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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Busy Bird Day

Today was a busy bird day. We have a week of storms coming in starting tonight. Another Atmospheric River event. I like the way those words sound as they roll off my tongue. It could be that this is the first winter in so long and it reminds me of when I was a girl and I lived on horse back and in the winter I was outside as much as I could be every day. This is  much like those days long ago. I was walking this morning and I noticed the hummingbirds fighting and fighting. That was my first clue. We have one main hummingbird who rules the roost around here. Best to my ability to count hummingbirds there were  six.  They fought all day.

My next clue was the flocks of Canadian Geese flying over in flocks and singles. There were Mallards. I saw two flocks of Cattle Egrets. All flying to the East. This evening as I was watching the sun begin to set and it was turning everything all gold and hazy. I noticed the blue jays sitting very still in the tops of the trees. Think of a circle with a beak and a tail. Fluffed out watching like me the sunset as well. They were very still and quiet. Even the mockingbird was sitting in a tree silent and watching. I noticed there was no wind. It is one of those coming storms when the earth holds its breath.

Not my picture, but I wish it were.
I think waiting for a storm is almost like waiting for Christmas. I have in the back of my mind, just taking of the fit bit and hiding it in a drawer so I can just sit. The kids keep wanting to do challenges and  I could say no, but where is the fun in that? Makenzie and William hiked Diamond Head yesterday and they won yesterdays challenge.

I have had about enough summer to last forever I think. I don't want this winter to end. Because you know when February gets here every thing thinks its time to wake up.
I hope you have a lovely Wednesday. Thank you for stopping by.
I was sitting and watching the sunset and writing a post. I thought I should just come in and write one for real.

Blessings from me to you,

"What is the scent of water?" "Renewal. The goodness of God coming down like dew. "
Elisabeth Goudge---The Scent of Water.


Rugs and Pugs said...

That first picture is great.
Here's hoping you get more rain but no flooding!
Hugs :)

Bonnie K said...

Enjoy! Spring doesn't happen here until May. Your photos are peaceful. Hide the fitbit and relax. Does it have a snooze challenge?

Christine said...

The birds are wonderful weather gauges! It is good to be in tune wth them & nature.
Enjoy this wonderful winter weather!

Kessie said...

That Fitbit is a harsh master. It's okay to take it off every few days. Remember our exercise training--you have to have rest days so your body can heal and rejuvenate.

All the birds were flying east? Wow, it must be going to be violent at the beach. That's usually where they winter. Our weather said that this storm is huge and we only get two of these per year.

Kim said...

Isn't it funny how we all think the "grass is greener on the other side of the fence"? I smile when I read you talk about cold, snow and winter. (Currently I am wearing 2 sweaters in my office and still chilled). Me, I am dreaming of warm breezes and bright flowers.

GretchenJoanna said...

I was the same way yesterday, looking forward to this rain that came to us in the night. Thank you for the EG quote - I think The Scent of Water might be a good book for me to reread this year. Enjoy the presence of God in the falling rain!

Nellie said...

You are blessed to have all those birds around you! We may have a bit more winter here, though the temps for the past week have been quite mild. I love the new design on your blog! xo Nellie

Gumbo Lily said...

I like the sound of an atmospheric river event! I've never heard of that until you said it. Glad you're getting the rains.

Winter is hanging on here, although we've had some days in the 30s and even 40s. There's still a lot of winter left here though.

Love the quote!

Empty Nester said...

STOP! I can't stand it. I'm so JEALOUS! We still aren't having winter and I want it so bad. I really am glad you're having it since you love it, too. If I never had to have another hot summer that would be just fine with me. It seems to last forever over here in my area. It's time to move. I love the way you write about winter. :)