June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Getting Caught Up

During the summer, it is hard to work in my front flowerbeds. This year, they really got away from me. After the scorpion being in the house, I decided the flowerbeds were going to have to be cleaned. I shudder to share this as you will see just how out of control the flowerbed had got.


 You can't tell where the lawn stops and the flowerbeds begin. I don't think I have ever let them get this bad.
We worked and worked. Ron is always a good sport and he helps me thank goodness. He used a shovel and I used a hula hoe. Together we got it cleaned.

My bulbs had really multiplied. I gathered them up so I can divide and replant. I have that on my list of things to do next week.
Here is my bucket of Iris bulbs.

Almost a five gallon bucket. I only planted 10 bulbs when I moved here. They really like it. As I was digging and sorting and dividing. I thought of my mom who was an incredible gardener. I was thinking of how after her tulips, and daffodils and things like that bloomed she would always dig them up and store them all summer in the freezer. It doesn't get cold enough here to get good blooms but she did, because she did that and she always used fish emulsion when she put them in the ground in the fall. It is funny how when I am  working like that memories flood back like it was just yesterday.

I was and am too sore to do anymore work. So I started working on a little rug by Notforgotten Farms
I was looking at photographs of wild turkeys, and I had never noticed how much wild turkeys and guineas resemble each other. Here is my latest rug, Old Tom

Pattern by Notforgotten Farms
I downloaded an App for my phone for Librivox. Right now I am listening to a book called A Woman Who Went to Alaska. By May Kellogg Sullivan. She lived there during the gold rush years from 1899 to 1900.
I have listened to such fun things that are in the public domain. I really enjoy hooking and listening to books that I might not have ever even heard of before. 

I have had these cans of pumpkin in my pantry. I decided yesterday, to make a pumpkin pie. The only thing I changed this time was I used pumpkin pie spice. Instead of all of the other spices. Ron and I between ourselves at a whole pie!!! Most of the time I end up throwing pumpkin pie away. I really had to use a bit of self control and of course being so sore, to not make another one. I love fall.

It feels nice to get things back into shape.( I am glad that round is a shape.)  Thank you so much for stopping by,


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  1. Oh the weeds that take over our gardens, I know them all too well. I have the same problem and some flowerbeds, I never seem to be able to get to them on time. You and Ron did a great job on weeding.

    It's a never ending chore and my husband says, if you can grow weeds, you can grow a garden.

    Your Old Tom is coming along very nicely.

    I have a weakness for pumpkin pie. It's so good and it disappear fast because we keep cutting small wedges and they all add up.
    Before we know it, the pie plate is empty.


  2. you are wicked with that hula hoe. :) pumpkin pie sounded well-deserved for your hard work.

  3. Poor sore girl! Yum! I'd like some pie! I love the turkey rug!

  4. Much progress and doesn't it feel good just to look at a job well done?

    Pumpkin pie...my favorite...I use Borden's Condensed Cream as my milk additive.

  5. Old Tom is lookin' good. I love your colors.
    That is a fun one to hook.
    Happy Sunday :)

  6. It's so good to be able to get a garden bed totally cleaned out like that. I'm happy you have something to show for your sore muscles! What fortitude your mom had to keep those tulips blooming each year! It freezes here through the winter so we don't have to dig up bulbs.

    Pumpkin pie-- I love it! Wish I had a piece for dessert tonight.

  7. Such a wonderful feeling to get things like messy flower beds all cleared out isn't it! And yum, homemade pumpkin pie! It truly is autumn now, though the warm days are still making an appearance now and then. I love your wrap-around porch, by the way. Something I've always wished for.

  8. Your mom must have really enjoyed gardening. I have heard about placing bulbs in the freezer.
    Your hooked turkey is wonderful !
    I love listening to books on CD. They are a wonderful luxury while stitching ;)

  9. Don't even talk to me about weeds. You would hang your head in disgust if you saw my flower beds. Good progress on Old Tom. I think Lauren just finished that pattern.

  10. Your beds look very nice! You guys did a wonderful job of getting them all cleaned out and squared away for the winter season. What a nice memory of your mom and her gardening days.
    Love that Old Tom rug. Will he go into your etsy store? I should imagine that he will sell super quick, if so :)

    Did the bug guy get your scorpion and bug problem taken care of. Hope so!

    Smiles :)

  11. It is very strange this fall not to have a perennial bed to clean up and thin out! Your mums are lovely. My white ones are turning purple now!

  12. I like Crysenthemums but it is kinda hard to plant here. Doesnt like hot weather

  13. Wow, you did work hard but so worth it ... looks great.
    You deserve a rest now!

    All the best Jan

  14. Funny how quickly nature takes the garden back. Great job on the flower bed. Hope it alleviates the scorpion issue.

  15. Well done in the border garden- I can imagine your soreness...it doesn't take much anymore for me to be aching the next day. Pumpkin pie sounds delicious- I saw a recipe for pumpkin pie tarts on pinterest that I wrote down to make for Thanksgiving.

  16. I like your new turkey rug, Kim. Is it wall hanging size?
    You will sure have a lot of flowers next summer, for sure. It's wonderful how those little things can bring back such fond memories from our past.
    Kim, I am planning a Christmas mug rug exchange. Would you like to participate? Let me know and I'll give you the details!

  17. I loved your Turkey rug!! I too seem to be missing in action lately in blogging . The kids costumes are darling! Hugs cheri


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