June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, October 5, 2015

My First World Monday

This morning, our upstairs shower broke again. Now I have to wait for the plummer. The water won't turn off. I can only turn it off at the outside which turns all of the water off. On Monday, which is house cleaning, laundry day. I sat and thought about my first world problems. At least I have water to turn off, and not like South Carolina who can't and water is everywhere. Or some place else where people don't have any houses anymore. So I have stopped myself, and thought of how thankful I am that I can call a repairman who will come out sometime today and fix my problem. That is how my Monday is so far.

I sat down to have a attitude adjustment and I was doing my Gomer study this morning. I just have to share the author's take on Psalm 23 because, I laughed out loud as it is me.

" The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall want my own way, He will make me lie down in green pastures, but I will keep getting up and wandering off to eat dead grass. He'll pull me to quiet waters, but I will refuse to drink. He ends up dragging me along right paths and I did my heels in the whole way. So, when I end up in a dark valley, I am absolutely terrified because I am not sure He is with me. I think He is, but, I am so self-absorbed that all I can see is the dark. His rod and staff don't comfort me; they drive me crazy and I resent them. He prepares a table before me, but I clamp my jaws and refuse to eat. He anoints my head with oil and I buck and kick the whole time. My cup would overflow if I would just be still, but I am bent on my own way. Amazingly, His goodness and Mercy still follow me all the days of my stiffed-necked life and despite myself, I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever...but, by golly, I will choose my own room!

---Jennifer Rothschild,  (Hosea---Unfailing Love Changes Everything)

 At least I can dust and vacuum. That is good. We have nice cloudy weather and it is cool and breezy like October should be. The shower will get fixed and all shall be well. I hope you have a lovely Monday wherever you are.

“All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.”
― Julian of Norwich


  1. Isn't funny how just changing our perspective can make such a difference? I am struggling lately with Auntie who just lives in the negative. We make a choice to be happy. Thanks for this post today although I am sorry you have no water.

  2. we are lucky to have homes that need fixing and cleaning. what the homeless would give......

    there are two ways, to look at everything. we choose to look at everything although it were a blessing!! right!!!!

  3. I so identify with the adapted version of the 23rd Psalm.

  4. It always helps to look on the positive and make the most of your day ...
    Yes, it is annoying when things go wrong but take from the positive of what you can do.

    We have had a wet Monday in my part of the UK, some may say a bad hair day too!
    But it was still nice to get out and about and get chores done.

    All the best Jan

  5. Hi Kim! Glad of your perspective to help us see the good in our situation.
    Thank you for sharing that version of Psalm 23! It is spot on so true that we resist instead of submit
    Hope the shower is fixed soon!

  6. Sweet reminder for us to cultivate an attitude of gratitude :)

    Sending wishes your way, for a speedy repair.


  7. Stuff always breaks on Monday morning and holidays, without fail.

    Today for school we had a "will this float?" science class. We wound up outside, making rafts for bugs. :that meme pic of Aragorn: Math shall be done ... But it is not this day!"

  8. i was counting my blessings recently, too. good luck with the shower.

  9. I like Debbie's comment she is right. I hope all is well soon and shower is back flowing soon. Hug B

  10. We had no problems here this morning with our water, but I was reminded - as I thoroughly enjoyed my shower - of those all around the world who lack the luxury daily of having clean, safe water. We take such a lot for granted. Hope your shower is repaired quickly! xo Nellie

  11. OH how right is your attitude...even if it is after a little adjusting...lol. So easy to focus on our everyday "dilemmas" when soo much of the world would trade places with us so fast our heads would swim. LOVE that version of the 23rd psalm. Is that ever me or what? Hope your shower was a quick fix. Hasn't the weather the last couple of days been a dream? Have a good week!

  12. Oh my ... I could have written that version of Psalm 23 (if I were creative enough to even think of it). I sure hope you're shower is fixed quickly - without too hefty a price tag. But you're right ... it's so easy to get aggravated at the problems we're facing until we stop to think about those who aren't fortunate to even be facing the problems we are. We lose perspective so easily.

  13. A great post for reflection about gratitude. So sorry about the plumbing problem but your have turned your day around and made it into a joyful day anyway.
    We have so much to be thankful for. Sorry about my absence, I have so much that needs my attention right now.
    Have a great day.

  14. Yes, once put into perspective, and once one looks at the grand scheme of things, it just is not quite the same, hey? xo

  15. I'm so sorry about the plumbing problem but I love the quote from your Bible study, Kim! I hope you are well and everything is all fixed! (BIG HUG!)

  16. Good evening Kim...I hope your water issues have been resolved...I enjoy the insight from your bible studies...over time I have learned not to sweat the small stuff...My heart goes out to the crew of the El Faro, four of which were from Maine...The captain worked at one time with my husband...so very tragic...

  17. I like this passage.

    We still wait for rain.

    Happy Tuesday and happy rest of the week.

  18. Good stuff!!

    By now you probably have your shower fixed and you likely appreciate taking a shower more too. For some reason, I always think of our troops in Afghanistan and in the Middle East who don't get to take showers like we do. We are so blessed to live in America and have good, running water.

  19. This has been a week of having to put it into perspective...and you have. Thanks!

  20. that's some take on Psalm 23!
    I often remind myself to be grateful, with me being the way I am, I need to!


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