June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, October 2, 2015

Lovely October

Isn't this a beautiful way to start an October Morning? All I could hear in my head was the lyrics to Lucy in The Sky of Diamonds,
"Picture yourself in a boat on a river
With tangerine trees and marmalade skies..."
Now that song has been stuck in my head. I love October mornings. The air smells wonderful. I always forget the smell. Our trees are already turning. It smells like damp earth and cold grass and tired leaves. That doesn't sound so nice, but it really is just lovely.

Peter started his new job yesterday.

This is one of our local news stations. They let him explore everything. He even got to stand on the part where they do weather. There is only a green screen. He is the IT guy.

One of my silly little hens thinks she has found a secret place to lay her eggs. This is my pot of mint. It is in under a rose bush so you really can't see her until you walk up. Every day this week, she has laid a egg here.
I just love when hens do funny things like this.

One of my hens laid that tiny egg. The big one is a regular hen and a bantam and then the tiny egg. The tiny egg only had egg white. I always love small eggs they make me laugh.

When we watched the boys a couple of weeks ago, Jack asked for a rug, and this was his design. I am almost finished with it. I love doing little things like this. I think it is going to be a pillow for his bed.

This is going to be the matching pillow that goes with Feed My Sheep. I hope you have a lovely weekend.
I know so many of you are going to be having a deluge of rain. We might get rain too.

Stay safe.

"The leaves fall patiently
Nothing remembers or grieves
The river takes to the sea
The yellow drift of leaves."
-   Sara Teasdale


  1. Love that hen's "nest!" She thinks she has found a secret spot.:-) You are one of the busiest people I know! Always have something going there! Yes, we are having a bit of rain here, and it is to continue through the week-end. Hope your week-end is a good one! xo Nellie

  2. fall is surely my favorite. maybe the hen thinks it is helping the easter bunny hide the eggs!!

    love your hooking!!!!

  3. I've been able to open the windows in the early mornings. 72 feels downright chilly! They said that yesterday was likely our last 100 degree day, and I'm terribly glad.

  4. A minty egg! Cute!
    I love your guinea and the cute pillow for Jack!
    It's cooler here today! Yay! The leaves are falling!

  5. Yeah...my hens had me hunting for their eggs too. Fun times. I love fall and all the colors and the cool weather. But, it means winter is not far off. Have a good one.

  6. I love Autumn...I love October, it is my favorite month...Oh, chickens make life so interesting, such a sweet tiny egg...Kim you are on a hooking frenzy...such wonderful designs...love Jack's rug...Congratulations to Peter, he appears quite at home...!!!

  7. I love October!
    Enjoyed your post, the eggs, and the rugs for pillow.
    The quote is lovely.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I live your projects! We are finally getting some rain. I hope you do too. How fun that Peter has the opportunity to do those things.

  9. I live your projects! We are finally getting some rain. I hope you do too. How fun that Peter has the opportunity to do those things.

  10. Love your header photo of the yellow leaves against a brilliant blue sky! Congrats to Peter on his new job!
    Isn't that great to make a hooked pillow for your grandson, I like the design very much!
    Have a lovely October and happy fall!

  11. Happy October Kim! Eggs with a hint of mint...maybe she's on to something new. The next big thing! :) What a neat opportunity for Peter!

  12. So happy for Peter! Hip ~Hip ~ Hooray!!
    How exciting for him !

    Love the way that Jack's little rug is turning out. A pillow will be just perfect :)

    What a sweet little egg. Chickens are always so much fun!

    Gosh, I am loving your beautiful leaves on your trees. The leaves on our trees haven't quite started to turn yet.. though some varieties of trees around have. Most likely this weekend, all the leaves will start to turn, as we are cooling down considerably.

    Have a great weekend, and again... Happy Birthday to Ron :)


  13. oh, I love the little rugs for pillows. I think I may enjoy Autumn more this year because I know the winter here will not be as harsh as where I was. YAY!

  14. Great pillow for Jack! (We have a grandboy named Jack too!)

    When our old hens are on the edge of quitting their laying, I get some tiny eggs like that too. They are cute.

    Love your autumn thoughts. It's becoming autumn more and more here -- cool, rainy, golden leaves, and that earthy smell.

  15. Congrats to Peter for his new job. Wow, look at the different sizes of eggs. Fascinating.

  16. Jack's rug is so sweet and I'm sure will be cherished. I should make a Jake rug...lol.
    Hugs :)

  17. Ah, the dear hens.... I love seeing your pot of mint AKA nesting box.


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