I hope it was awesome. Mine is coming up in a few weeks, but I'd kinda like to skip it. Just pretend I am still a year younger.

Gumbo Lily said...

Happy Birthday Kim!! I love that sun shade. Can you roll it in? Does the wind catch it? Where we live, there is so much wind so often, that it's hard to have something that big and light out flappy in the wind. I'm sure it makes a huge difference to you.

Gardening....I'm just beginning. I've only planted lettuce and radishes, but the asparagus is coming up and the garlic and rhubarb too. I'll plant seeds in a couple weeks.

GretchenJoanna said...

Happy Birthday!!

The sunshade - what a great idea! I'm excited for you about the blossoms and buds on melons and everything. I'm also very interested in the hummingbabies that will be hatching out soon! The whole process of little bird eggs incubating and then growing up enough to fly away seemed to me to go awfully fast. But about the time it's over for the hummingbird kids, probably it will be so hot you won't feel like sitting out there so much!

Kerin said...

Sounds like you had a lovely birthday; so happy for you!
Nice to know that all the kids will soon be there.
Safe and happy travels for B. & M.
How fun to have the hummers nest right where you can watch the goings~on :)

Shade sails are awesome! I'm happy for you to have shade sails to make it cooler for you on the patio.

Smiles :)

TheCrankyCrow said...

Happy (Belated) Birthday Wishes Sweetpea!!! Love the Bigfoot photo... So very happy for you to be able to spend time with your family...I know what that means to you. I’ve never seen a hummingbird make a nest in such an “awkward” place...Robins, swallows, etc., yes, but hummers usually like it up high in a tree somewhere.... Our hummers usually return about this time of year, but spring is so very late in returning here this year that it seems they have postponed their return as well. More snow predicted for mid-week. I am so very weary of it. What rug is it that you are working on?? Looks like you have a good bit done on it.... Loving the color scheme! Happy weekend! ~Robin~

Debbie said...

happy birthday kim, sounds like you had a wonderful day!!

nik and emilie are so cute, it must be nice to have them home!!

i liked your bathroom better when it was a greenhouse!!

Three Sheep Studio said...

I hope you had a lovely Birthday Kim ! I love that you can see that hummingbird up so close. I'm glad you are able to get in a little hooking, between the gardening.

Rugs and Pugs said...

How cool to have a hummingbird nest!
Happy hooking and gardening 😊

Bonnie K said...

I love that you have a hummingbird and my husband loves the Bigfoot photo. I have always wanted to see a hummingbird nest. Thanks for sharing!