Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rise and Shine

Its been a pretty wild week weather wise. Lots of rain, lots of wind. Now we are having cold and fog. Well except today. The sun is shining and it is sparkling crisp. Its hard to be in the house. The ground is so wet,  I am having gardening withdrawal.  I have been sort of looking at seed catalogs. Not really all in because I hate that January torture. When that pining comes on, then I start longing for spring instead of being content with winter. I also have been sort of looking at chick catalogs too. I need chicks this year. I like chick years.

Ron and  I started our spring training and racing to get things done before we are overtaken by weeds.
It feels nice to start. We moved our wood pile and got every thing clean and stacked under it. I have such nice wood for projects. I love that wood pile. Ben and Meg came over on Sunday and our grandsons were completely enthralled with that wood pile. It makes me so happy to see their minds working.

I have been cleaning up tumbleweeds for two days now. It was quite a wind storm. We have a giant pile now that we will have to burn. Some of those things are taller than me. I am five one. So big tumbleweeds.
Would you like to know how many steps I have taken since I got my fit bit five weeks today?

 365,796 steps. Five weeks of walking rain or shine. It has played havoc with my sewing and my hooking. I feel so much better though. Its worth it. Since a good portion of the kids have them its really fun to do challenges. I look for ways to take extra steps. Ron and I are planning our next get away so we can go hike.
Doesn't that sound fun? I thought it did. Five laps on my back porch is 250 steps. So I jump up and go do that because even though I have walked tons in the rain, sometimes it is just raining too hard and I have to walk on the porch.

Sasha is so sick of this walking thing that in the afternoon she hides and won't come out when I want to go for a walk. She even pretends she doesn't hear me calling her. In the morning though, she is ready to go and she is my walking buddy.

So that is what I have been doing. You know what is funny? The book on tape I am listening to when I walk is called 39 Steps by John Buchan.

Its time for my next red dot so should get off. Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope your days are warm and sunny.


 "Grownups! Everyone remembers them. How strange and even sad it is that we never became what they were: beings noble, infallible, and free. We never became them. One of the things we discover as we live is that we never become anything different from what we are. We are no less ourselves at forty than we were at four, and because of this we know grownups as Grownups only once in life: during our own childhood. We never meet them in our lives again, and we will miss them always." ~ Elizabeth Enright


Kessie said...

Haha, Sasha's on a walking strike! That's funny. I've got so many activities that involve sitting: writing, editing, doing school, reading books. Maybe I should get a Fitbit.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Congrats on all your steps. The Fitbit does motivate!
Are you allowed to burn your tumbleweeds? Just curious because here in Ohio we are not allowed to burn things.
Happy Tuesday :)

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Good for you on the walking - I'm feeling inspired. I think you must have walked almost to San Diego by now!

Pom Pom said...

Hi Kim! My feet were killing me at Disneyland because I am not used to so much walking. Way to go!
Enjoy that lovely cool weather. I like to think about the garden in January. No cucs. Just flowers.
I hope you are well, sweet friend.

Bonnie K said...

So glad you are putting your fitbit to use. It is inspirational. I have two feet of snow in the yard. I kind of miss tumbleweeds.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

I'm looking forward to spring, too! I have a fitbit and have had one for years it sure keeps you more active. We are planning on some chicks for this spring, too! I can hardly wait.

Three Sheep Studio said...

The tumbleweeds must be quite a sight !
Glad you have had lots of rain. I'm cringing to hear you talk about weeds already !!!

Gumbo Lily said...

It snowed here a little. You're a crazy walking woman!!! My walks will be short since the Littles are staying with us for a week. I'm sure I'll be patting around after them all day though!

Enjoy these cool, wet days. Too soon and the sun and heat will be upon you!

baili said...

In Asia we also having heavy snow in northern area and rains in southern area so like you i am also longing for spring that is not far hopefully .
your photos are lovely and you live in a very beautiful land friend!

Debbie said...

our weather has been wild as well, but i kind of enjoy it!!

your images are so pretty today, i really love your new header. lots of purple today - you must have had me on your mind!!

GretchenJoanna said...

I have been walking a lot more too, sometimes in breaks in the rain, sometimes at the gym. Glad my legs still work :-)

I love that Enright quote!