June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Today on Tuesday

Isn't October lovely? How are you today? Have you been busy, getting things ready before winter comes? I managed to get my porches cleaned and my windows washed. Fan blades are all clean and walls washed. We had some really warm weather so we cleaned carpets too. I feel all set for cold weather now. I felt like a criminal washing my porches with water. I haven't done that since about May. Everything was coated in dust.
The water police drove by after I had put up the hose. I was so happy, I had the water hose put up by then. Here is a little political pointer. What ever you do do not give up your freedom to the government agencies that are in place like in California. Do not loose your freedoms to fish, or lizards or sagebrush. Last year Ron registered our wood burning stove, This year we got a letter, stating that we must have it inspected and must pay a fee to use it. It continues to become more and more totalitarian. Okay rant over. I have said enough to have some agency knocking on my door. Hello George Orwell.

Here is my pillow that I made. I am still trying to decide if I want to put it in my store or just keep it. I like it and since I am on a pillow making kick, I am making our grandchildren pillows for their beds. It is a good thing I had the practice when our kids were at home making things by sixes. Now making things by nine is no big deal. I am very blessed, don't you think?

I am still working a bit on my Give Ye Thanks rug. This is such a big rug.

I think it is the biggest rug I have ever done. Mrs Rabbit was big but this one is so much bigger. Lots more going on in it. I had to put it on the free standing frame because it is so big I couldn't keep it in my lap.

Just odds and ends today. This is one of my first rugs. I like to look back at my old hooking and I still keep this one out on my table. Life continues to be full of surprises at every turn. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing my life. I appreciate each and everyone of you and each one of you continues to bless me.

Have a lovely day today,

I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house."

[Notebook, Oct. 10, 1842]”
― Nathaniel Hawthorne, The American Notebooks


  1. Kim, your hen pillow is beautiful. I can't imagine making 6 pillows for the grandkids. You are just too much and over the top.
    The Thanksgiving rug does look big.I can't wait to see it all finished.

    Having to answer to authority for using water to wash the porch and window and to light the stove and pay a fee. What has this world come to?

    I've been digging another weedy overgrown flower bed by the chimney and my poor back is paining and now I have to go to the barn.

    I wish you were here, I would let you wash all my windows and you could use ALL the water you wanted. My windows are so dirty fro the outside.

    Have a great week


  2. You are sure ambitious!
    Love that you are doing sweet hooked pillows for all of your Grands.
    I just know that they will love them, and that they will be very special treasures from you!!

    My word! I cannot believe that you have to register your wood stove, or worse yet, pay to use it!!
    Will there be folks that will pay to use their stoves? Or, is this just a way to get folks to not use woodstoves at all??

    I am feeling more thankful about where we live.
    It's very much in the country, but thankfully, we live in a community that preserves the old fashioned way of life :)


  3. really nice rugs and pillows. enjoy your days.

  4. Yes, Kim, so far October has been a beautiful month though it has been raining all evening.
    Love the pillows you are working on and the pumpkin one is so cheery!
    Have a great week!

  5. I thought of you today as I thumbed through the Sturbridge Yankee Workshop catalog! Looked at their rugs and pillows. They weren't handmade, I'd say. You've done wonderful work, Kim! xo Nellie

  6. You are such a good Grammy to make all the grandies a pillow. Lucky kids! I hear you about keeping yourself free. Glad you got to wash your porch before the water police went by!

  7. Your grandkids will love your pillows, I'm sure! You are amazing...does the grass ever grow under your feet?! :) You have water police? Wow.

  8. Your grands will cherish their pillows.
    Yes, we must sometimes fear our government, I'm sorry to say. Scary but true.
    Hugs :)

  9. OH I love that pumpkin rug !!
    Is that your own design ? The color is fabulous.
    Water police ?? I cannot even imagine.

  10. Wow, these cushions are gorgeous! I absolutely LOVE Autumn colours .... they are so warm, and cozy, and comfortable... simply lovely :)
    Anne x

  11. I am so sorry that your area is so short on water and that you can't water as you would like. You are one sweet grandma to make your grandkids pillows...They will be a treasure for sure. Love the pillow you are finishing...but the all your work is beautiful...

  12. Water police and wood stove fees? No wonder people are fleeing CA. Next it'll be taxation without representation and a big salt water tea party.

    It was wonderfully cool today. I've had the house open all day. The kids played with big rocks and dropped one on my toes. My second toe is probably fractured, but I looked up how to bandage it. Annoying, but harmless. :-p

  13. Ok, the "water police" I kind of understand, given the drought you all are facing. But having to register a wood-burning stove and to pay a fee to use it? That just seems WRONG. Things aren't that bad here in Illinois, but we have more than our fair share of issues ... for example, the State of Illinois has been operating without a budget for almost 4 months now ... services are being cut because technically, without a budget, the State isn't authorized to make payments. Of course, the State is practically broke, so what's the difference?

  14. The guinea colors are perfect!
    I admire your tenacity, hooking so many pillows. I'd poop out for sure.
    The wood burning rules make sense here. It's smoggy.
    We have free water today, RAIN! Yay!
    Have a nice day, Kim!

  15. Wood stove fees......wow. I understand about having them inspected, its the same here but a fee to use it is crazy. Love your hooking. I really like making pillows too.

  16. hi kim, i am good today!! the sun is shinning bright and it's suppose to be 70 today. that may just be perfect!!! i have never washed a wall in my house, 32 years. are you suppose to do that?? you do have a lot of cleaning energy, i have a lot of organizing energy, we would make a great team!!

    love the rugs, your hooking beats my knitting by a mile. i need a lil more energy, could you send me some!!!!

  17. Goodness... I can't imagine having to register a wood-burning stove and having to pay a fee! I feel really blessed now! Your hooking is wonderful.... and inspiring me to dig out my supplies again... sooner than planned! ;)
    Autumn.... my very favorite time of year. I can't get enough of it!
    Thanks for visiting my blog --- you are welcome there any time! :)


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